Making Use Of Web 2.0 In Your Online Business

Web 2.0 has become the term associated with speaking about web technology that highlights sharing information, commenting or having dialog between people, and collective interaction amongst users. Another name for Web 2.0 is social marketing. Social Marketing such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon are under that umbrella. Also, Squidoo, Facebook, Hub Pages, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter. All of these can be considered examples of social networking and they are fun to use.

When you are using Web 2.0 it is about sharing information in a way that you don’t steal someone else’s work, but you tell other people about it and that they should go and read or listen to it. You can “Digg this” with Digg, “Stumble it” using StumbleUpon, “Tweet” on Twitter, or use any of the other 2.0 avenues that will bring readers flocking to the site where the blog post is located.

One of the major reasons for using social networking is to get some traffic to your site. For instance, say you have 2000 people following you on Twitter and you have established a name for yourself as someone who shares valuable information. Now if you send them a tweet about your latest product or blog, you can be sure people are going to come have a look and perhaps make a purchase.

Now this traffic did not cost you a cent, but it could eat up a lot of your time, which for you is not free. So, the answer for you is to spend your time wisely and go there with a purpose. Go ahead and be friendly and funny, but build a strategic relationship. You could help out by answering questions and giving helpful information.

One thing we know is that search engines love fresh content and Web 2.0 sites do deliver. They all seem to rank well and obtain higher positions in the search engines and that is assumed to be because of the constant influx of new content.

But another reason to use social media is the relationship building component. By building relationships you are building trust. As others get to know and trust you, they are more likely to buy from you rather than someone they do not know.

Also, when using social media it makes it easier to brand yourself. You can do videos and put them on YouTube, encourage people to Digg your blog posts, tweet links to your good stuff and you could become known as an expert in your niche. But also, the more Web 2.0 strategies you use, the farther you are extending your branding net. Just remember that this is time consuming. You might consider outsourcing some of this; like hiring someone to create your lens or to do your social bookmarking. Hey, you could even outsource your tweets.

Trying to figure out how to organize your time is important with your social networking or you could be overwhelmed with your life online. These are some great free traffic-getters and they can help your business grow and you could have a lot of fun, but be sure to balance your time spent with how much you gain.