Learning The Basics Of E-Book Writing

E-Book’s and the art of eBook writing are two of today’s latest digital innovations as well as being lucrative Internet money-makers. Today, many free-lance writers (most of them new ones and have not even published anything on print) are doing very good business in selling their work, all in the digital form of eBooks. Websites are also making a killing with the sale of their eBooks. (Or their products are selling well because they have eBooks as give-away presents to their customers.)

How are eBooks written? Why are many writers averse to doing eBooks?


For all intents and purposes, eBooks are real books, by and of themselves. The writing is the same, only that the finished product is in digital form, and can only be read by computers, cell phones, electronic readers (Kindles and iPads). (Of course, one has the option of having a hard copy on paper.)

An eBook, in its present style today, usually has an artfully designed front and a back cover with the title (albeit in digital form, too), an introductory part, a table of contents,
the body of the written work, and an index.

For fiction written on an eBook form, there is not much difference with its printed cousin. It has the electronic front and back covers, the table of contents, the body and the prologue or epilogue or whatever was needed.

Birth of eBooks

Before eBooks became a new innovation in online business, its beginning was basically adjunct to the needs of websites. When online commerce became the new rage, more and more sites were born.

Online competition for more visitors and more customers came to a head. Sites had to produce more and more data to offer to their visitors. These come in the form of more and more articles and other forms of digital literature.

Soon, these articles had to be longer and more extensive as well as more data-laden and informative. eBooks was then born. These new forms of long, formatted articles were either given away for their customers as sweeteners or are sold as separate products.


These eBooks gave credibility to their mother sites because they were informative, fact-based, and have the authoritative air of being written by an expert. (They were actually written by experts, then.)

The new form of online literature took on a new life of its own when it found its own marketing niche. eBooks sold and bought on their own accord are also making very good business.

Online bestsellers

Soon, more and more free-lance writers were writing and producing eBooks on all kinds of subjects under the sun. Some time earlier, even established names in the literary world of printed literature joined into the fray.

Horror master Stephen King wrote some novels specifically for online distribution. He shocked everyone, mostly from the print media, when his online digital books became bestsellers.

Today, eBooks just about covers all kinds of subject matter and they all sell – fiction and nonfiction (reports, instructions and how-to manuals, and many others) are all making good business.

Business experts predict that with the present trend, sale of eBooks will equal if not surpass that of traditional printed literary products. Are you planning to write and produce an eBook?

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