New Breed Marketer Talks About Using PLR Video Bundle

New Breed Marketer with some instant headlines about “Using PLR Videos Bundle”. Doug Champigny, Mr. Master PLR, has just released his newest PLR Video package. It will show you step by step how to use your PLR Videos to make you more money.

And for those of you who just bought Edmund Loh’s PLRGold Videos this is a perfect tie in to that product.

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Doug has put a lot of time into creating this package and I know it will be a must have product.

Videos are the future in internet marketing. Now you have a chance to get in front of the crowd.

This product will not only teach you how to convert PLR Videos into your own product but will also show you how to edit and compile video for use online.

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There are three parts to this package:

- the audio recording of the recent PLR Video teleseminar

- written transcript of the call in PDF format

- large 800×600 videos with step by step how to videos.

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To Your Success,
New Breed Marketer

P.S. There are No Master Resell Rights Or Private Label Rights to this package. There are still a limited number of Standard Resell Rights licenses. Only 100 will be sold and 26 were pre-ordered. Better hurry as these will not last long. Be sure to check out the site for more information about this product.

An Internet Marketer’s Work Is Never Done

New Breed Marketer here to say an Internet Marketer’s work is never done. Even when you can take time off for family events, vacations or holidays, you are always thinking about that next project. Maybe not consciously but the thought is there.

Even when you do take some time off and you are not planning to “work on the business” today, you might do or see something that puts you back in that mindset. Truly unintentional but it could happen.

I wonder how many Internet Marketers carry a notebook or recorder with them for just such occasions?

This was a very good Thanksgiving holiday spent with family and friends. Much was eaten especially on my part. I hope it was the same for you. I would like to think we all live for our families, to take care of them as needed. Some more than others.

And the economic situation is not going to get any better soon. And Internet Marketing can help fill in those voids. Here is a ready made business opportunity for you to make some extra cash. It has been said that an extra $500 a month can help out a family. It could pay a car note, help with groceries or even provide some extra Christmas spending money.

Here are a few things that can get you started:

- One of the biggest things you need to get started after a website are products. There are a few giveaways going on right now including Santa’s Big Giveaway. You have some good Internet Marketer’s providing some really good Private Label Rights (PLR) products. You ca take some of these, maybe change them around a bit, put your name on them and voila, you have yourself a product.

- Now that you have a product, they say the money is in the list. Boy, now here is your opportunity to participate in one of these giveaways with your own product. And to help you out Mike Paetzold has written an eBook, East Giveaway Plan,  for showing you how to use giveaways to build that list. Now this is not very long but a really good read with valuable tips for getting started.

- I also just found another good site for providing some good PLR. Brad Smith who also does giveaway sites is test out a new way of getting members to a membership site. There is a lot of material there so might be something else for you to check out.

And one last thing to leave you with today. For some of you that were involved in the big PLRGold Videos by Edmund Loh. If you were lucky enough to get in on it, Doug Champigny put on a PLR Video teleseminar in which he told you what and how you could use these videos for your business.

You can still get a copy of that with a standard resell rights license at a reduced price. This will be good until December 2.

Well Doug also has a ebook out now about Podcasting and Vlogging that can be helpful to you as well. But the really big announcement will be coming Wednesday, December 3, about a new product produced from the PLRGold Videos. You know Doug is sometimes called the Master of PLR. I can’t wait to see what he has done.

This is all good stuff that I know can get you started and get you thinking about other ways that Internet Marketing can help you jump start a business online. As I say an Internet Marketer’s work is never done.

New Breed Marketer- Weekend Update

Hello, New Breed Marketer with a weekend update. Tis’ the season when we all are thinking about the holidays. And it is made even tougher with the rough economic climate that is upon us. That is why there are some awesome events taking place within the next two weeks. These could make your holiday season even more festive.

Now if you are into giveaways there are two really big ones getting ready to launch. I don’t know if you are aware of giveaways. Usually they are made up of some of the biggest internet marketers who are offering up a Private Label Rights (PLR) product which you can download for your use. Usually they are unrestricted which means you can do just about anything you want with them.

These PLR products normally come in the form of ebooks, articles and software. You might have a website that you want to upload these products to. Or fix up the ebooks, articles and software to sale. You can decide just what you want to do.

The first giveaway coming up is the Thanksgiving Giveaway 2008. It will run from November 17-27 and will overlap with Santa’s Bigtime Giveaway which will run from November 20-December 31. Both of these will have some really good products and I hear they have some big name marketers that will be adding products. Both of these are now signing up contributors and participants. I have provided links to both events so get over there and sign up. There might be something you can use and even get in on the event.

By the way, Doug Champigny has put together a Christmas PLR Package which has four PLR product that you can put together and sale as your own. It could be a way to make a little extra Christmas spending money for a few extra gifts. Now this package is on sale until Sunday and if you do not get it by then you will have to wait until next October until he puts out another one.

I hope you have an opportunity to get in on these giveaways as they provide some good products that I know you will be happy with. Problem is do you have enough room on your hard drive to download everything?

To You Success,
Andre Arnett

P.S. If you do get a hold of some of those products in the giveaway and are wondering just what you can do with it Doug has a set of PLR videos that will show you just what you need to do. Again a link is provided.

P.S.S. Also look alive for Tuesday as Vince Tan has put together the Biggest Firesale. Last year when he launched this sale he made $69,000 dollars. And this one will have over 100 big name marketers displaying their wares. And some of these products are still being sold online right now. Better check it out. If for no other reason go over and sign up for the contest and get your free gift.