Does Your Content Stand Out From The Crowd

Sometimes knowing just how many websites there are out there and how many of them are in your niche can really be disheartening. But if you are using the best keywords and have an idea of how to put search engine optimization strategies to work for you and some good marketing skills, you will be able to get traffic to your website. After that it will be up to you to make them regular visitors who keep coming back because you are providing outstanding content in the crowded blogosphere.

First of all, the title of your post should be enticing. It can be humorous and clever, evoke curiosity, or deliver a compelling hook.

Next, the first two sentences are very important. Draw them in so they want to continue reading. Have you got the answer to a problem? An interesting or successful experience? Know a great secret? The first couple of sentences is where you hook the reader.

Now we get to the actual body of the content. This is not where you write blah, blah, blah – all dry and boring. Be unique; come at a topic from a different angle. Sure the general topic may have been written about previously, but you can add your opinion, peoples’ stories, a ‘mistakes made’ view, etc.

Offer examples and case studies when you can. I’d much rather read about how Matt tried xyz and what results he got, wouldn’t you?

Graphics have a huge visual impact on the reader. Add graphics to your content, graphics that are of good size (not to small and not to large) and have strong pleasing colors.

Light humor often goes a long way in making content more interesting. Sarcasm or a negative attitude, not so much.

Try being outrageous in some of your posts. Throw something out on the table and talk about it. Outrageous can certainly make your content stand out. Think big and be bold.

When your content includes some shoutouts and links that are not self-serving, it does make it stand out in the crowd. This applies to niche sites as well.

Using analogies in your writing is fun for you to do and is an entertaining way to get your point across to your readers.

Consider including SHORT videos to some of your content. They could be on how to do something, show what you’ve written about, illustrate a point, or divulge further info or proof.

Bottom line – make sure you are looking at your content from the perspective of your reader. Would you want to visit your site to read the information? Does it sound interesting and make you want to come back for more? Does it have personality, is it informative and is it easy to read? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you are almost there.

2 Responses to “Does Your Content Stand Out From The Crowd”

  1. Quality content always matters and anything that improves it is a good thing. Case studies are one of my favorites.
    Mike Paetzold´s last blog post ..What is your business model

  2. Peggy Baron says:

    Hi Andre,

    Nice post. I’m with Mike – case studies are one of my favorites, both to read on other sites as well as do myself.

    Peggy Baron´s last blog post ..Internet Marketing Milestones – My Results Writing and Selling PLR

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