5 Reasons For Losing Followers On Twitter

Ever wonder why you find yourself losing followers on Twitter? There could be a number of reasons. If you can eliminate those mistakes it could help out your profitability on the website. Here is a list of five common mistakes that could be causing people to stop following you:

Mistake #1) Overselling

Very often many businesses will just be sending out one sales tweet after another.  Their whole point behind this is to make money.

And you can bet people can see them coming. A lot of businesses are even using an automatic messaging system when someone subscribes, with the first message already asking for them to purchase something.

There is no faster way to get people to run the other way. To be constantly bombarded with selling is a big no-no a lot of business owners make. Sure, you want to make a sell and make money. but, you won’t make a profit if all you try to do is sell, sell, sell.

Everyone will be able to see your post. So if they look at the last twenty and all they see are obvious sales messages, most people will tune you out and unfollow you. You should spend your time trying to create value. It would be alright to throw in a occasional tweet asking your followers to buy something. Just don’t make it the cornerstone of your tweets.

Mistake #2) Being negative

You often hear some people say you need to sell based on fear. Maybe sometimes that can be effective but you will find it is much more productive to focus on positive stories.

If you can provide inspiration for people to lift up above their state of affairs, that would be a better way to sell. Consequently, the more positive your message, the better you will be. Most people do their best to stay away from negative people.

If you have paid attention, the people with a tendency to have a lot of friends are much more enthusiastic and positive individuals. You can use that same principle with Twitter.

Mistake #3) Offending others

When sending out someone else’s message, called retweeting, if you are using it as your own message, you will offend other people. They will just about automatically unfollow you. Be sure you are using proper etiquette as it is very important.

Mistake #4) Being boring

Twitter is all about the neighborhood. That is exactly what it was created to be. It was not put in place to help out businesses.

Consequently, the more you make note of that and participate in the discussion, you find more people willing to follow you. If you are not showing any interest in others, then people will start losing interest in you and may unfollow.

Mistake #5) Not including personality

Individuals do not make purchases from businesses, they make purchases from people. Thus, if you can tell a fascinating story about yourself that could be important. And if you can find a way to connect it together with your niche, that is even more of a bonus.

The more character you can show, the chances of the more money you could make.

The bottom line is, whenever utilized the correct way, Twitter can be really effective. Avoid these five mistakes, and you will be well on your way to capitalizing through the actual site.

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3 Responses to “5 Reasons For Losing Followers On Twitter”

  1. Joel Osborne says:

    Another point to add might be (it sort of goes along with offending others), is to not post about your personal opinions about other topics other than your Twitter account topic.

    For example, posting about your political views all the time near election time. If I didn’t start following you to hear that, then I probably don’t want to continue to hear it.
    Joel Osborne´s last blog post ..Market Samurai – Take Action!

  2. Twitter is like all social networking sites – social. So while people don’t want to see a lot of pitches and affiliate links, most won’t object to links to your blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. To market effectively using the social media sites like Twitter, use blog posts and videos to pre-sell prospects and lead them from there to your squeeze pages and salespages, then post the links to your blog posts. Just keep in mind that the purpose of your posts or videos is to deliver strong content, not sell – leave that to the salespage.
    Doug Champigny´s last blog post ..Offline Businesses – Business Networking On Social Networking Sites Online

  3. Earl Netwal says:

    Good points on Twitter. I find that I don’t spend as much time there as I was. Trying to limit all my social media to avoid falling into the time suck whirlpool. Its still a good platform if one follows your advice and don’t chase your followers away.
    Earl Netwal´s last blog post ..Plumbing Minneapolis – an SEO Study

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