Do Not Miss The WordPress SEO Call

I just wanted to send out a reminder about the WordPress SEO Call scheduled for Wednesday, September 23rd, being put on by Mike Paetzold and Steve Roye.

On the call they will be covering exactly how they generate traffic through proper SEO research to numerous blogs.

Mike recently did a poll where he asked his readers what was the one thing they wanted to learn about. SEO was one of the top choices of the group. And why not after seeing how a lot of people have trouble with SEO, yours truly included.

So come join me on the call and let Mike and Steve lead us down the right path and show us the right way to do SEO.

Mike and Steve do a monthly BLOG Talk Radio Show where they answer a variety of questions about blogging. So I would say they know a thing or two about doing SEO to generate traffic to your blog.

A few of the questions they will answer are:

- What plugins are absolutely necessary?
- What settings make a difference?
- What types of posts will help me the most?
- How often should I post?

These and many more questions will be answered on the call so make sure you get over and sign up at the WordPress SEO Call, scheduled for September 23rd. There will probably be a few people on the call so make sure you are registered and get there early. A note sheet is also available so be sure to pick that up also.

Oh yeah, did I mention it was free.