5 Important Points About Video Marketing Articles

If you were to take a look you will find quite a few articles on video marketing all over the internet. Most are trying to tell you about the things you need to buy or what is the best way to produce your videos. And given that there is so much information available it could lead you to information overload. But it does not have to be so confusing and you can easily get started on making your own videos that can get you more traffic and help produce more sales.

Take these 5 basic points that you may want to consider and should keep in mind as you get started:

1. Have you thought about what kind of videos to make? How do you want to present the information to your target audience? For instance, if your niche happens to be internet marketing and you want to teach your visitors how to do something online, that can be easily accomplished by using video with the help of some type of software (which can be found online and some of it even free) that can take shots of your computer screen and put those shots together and add a little narration into a video.

Now if you are trying to demonstrate something offline it can be accomplished with a video camera and maybe a tripod or even with a flip camera. A good camera and tripod or a flip camera should be a couple hundred dollars.

With the good video equipment you will also need a quality microphone to make sure anyone watching the video will also be able to hear and understand what you are saying. This also should not cost a lot, maybe between $35-50.

2. Be sure to provide an outline. No need to waste your customers time by hemming and hawing through your script on your video. You will lose your audience real fast. No one is expecting you to have professional actors but you want to sound casual and sound like you know what you are talking about. Good thing about videos is if you make a mistake you can go back and re-do it.

3. Try to keep your videos short and to the point. Usually about 3-5 minutes should do. Remember, you are just trying to provide them with a teaser not tell them everything. You are just trying to give them something of value so they will get to know and trust you so they will feel better about buying something form you. You can keep a few things to yourself at this point.

4. Make sure you pick out some good well targeted keywords that are related to your niche market. You will want to find between 3-5 keywords that are getting some high monthly searches and offer some low competition.

5. Get your videos out to the video directories. Most people are aware of Youtube but you will discover that there are a number of other directories online that are just as valuable that you can submit your quality videos. You can just do a search online to find them. As you are submitting your videos don’t forget to include the keywords that you discovered in step 4 as you are writing out the title, tags and description. That can help to make sure your videos are seen, if you are lucky a lot and that can help to drive traffic to your website.

See, that wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. There is no reason to be overwhelmed or need to over think anything. So, with all of the video marketing articles you may be reading online, I hope this will clear up a few things for you and make it easier for you. The bottom line is to just get it done. The more you do it and the more practice you have at it the easier it will become. Then you will know all of the tricks and tactics to use to make your efforts better and better all the time.

Should You Become a Paid Content Writer

It will happen… individuals who did not realize they were able to write discover through the Internet and their particular internet site that they CAN write. The truth is, they are able to write quite well and writing articles happens to come rather easy for them. Can doing all this seem like you? If that’s the case, keep reading regarding the possibilities of learning to be a paid content writer.

There are several possibilities which will become available for you if you’re a good quality writer and you would like to write for cash. Naturally the most important I am going to speak about is earning money from creating articles and possibly product reviews on your own website.

Another approach should be to place the best of your articles altogether in an ebook or physical book and earn cash through the sales of said book.

After that will come the possibilility to create for some individuals, both as a freelance writer and under contract.

Should you be composing for another person contractually, you may well be receiving payment to blog on a particular blog(s) a certain amount of intervals each month. You will get compensated through the month provided that you follow the contract agreement.

Yet another illustration of the sort of writing may very well be to perform all the writing for a company whether it is speeches, press releases, website content, product guides, or email messages to clients.

Freelance content writers occasionally develop their portfolio writing under contract, subsequently when they are established and possess working experience along with a stock portfolio, embark on their very own to write for compensation in the following methods:

Ghostwriter – employed to create content articles, reports, ebooks, email series, ecourses, membership site material plus much more. This implies you might be employed to create exactly what the client desires. You could also be chosen to spin and rewrite articles.

PLR writer – writes subject matter, typically article packs on ideas that internet marketers need/want articles on. You may also compose PLR product or service reviews, ebooks and reports.

Magazine article writer – receive money whenever your article submissions are recognized by way of print or online magazines and newsletters.

Copywriter – employed to create sales pages for products or even to write emails that pre-sell a product or service.

Miscellaneous – writing articles for Infobarrel, Associated Content, Suite101 and other sites that compensate outright for article submissions or provide you with a percentage of ad profit.

