Finding Those Businesses Needing A Web Presence

There are a lot of marketers with large amounts of money marketing online processes to offline small businesses. These retail store owners are constantly trying to find ways to grow their business and they have begun to understand that traffic generation is just as important to them as it is to most internet marketers. A lot of these offline retail store owners now realize they need that online presence but are still clueless about how to do it.

So, now you as that smiling marketer have a chance to step in to help. You might look at this as a unique situation but it is more prevalent than you can imagine and could possibly be an opportunity for your income stream.

Before you set out with dollar signs in your eyes, create a professional website with your contact details and include a statement about just what you can provide to small businesses. You want to keep it simple. Choose your business name with care and be sure to make it professional.

One of the first things you want to identify is the local businesses in your area that might need either their own website or maybe some additional services to get more traffic.

Start off by getting a notebook and making sure it is secure. That notebook will be important as it will become your major business tool and will be important to your success. That notebook will be your brain trust. You will probably want to make a page or pages for each of the businesses that you are interested in and keep it updated with a profile of each business owner, their product or service, what you have offered them and the services they have ordered from you.

One of the most valuable research tools that you can use is the Yellow Pages of your local phone book. Look at all of the business ads there and make some notes about the ones with website URLs. There you will find a possible list of clients needing service updates, like SEO or an opt-in form to receive the store owner’s brochures for special sales or discounts for loyal customers.

Check out each one of those URLs and make yourself some notes about what you see that could be improved, taken off or updated for each one. There might be some simple changes, like better headline colors, a new, more attractive header or just better text placement to highlight the benefits of shopping in the store.

Also, do the same for the small businesses that do not have a website address in their Yellow Page ad. Jot down some notes about what their ad is all about, like the services or products they offer and other things that you see of interest.

Why not visit as many of the stores as you can, to include those with no websites, just so you will understand their business and their products better. Take a walk through the store as if you were a customer browsing through and then head on to the next one. Be sure to pick up a business card so you have the owner’s name and the store details.

As you go between stores make some notes in your notebook so you remember once you get home.

Once you have about 25 businesses selected as your first targets, make up a professional business letter and send it to each one of them. Get some quality stationery with matching envelopes. That will help you make your first impression with your letter.

You want to send the letters to the owners specifically and identify yourself by name, including your new business title as a local business consultant helping businesses to improve their online presence. Write up about two or three short paragraphs explaining what you will be able to show them that could help them drive more traffic to their stores and how you can maybe even reduce their current advertising budgets considerably.

Make sure you are using an easy conversational tone and include your contact phone number and the URL for your new professional business site. Ask for an appointment to show them what you can do.

Once you start hearing that phone ringing, you could be in business. When you take care of that first client, just rinse and repeat. Be careful, once your name gets out there you may be busy.