3 Methods For Getting Traffic For Free

It’s a fact, probably one of the most important things for your website is the traffic you can generate. As you try to get visitors to your website, if you are getting traffic for free it is usually a lot better than paying for it. You actually end up having to work a little bit harder for it, but you will usually find that your returns will be so much greater. When you are trying to attract some traffic to your website or blog, here are three great methods that you might want to try.

1. Forum advertising
Lots of people on the internet find forums popular. You can find a forum for just about any topic that you can possibly think of. And a lot of these forums are absolutely huge, with thousands and thousands of members. Just think what it would be like to be able to advertise to these thousands of people for free. That is exactly what is possible when you use forum advertising. Just look for a forum that relates to your website, or just find a general discussion forum. Actually, you will want to find about 10 or 20 of them. Then, you will want to make about 10 to 15 meaningful posts on these forums. By then, you should be able to add a link inside of your signature. Be sure to put a link to your website in that signature and you will have it seen underneath all of your posts. By you making a few meaningful posts that will have people reading, there is a chance they may want to have a look at your website and click on the link. But even if they don’t, you will be getting a lot of backlink power from the forum.

2. Article marketing
When you write out short articles about the subject of your website you will be doing another great method for getting traffic for free. Just by writing up a short article on a topic related to your site for your blog and submitting it to some article directory sites on the web will generate more free traffic from the internet. These directories will allow you to put a link back to your website at the end of the article. When people read your article, if they like your article they are more than likely to click the link at the bottom and then visit your site. And again just like forum marketing, if they do not click over to your site you will still be getting that backlink power.

3. Blog commenting
There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet. There is a fairly good chance that a few of these blogs are very large and can be related to the same topic as your blog or website. Look for these blogs and make some meaningful comments on the articles. If you actually take the time to make a comment about specific parts of the articles, The blog owner will more than likely post your comment on the article. By doing this, you will get some extra exposure and you will get the opportunity to post a link to your website. But be careful with blog commenting. Most blog owners are on the look out for spammers. Make sure you are commenting about a specific article, so you don’t look like a spammer.

These are some of the methods that are widely used for getting traffic for free to your website. There are also a boatload of other tactics that can be used to generate free traffic, but it might be advantageous to start out with these three before you move on to some of the others.

3 Responses to “3 Methods For Getting Traffic For Free”

  1. All 3 can be strong tools for Internet marketing and affiliate marketing, Andre – especially article marketing, since your links both count as backlinks to the search engines and your article stays live for years, exposing it to the ever-growing Internet population.

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  2. These are 3 excellent ways to get targeted traffic. They do take some time and effort though. I’ve yet to spend much time on forums, I’ll have to look into those a little more

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  3. All good ones to drive traffic and the key with all of them is consistency.

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