The most important good thing about becoming a paid content writer is that you simply get paid for undertaking something you love to do. You furthermore might be able to become familiar with a lot about attention-grabbing matters that may increase your understanding for future re-writing projects. Another major advantage is now being qualified to choose the hours you wish to work and the places you wish to work from. You can work from everywhere with an Internet connection. While you are a writer, you will find a whole world of attainable money-making chances!

Keyword Marketing Could Make The Difference

There is no such thing as overstating it; keyword marketing is the number 1 essential skill you must master if you want to make money online. Keywords and the traffic they generate are the life blood of any online business. Every business, whether it’s online or off, will need a steady stream of visitors to buy their products if that business is going to survive. Getting  those customers can actually be very easy online, if you know what you’re doing.

Every search online originates with someone typing a word or phrase into the search bar of a search engine. It doesn’t matter if it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. everyone will use this method to find a product or service online. As an online marketer you can use this knowledge to make a dramatic impact on the amount of exposure your website gets.

You can find the keywords that are ‘hot’ for your particular niche and then use those keywords in blog posts, articles, and even in the tags on your website to make your site stand out in the search engines for that keyword phrase.

To really make this process work you have to first start with the right keywords. Ideally, you’ll want to find a list of keywords that have a lot of monthly searches without a lot of competition. Now, there are a lot of theories as to how many searches a month constitutes ‘a lot’. Some will say that any keyword that gets at least 1,500 searches a month is a lot while others say you need a lot more than that.

No matter which school of thought you graduated from one thing is clear: the more searches a keyword phrase gets the higher the competition will be and the harder it will be to rank for that particular keyword. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try it (many online marketers really don’t know that much about using keywords effectively so you can rank well for a competitive keyword if you know what you’re doing).

The biggest favor you can do yourself is to learn the skills needed to fully optimize your keyword marketing strategy. Knowledge is power and no where is that more true than online. Learn the tricks to finding those keywords that will bring all the qualified customers to your offers that you can handle and you can make money for the rest of your life.

There are many keyword tools you can use to start your great keyword treasure and some of them are free. The most popular free keyword tool is the Google Keyword Tool. With this tool you can start with a broad search of a particular keyword and then drill down to find some less competitive keywords that you can use in your marketing efforts.

Please don’t set yourself up for failure by not taking the time to properly use keyword marketing techniques to drive a lot of very qualified traffic to your website. If you learn to do this you will never have to pay for traffic again.

Does Your Content Stand Out From The Crowd

Sometimes knowing just how many websites there are out there and how many of them are in your niche can really be disheartening. But if you are using the best keywords and have an idea of how to put search engine optimization strategies to work for you and some good marketing skills, you will be able to get traffic to your website. After that it will be up to you to make them regular visitors who keep coming back because you are providing outstanding content in the crowded blogosphere.

First of all, the title of your post should be enticing. It can be humorous and clever, evoke curiosity, or deliver a compelling hook.

Next, the first two sentences are very important. Draw them in so they want to continue reading. Have you got the answer to a problem? An interesting or successful experience? Know a great secret? The first couple of sentences is where you hook the reader.

Now we get to the actual body of the content. This is not where you write blah, blah, blah – all dry and boring. Be unique; come at a topic from a different angle. Sure the general topic may have been written about previously, but you can add your opinion, peoples’ stories, a ‘mistakes made’ view, etc.

Offer examples and case studies when you can. I’d much rather read about how Matt tried xyz and what results he got, wouldn’t you?

Graphics have a huge visual impact on the reader. Add graphics to your content, graphics that are of good size (not to small and not to large) and have strong pleasing colors.

Light humor often goes a long way in making content more interesting. Sarcasm or a negative attitude, not so much.

Try being outrageous in some of your posts. Throw something out on the table and talk about it. Outrageous can certainly make your content stand out. Think big and be bold.

When your content includes some shoutouts and links that are not self-serving, it does make it stand out in the crowd. This applies to niche sites as well.

Using analogies in your writing is fun for you to do and is an entertaining way to get your point across to your readers.

Consider including SHORT videos to some of your content. They could be on how to do something, show what you’ve written about, illustrate a point, or divulge further info or proof.

Bottom line – make sure you are looking at your content from the perspective of your reader. Would you want to visit your site to read the information? Does it sound interesting and make you want to come back for more? Does it have personality, is it informative and is it easy to read? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you are almost there.

