Five Benefits of Using WordPress

Lots of users have found out how WordPress has become a blogging darling because of the unlimited beautiful templates available for free download and the wealth of widgets and plug-ins to use. There are still many who consider WordPress difficult to use and confusing. Here are five benefits being discussed here which should make WordPress easier to understand.

1. Probably the biggest confusion with WordPress is between two different sites with similar names: and They have different uses and different meanings for your business.

By using, your blog will be hosted on their servers and, as a result, you will be somewhat at the mercy of their ups and downs, including their regulations.

By using, you will have a free downloadable version that you will be able to host on your own server or shared hosting account. You will then be in 100 percent control of your own blog, while you are using the benefits of the WordPress software and installation. You can install it on your own computer.

2. Then you have a group of people, particularly those new to blogging and WordPress, that believe that WordPress is too complicated to deal with. That is just not true at all. For instance, WordPress has two free options to select from. One will present to you a blogging platform that you can create without knowing any techie stuff at all. The other will require a little more technical knowledge as you are defining your blog and installing the benefits you want yourself.

With WordPress you have enough widgets to install to keep almost any technogroupie happy for a very long time. As you get comfortable with your new blog, pick the widgets you want to install, read the directions and have some fun.

3. If you have plans of using your blog for starting a business and attract income streams, you will find plenty of plugins that will help you get the most out of Adsense and affiliate programs.

One thing you should be aware of, if you plan on using, you will not be able to have a commercial or business blog. Money-making blogs have to be self-hosted, which requires

4. There are those who see WordPress as being fussy and requiring lots of attention, including constant maintenance. Nothing could be further from the truth. In no time at all, you can easily install plugins, backup your blog database and restore it. And move your blog to another website if you would like to without lots of trouble.

With the templates, you can generate new pages dynamically. There is a Template Editor tool and Template Tags so you can control the way your content is presented without using confusing PHP scripts.

5. An additional benefit of using is that you can use it to create a stand-alone blog or make it part of your website without having to code it separately. The file editor that comes with every installation of will make editing your templates and other related files easy.

Granted, there are still plenty of beliefs about WordPress and how difficult it is to use, but most, if not all, of those beliefs are not accurate. A really good thing to do when you are getting use to Internet Marketing in any situation is to keep an open mind. Check the facts out yourself and read the documentation and FAQs that are freely available with most applications.

WordPress Made Easy By Mike Paetzold Has Been Re- Launched

As you become more familiar with Internet Marketing there will come a time when you will want to put up a website. That way you can advertise you. by that I mean you can tell everyone hey, here I am. So if you want to put content on your site, videos or the such you will have a place to show off you.

But, many people will struggle to do that. For some putting up a website is not much of a problem. They can just whip it up in a couple of hours. That can be great if you know HTML, PHP and all of the other things that go into the making of a website. No, I am not trying to scare you.

It really doesn’t have to be so hard. There are some easier ways. One of the easiest is to set up a Blogger blog. Blogger is owned by Google and they have it set up so easy for you. You can go to and pick out a template, add on some widgets and get going real fast. You can just get on with blogging. One of the big things though, yes there is a though just like a but, is that blog is not really yours.

You can be going along just great, writing content, telling people what’s happening and just sharing all kinds of information. And then you post something real innocently not thinking anything of it and come back to your site and Google has taken it down for something they did not like.

Yeah you say but that is one of those rare instances. And rightly so it may be but I have seen people who thought they were doing everything right and for no reason that they can think of their blog was gone. How would you feel about that?

I would personally recommend a WordPress blog. I do not mean a blog. That is still not your own. I mean you can go and get yourself a domain name, which is like a home address. Then you can get a hosting company, kind of like the an apartment for your address and they will host your blog. And within the cpanel, one of the backrooms of your apartment, you will find a site with a big smilie face called Fantastico.

Now Fantastico is really great for a newbie or inexperienced marketer. It is quick and easy and can usually be accomplished with about 3-4 clicks. Notice I said for new or inexperienced marketers. That is because more seasoned marketers would prefer to do all this themselves. Still using WordPress they will manually set up their blogs. Gives them a little more added control over their blogs.

Thoroughly confused now? Well, I have a pretty easy solution for you. My friend, Mike Paetzold, has just re-released WordPress Made Easy, a set of six videos easy to follow videos. For as Mike would say “A properly installed WordPress Blog is one of the BEST traffic generation tools on the planet”. Many including yours truly consider Mike to be the go to guy for a WordPress blog.

Now you can get your hands on a proven, step-by-step system to self-install a customized, search engine friendly, WordPress blog on your very own hosting account in mere minutes that attracts hungry, targeted visitors to your website like flies on honey…

Here are 3 reasons Mike says you should have a WordPress blog:

- WordPress is the blog of choice for TOP internet marketers, regardless of the niche or market they are involved with

- WordPress has numerous, high impact plugins and can be easily customized to help you get that target traffic you want –and need for maximum profitability

- Having a locally hosted WordPress blog allows you to reap ALL the traffic benefits for yourself without third party restrictions or your visitors being exposed to third party advertisements (which don’t pay you a dime)

What more reasons do you need to check out WordPress Made Easy. If you want to seriously be set up on the internet with a blog Mike will show you how easy it can be. And Mike is offering a $20 re-launch discount until midnight June 13th. Remember WordPress Made Easy will help you setup your blogs easier.

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