Good To Be Blogging Again, Giveaways And PLR

Well, at least I think so. Hello everyone. It has been a while since you last heard from me. Been kind of MIA for a bit there. Before I do anything else I wanted to say thanks to Mike Paetzold, The WordPress Guy, who handled guest blogger duties last week.

If you did not get a chance to get by and read the blog Mike put out some great stuff that you will indeed want to read. I was fortunate to be included in his blogging tour and I am quite grateful. Be sure to get by and check out his blog WordPress Made Easy. Thanks again Mike.

Hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving holiday.

Mine was sort of half good. Had a very relaxing time with the family and friends, Of course I ate to much and will have hell to pay with my doctor because he always wants me to lose weight. Bad time of the year for that.

I developed a little tooth pain also which turned out to be a cracked tooth, OUCH. I had to suffer through with it until Monday when I got to go in and see my dentist that evening. Well, after two hours in the dental chair and at least four shots of novocaine later I had my tooth removed.

Here it is now at the end of the week and I am just starting to function somewhat. Still can not eat any real solid food as the mouth is sore and tender, but getting better. See, here I am attempting to write a blog post.

Boy, it seems like I have missed a lot. I got in time to participate in Shelby Carr’s Santa’s Christmas Giveaway which is going on right now. Shelby rounded up over 25 of her Internet Marketing elves(buddies) to contribute to her giveaway. If you want some good PLR products and want to learn from some high quality marketers you may want to get in on this. Get over to Santa’s Christmas Giveaway and check it out.

And I see that Joel Osborne has also released a Christmas PLR Package. Joel is running this as a WSO through the Warrior Forum. If you have not been over there to check it out you should.

There are some really hard core marketers who know a lot and some will even teach you a bunch. His Christmas PLR Package contains two ebooks for sell, “Christmas Gift Ideas” and “Christmas Decorating Tips”. Each has a sales page, download page and Ecover graphics included. There is a bonus of 4 New WordPress Themes also available with the package. He is only selling 50 so I would head over right now and see what is left.

That will keep you busy for a bit while I get my fingers re-introduced to the keyboard. Got to get back on track and get some more good content out there for you all to read. That is all for now but stay tuned as we are getting near the end of the year and will be lots of giveaways and good deals by some marketers.

6 Responses to “Good To Be Blogging Again, Giveaways And PLR”

  1. Hey Andre,
    Sorry to hear about yout tooth problem. Look at the bright side it’s all fixed up now and will soon be ready for the Christmas goodies. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do too. I missed some of Mikes post so I plan to do that this weekend.
    Hope you’re feeling better

  2. Good to have you back Andre!

    Hope you get to feeling better.

    Looks like you found some great stuff for us though. Very much appreciated!

  3. Good to see you back and I know all about the cracked tooth more than once.

    Look forward to more regular postings.

  4. Welcome back, Andre – hate to hear about the dental issues, but soft foods MIGHT help you make the DR a bit happier over the holidays… ;-)

    Two great resources you’ve pointed out there – like you I’m a contributor to the giveaway, and can attest to all the great gifts people can grab there, and Joel’s PLR is always great!

    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you now that you’re back! You’ll need to work at it though – Mike’s a hard act to follow on a blog!

  5. admin says:

    I know Doug but he is great inspiration trying to attain his level of consistency.

  6. Great to see you back Andre! Once in a while that will happen.

    Have trouble to get some posting done myself lately. looking forward having Mike visiting my blog in January! Seems you enjoyed the visits and content!


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