Why You Should Use Others To Share Your Content

Why should you be out there writing some excellent content if it will only provide you with a smattering of visitors to your website?

When you’ve put all that time and effort into writing your content, you want as many people to read it as possible. Getting more people to your site can happen if you get others to share your content.

Why would I want my content to be shared?

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about stealing your content, but having others put the word out about it so you’ll, in turn, get more visitors. Sure, having more viewers is self-gratifying, but it’s really about going after your traffic and monetary goals. More viewers means a chance to increase your list of subscribers you can promote products to, the possibility of joint ventures, the chance to promote your products via interviews and guest posts, and the potential for more sales directly from your site.

When your content gets shared by others with friends, some of that friend trust is passed on to you and your brand. This can certainly help you leap frog ahead on credibility.

How do I make my content share-worthy?

The first order of business is to write content that people want to share.

* Make your content easy to read with a good font and font size, well-placed white space, short paragraphs, bullet points and graphics.

* Create content that people enjoy reading. It should add lots of value, make one think, give others hope, offer solutions, be interesting, unique, and personable. It should not be written just for search engines.

In addition, you need to make it easy to share by adding social media buttons.  You can go all out and easily offer many buttons through a plugin such as SexyBookmarks or Sociable, or just stick with the main social media like Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and Facebook.

How do I get my content shared?

There are several ways your info can be shared such as with social media, other sites, others’ emails to their list, emails to your list, and more.

But you’re probably wondering how to make that happen, besides making it easy for them, as noted above.

* Share their stuff first. If you comment on and tweet their posts, they will do the same for you. Give freely first and you will not only feel good about it but be amazed how it comes back to you. Start a campaign of building relationships with other site owners in complimentary niches by reading their content regularly, and tweet, like, dig, etc. often.

* Ask. There’s no shame in asking, just don’t do it all the time. Tweeting your content link and asking for a retweet now and then gets you results. So does asking your friends or your list subscribers to do the same.

* Bribe. I’ve seen several marketers offer free products to their list subscribers if they would like their Facebook fanpage.

Now you’ve got some good reasons why you want your content shared, ways to make it share-worthy, and how to get others to share it. Get busy and grow you readership!



Taking A Look At Non-Written Content

Your site’s content material won’t all have to be written, no matter whether just by you or other people. There are many alternatives, non-written content alternatives, and now we definitely will examine all of them right here.

However prior to proceeding any further, it is advisable to remember that the search engine spiders pay attention to written content, therefore make sure you include it also. This can be conveniently created by contributing a couple of paragraphs sometimes prior to or even after non-written facts.


Nowadays it’s not hard to merely record yourself reading through your information or perhaps communicating your ideas on different subjects. Set this up as a podcast and you have made your auditory website visitors pleased. Additional suggestions with regard to podcasts are audio interviews. Get in touch with experts within your discipline or perhaps fascinating product or service creators and enquire of them inquiries via Skype and record it with Pamela. A different way to record interviews is by using a totally free or paid conference call service in which you as well as the interviewee call into a unique contact number having a security password and the service is going to record the interview for you.


Graphics can definitely add more spice to all your written content, but they also could also be used from time to time as being a major method of providing data. It is possible to develop a photo journal of your latest holiday or even your convention meeting and succeeding post-meeting exercises. Photographs could also be used using this method as one example of step-by-step The Best Way To data or even a course of action.


Information graphics, the dispensing of information creatively, is really a rising star in the world of beneficial content material distribution strategies. Infographics are generally graphics coupled with bar graphs, tables, charts, organizational charts, genealogy, timelines, flow charts, pyramids and much more. This sort of reviewed information put together with pictures tends to make perfect sense for visual individuals nevertheless, you should likewise include description text for other people.

Most of these may wish to be manufactured by you or for you specifically, or you will have the ability to make use of those of other individuals’ with suitable linking and/or footnote details.


Video content, while not necessarily the most recent item, continues to be a anchor with regard to blogs. Without a doubt, a number of blogs depend heavily on providing information by means of video and call themselves vlogs (video blogging). To help make all targeted traffic happy though, textual content must also be provided. You will find a massive amount of information you are able to provide via this medium – marketing your own personal merchandise, screencasting How To, PowerPoint presentation, humor relief, preselling an affiliate product, describing techniques, in-person interview, and even more.

