What Is The Buzz About Creating An E-Book

Creating an e-book is becoming popular in publishing useful information nowadays. An e-text which represents the digital media similar to that of a conventional printed book is called an e-book. The term e-book is short for electronic book.

This can be read on a personal computer or on a hand-held device specifically made for this purpose. Some e-books are created with their printed version simultaneously. But how does one create his own? The following are the steps in making an e-book.

Just like any other thing, creating an e-book begins with the conceptualization of its content. The author has to write on something worth reading to catch the readers’ attention. There are also some resources where one can get the content of the book. One can surf on the Internet to look for public domain sources. A public domain source is defined as a source that is not owned by a particular person or a company.

This is available for everyone to use. This happens when the copyright of a material has already expired. Another source of pre-written materials can be “private label content”. The contents coming from this source can be used by re-writing them. After completing the text, the next thing to do is encrypting it. There are two ways to encrypt the text.

After having the content of the e-book ready, the next step is to create the pages. Creating pages for an e-book can be done through the use of Office applications like Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and Powerpoint. All of these applications can be used to make a PDF (Portable Document File) e-book with the help of Adobe Acrobat Full Version installed on the computer. It is beneficial to create an e-book in PDF format because the file sizes are smaller as compared to other formats.

In addition, Mac and Windows users can read the e-book. Furthermore, more people will be enticed to download it because it does not have the .exe extension. Having an .exe extension can mean that a file is infested by a virus. People are also familiar with the PDF file.

Another way of creating an e-book other than using the PDF format, is by making HTML pages. This means creating pages on the Internet. A major advantage of this is that it can be read by anyone who has a web browser. One useful tip in making a web page for an e-book is to make it simple– just go straight to the facts and information that need to be written on the e-book.

This is necessary to avoid distractions to the readers. It is advisable to use images only if they compliment what the texts say. After creating HTML pages, a software is needed to compile them all. There are many HTML compilers available that can be used in doing this task. The type of compiler now depends on how the author wants the e-book to look like.

In a fast-paced society, everyone needs to cope with how it revolves and creating something like an e-book is very helpful to still be connected with the world of the books.

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