Website Flipping Explained

What is website flipping?
In simple terms, let’s say you start a new website or blog from scratch, then you build it up with money making content and sell it for a profit.

If you are familiar with house flipping, it follows the same principles. There are even some house flipping shows on TV you might have seen. But instead of adding value by painting, adding trim, flooring and the hardware, you are adding value with those quality articles, good products, ads, backlinks and most important, traffic.

What do I do first?
As always, you should first find a hot, popular niche that people are interested in trying to solve their problems and internet marketers want to buy that solution for those because they know that people will want to visit and solve their problems. Because you want to flip that site you will want to try and pick a subject that will be evergreen. For example, even though that Christmas site might get some awesome traffic stats and some really good sales, it is usually going to sink after the holidays are done and stay that way until the season rolls around again.

When you want to find what’s hot, check Google trends, Amazon, eBay, etc. Why don’t you even check out the Warrior Forum to have a look at what people are buying and selling and making money with. It is also a good idea to check out what has been sold on the WF under “Websites For Sale.”

Okay, I have picked a niche, now what?
* You can start deciding on a domain name, purchasing it and pointing it toward your hosting.

* You can choose a blogging platform, be it Blogger or WordPress, my first choice, if you are going to use a blog. You can make or have made a mini website if you plan on doing a website.

* Make a decision on your method of monetization. You could add Adsense, or sell ad space and/or sell a product.

* Now you want to put that quality content on the site. There are a couple of ways you can do this, you could add in fresh content everyday and commit to a schedule of doing this or you could get your content together all at one time and drip feed it. When you do it daily it will help you keep up to date with what is going on in that niche, but it can be stressful getting content daily, especially if you are doing other things as well. On the other hand, you could take just one day and get all of your content ready and put it all in that drip feeder to post every day for you, then you can move on to other things.

That content you put together can be a combination of original articles you have written yourself or you could outsource them, some PLR that you have acquired on that niche and affiliate tools (articles or blog posts) on that product you are promoting given out by the product creator.

That doesn’t sound too hard. How do you make the site worth more money?
The value of that site can mean different things to different people, but a site will have more value the more established it is. And if it is an authority site, has lots and lots of pages with good content, (written, video, graphics), has plenty of backlinks, is already making money and been going for a few months and it gets good monthly traffic and the product converts well, you then have put together a very valuable site that will be better than a site that is less than a month old and has only 10 articles on it.

Since you know traffic will be very important, better get those SEO skills going. Be sure to do your keyword research and make sure you are putting those keywords in your articles as well as your website. Also, you will want to do some backlinking, article marketing and maybe even some pay-per-click.

Here’s a tip: You want to get Google Analytics on your website immediately. This s a tool that website buyers like to look at to confirm your traffic numbers and the sooner you have it on the site, it will provide more history to your potential buyer.

There has been a trend of some marketers making a good living making new websites and flipping them. Some might even buy a site that has been flipped, fix it up a bit more and turn around and flip it for even more money. You might find website flipping is something that appeals to you.

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