An additional benefit for you personally is that you simply aren’t required to create all of the video on your own. Adhering to appropriate protocol, it is possible to post readily available videos via YouTube and similar.

As you have seen, you can find choices available with regard to including non-written content to your website. Not only do these provide you with some respite from writing, they also enrich your website readers’ encounters.

Content and SEO – How To Write For People and Search Engines

Writing your content so it will be found (and found favorably) by the search engines means you have to consider the principles of search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Good content and SEO together mean not only new traffic to your site but a better chance of selling products and growing your list of subscribers. But is it possible to write for people and search engines at the same time?

Yes it is.

Before you start, consider the objective of the content you’re about to write. It’s got to give information of some sort that either helps the reader solve a distressing problem (like the need for income, a soul mate, or a svelte and muscular figure), or it needs to entertain (comic relief, humorous writing, great experiences, cool travel destinations).

Once you’ve decided on the subject you want to write about, you’ll do some keyword research and come up with your best keyword phrase to put in the title and add to the article. But keep in mind the title should also beckon to the reader to actually stop ‘net surfing and read your article. Here is where many people mess up because they write just for the reader or just for SEO instead of combining the two. It’s not always easy, but try to put your keywords at the beginning of the title rather than the end, and make sure it makes sense.

The next step is to add your hand-picked phrase to the beginning of your article. The sooner you can add it, the better. As far as including the same phrase throughout the article (keyword density), don’t go overboard and consider using variations as well.

After you’ve got the all-important title and first sentence done, it’s time to write the rest of the article. Write this for your readers, and either add the keywords as you write or put them in after you’re done. It should all flow naturally, not sound like you’re forcing the keywords to fit.

Another good practice is to add internal links to other content you’ve previously written and make these links keyword-rich anchor text. Also consider your word choice in your header1 and header2 tags. Additionally, bolding your phrase gives it more weight in some search engines.

To conclude, it is possible to write content with SEO in mind and make it a great reader experience while helping yourself to a bigger share of organic search engine traffic if you follow these tips.

5 Content Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Writing good content does not have to be hard but it does require a little bit of thinking it through before you post. A lot of Internet marketing newbies often make mistakes when using  their content. Here are some of the  most common ones explained :

Mistake #1

Posting low quality content just to get something posted . Consistency is important, but not more important than quality. Yes, more content might mean more traffic and new visitors but if your content is crap, will the visitors stick around? Find you credible? Visit again? Buy from you?

Mistake #2

Making material hard to read on your site. Consider your font type, font size, contrast between the words and the background (black words on white background is easiest on the eyes), use of whitespace and graphics, and keeping to short paragraphs. This is a fairly easy fix.

Mistake #3

Providing relevant content to your niche. It seems obvious that an article about model trains is not what your visitors want to see when they come to your site about blogging, but this type of thing happens often. Define your site and stick to the topic or a complimentary subject. The only time the readers should see something about model trains is if you’re working it into an analogy post or as an example of something bloggers can learn from.

Mistake #4

Stuffing keywords and writing for the search engines. While “barking dog instant stop” might be an excellent keyword phrase according to searches, there is a reason why there are not very many exact matches. When this phrase is in your title and 7 more times in the article, it makes for a pretty awful reading experience for your viewers. You are writing for search engines and stuffing keywords which can get you in trouble with Google.

Mistake #5

Using an article spinner for posting their content. Spun content is easy to spot; it doesn’t make sense to the reader. This is because spinners take key words and change them to what they feel is a “similar” word. Thus, “His mom baked him a pie in her new dutch oven”, becomes “His mummy parched a pastry in her innovative Netherlands kiln”.

Remember, writing good content is not necessarily hard to do. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and write what you would want to read yourself. Ultimately, your site needs to serve your readers first in order to ultimately serve you.

25 Great Content Ideas To Use For Your Website

Sometimes you hit a brick wall and cannot think of anything further to write about for your site. You feel like you’ve already covered every possible topic and the fact that you haven’t posted any new content in a while is giving you incredible writer’s block. This is especially true if you have a niche website and the focus is somewhat narrow.

25 great content ideas to help you get started:

1. Look at a previous post you did and do an update with new information and results you’ve had since you first wrote it.

2. Check out current trends and write about one that affects your niche.

3. Use Yahoo search suggestion to help you find topics. Type in your main word(s) and see the 10 different suggestions they give you.

4. Do a controversial post having to do with some small aspect of your niche that you don’t like.

5. Consider changing your stance on a previous post and explain how you’ve arrived at the change and what difference it has made.

6. Do a Q and A post and answer questions you’ve gotten from your readers’ comments or in your email.

7. If you read other blogs, and I’m sure you do, keep your mind open to ideas. One little thing they write about could be expanded into a whole subject for you to write about.

8. Find questions that need answers. If your niche is Internet marketing, go to the Warrior Forum. If you’re a niche marketer, go to your favorite niche forum.

9. Use your site to sound off on a big hot topic being discussed in the forums.

10. Flip through magazines at the bookstore and get ideas from their articles.

11. Peruse EzineArticles using your keyword in the search function and use these articles to trigger new content ideas for you.

12. Write about the tools you use in your niche; why you use them and how they’ve helped you.

13. Look at sales pages for products in your niche and use the bullets to give you ideas on topics to write about.

14. Go through products you’ve purchased in the past and find pointers that you could expand on in your article.

15. Check out your stash of PLR. Take a couple tips from a PLR article and turn it into a full-blown article.

16. List out your favorite resources in your niche.

17. Write about your top 10 favorite ebooks or physical books in your genre.

18. Look at the table of contents of a book and see if the chapter titles spark any ideas on what to write about.

19. Check out what you get in a keyword suggestion tool.

20. Search through the newsletters and periodicals you get via email and snail mail.

21. Ask an expert in your field 3 questions and write up the answers. Expand on the mini-interview.

22. Put your subject into Google’s Wonder Wheel and look at all the spokes. If nothing interests you there, click on one of the spokes to get further ideas.

23. Write about your latest results in an experiment you’ve been trying.

24. Pen your short term goals with respect to your niche.

25. Go for a long walk and open your mind up to the possibilities.

Hopefully these ideas will help you get started writing content again when you feel you’re all tapped out. Everyone hits that brick wall sooner or later, but as you can see from the above listed content ideas, there are ways to get around it.

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Use These 10 Great Ways To Repurpose Your Content

Did you know when you write, you should have an eye to how you can repurpose your content now or sometime down the line? You’ve gone to all the hard work of writing it; why not reuse it in different ways. Now that’s really getting mileage out of your time and material!

Here are 10 ways to repurpose your content:

1. Put the content on your blog. This may be where you’re starting but I can’t say for sure.

2. List it on an article directory(s). I recommend you make some changes to it first so that it’s somewhat different from the posting on your site.

3. Offer it to your readers to post on their sites with your bio and live link intact. You can have your own mini “article directory” page on your site where you allow people to use your articles.

4. Totally rewrite the article for a guest post. The great bones are already there, now rewrite it and add even more valuable content to it and offer it to a blogger whose blog is a good fit and also gets decent traffic.

5. Post the article on a forum. If it was well received on your site, then chances are the members on your favorite forum will like it too. This is an excellent way to build your brand.

6. Include the content in a report or ebook. Maybe it’s a subject that’s really appealing to you and others, and you’ve written several articles on it. Wrap these altogether into a report you can give away or sell.

7. Turn it into a podcast. Not everyone likes to read the written word and many prefer to listen to it. Capture this audience by turning your content into audio.

8. Expand on it as part of a membership site. You’ve got the basics already there, now add more bullet points plus further details to your bullets including examples, tips, How To videos and helpful links. This is taking the original content to the next level.

9. Send the material in an email or enewsletter. Your email subscribers will appreciate some emails with valuable information rather than promotions all the time. Your enewsletter can include an abbreviated version of your article with perhaps a nod back to your site in order to get traffic there.

10. Turn the content into PLR and sell it. Let’ say your niche is the dog niche and you’ve written quite a few dog-related articles over the years. Bundle these up into packages of similar topics and sell them as PLR on the Warrior Forum. It’s important to mention these articles have already been used once, but you are the original writer and no one else has used them.

Whenever you write content, think about how you will repurpose it. Leveraging your articles makes good sense and as you can see, it’s not that hard to do.

And that PLR can be some very powerful stuff if you know the right way to use it. Take these ten ideas and use these PLR Tutorial Training Videos to help you get it all set up the right way. Even newbies will be able to use these to create their own products.

PLR Tutorial Videos