5 Important Points About Video Marketing Articles

If you were to take a look you will find quite a few articles on video marketing all over the internet. Most are trying to tell you about the things you need to buy or what is the best way to produce your videos. And given that there is so much information available it could lead you to information overload. But it does not have to be so confusing and you can easily get started on making your own videos that can get you more traffic and help produce more sales.

Take these 5 basic points that you may want to consider and should keep in mind as you get started:

1. Have you thought about what kind of videos to make? How do you want to present the information to your target audience? For instance, if your niche happens to be internet marketing and you want to teach your visitors how to do something online, that can be easily accomplished by using video with the help of some type of software (which can be found online and some of it even free) that can take shots of your computer screen and put those shots together and add a little narration into a video.

Now if you are trying to demonstrate something offline it can be accomplished with a video camera and maybe a tripod or even with a flip camera. A good camera and tripod or a flip camera should be a couple hundred dollars.

With the good video equipment you will also need a quality microphone to make sure anyone watching the video will also be able to hear and understand what you are saying. This also should not cost a lot, maybe between $35-50.

2. Be sure to provide an outline. No need to waste your customers time by hemming and hawing through your script on your video. You will lose your audience real fast. No one is expecting you to have professional actors but you want to sound casual and sound like you know what you are talking about. Good thing about videos is if you make a mistake you can go back and re-do it.

3. Try to keep your videos short and to the point. Usually about 3-5 minutes should do. Remember, you are just trying to provide them with a teaser not tell them everything. You are just trying to give them something of value so they will get to know and trust you so they will feel better about buying something form you. You can keep a few things to yourself at this point.

4. Make sure you pick out some good well targeted keywords that are related to your niche market. You will want to find between 3-5 keywords that are getting some high monthly searches and offer some low competition.

5. Get your videos out to the video directories. Most people are aware of Youtube but you will discover that there are a number of other directories online that are just as valuable that you can submit your quality videos. You can just do a search online to find them. As you are submitting your videos don’t forget to include the keywords that you discovered in step 4 as you are writing out the title, tags and description. That can help to make sure your videos are seen, if you are lucky a lot and that can help to drive traffic to your website.

See, that wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. There is no reason to be overwhelmed or need to over think anything. So, with all of the video marketing articles you may be reading online, I hope this will clear up a few things for you and make it easier for you. The bottom line is to just get it done. The more you do it and the more practice you have at it the easier it will become. Then you will know all of the tricks and tactics to use to make your efforts better and better all the time.

Improve Your Business By Using Different Video Marketing Campaigns

There is absolutely no question that internet and video marketing campaigns are now within the reach of the local business.  Moreover, video marketing campaigns can be modified to fit your company’s Internet branding strategy.

Nowadays, it appears that everyone is used to video marketing. There are so many reasons for this and one of which is that, it is so successful! People as expected are drawn to and respond to heart-rending pictures on a screen as well as in audio than to flat pictures and text on a website. The right video marketing promotion can persuade customers to your website, encourage them to dawdle and browse extensively then, convince them to buy your product or service.

Positively, if the right video marketing campaigns amplify sales this just entails that there are techniques to evade and there would also be some which may not work correctly at all. In this regard, try these few tips for you to know if you’re making the most of this in online marketing area.

Your video marketing campaigns will not work if they are a bother to your website visitors. Any video that needs a customer to stop what they’re doing and to open it up to see it is going to cause them to click away. You should never have a video that opens in front of the webpage or that opens their media player automatically. These things will just irritate the customer and cause them to leave.

Instead, it’s good to use a production technique that will allow the video to be embedded on your site and play concurrently, acting as any other picture on the page. There are many such production methods available, and most programmers prefer Flash or Java. These video marketing campaigns will enhance your site, not detract from it.

There is a need to understand  the basics of video marketing campaigns when it comes to where and how you use the video. You do not want to run the risk of overusing it or underutilizing it as well.

You should be able to show a video on each page of your site but this may be too much for some customers and in some circumstances. If you’re going to use a video on every page, it should have to be a different video all the time. A customer does not want to hear the same message over and over again as that may irritate them and they may close your site immediately. This is a fundamental principle of video marketing promotions and it is better to understand how rapidly a customer can find a video uninteresting or annoying.

In the same way, you may not want to under utilize your video either. Many are aware that video marketing promotions signify using your video on sites like YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. Numerous businesses sustain their accounts on these social networking sites as one means of attracting probable customers.

The company that generates your video can provide you the best information in relation to video marketing campaigns and there are companies that are actually specializing in creating and using these as a marketing tool for online businesses. To develop your profits and amplify your goal, you should not hesitate in investigating their production and use it for your chosen business.

How a Quick Video Marketing Guide Might Help You

A video marketing guide is very helpful, particularly when presenting a new concept in the video.

Using videos on business websites are becoming very popular these days, and with good reason. Videos can really call the attention of visitors and can help promote any type of message; they are also one of the best ways to demonstrate the products you carry and what they might get with the purchase. Of course a video marketing guide for you is always helpful, especially if you’re new to the concept of using video.

A good video marketing guide will explain these aspects in more detail but a few of those details here can help you tremendously in making the right choices for you.

There are no rules about the types of video you can have made for your website. Some come across as if they could be compared to a Hollywood film! But typically the message you want to send out can be said in a very simple way with very simple video production. Video marketing guides that tell you to spend thousands on a production of a video are not helping you out, be sure to watch out and consider your budget.

Some smaller sites cannot handle the hosting of a video, as a good video marketing guide will explain. You might need to shell out more money monthly for the video hosting on your site, especially if there are many videos on it, you have to carefully think about this.

A good video marketing guide will inform you that you need more than a great sales pitch to promote your product. It is best to include you web address and contact information. Why add this when they may be at your webpage already?

This means they can come back later, if they need more time to consider it before buying. Your video marketing guide will discus this; the website address can be embedded in the audio or pictures in the video.

Your own website is the obvious place to start but there are many outlets online for your video, all of which are very effective. Social networking sites are one of the best places for businesses because of the number of potential visitors reached.

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Are You Catching The Video Marketing Wave

If you’re involved in any type of email marketing, you’ve surely heard about the new buzz. . .video email marketing. If this intrigues you and you want to get started with this in your marketing mix, follow the next few tips before you get started.

1. As with anything, start small and experiment.

Video email is a very powerful tool. It can show what your products have to offer, help instill trust in customers through video testimonials, and give your email list recipients a total look   at what you have to offer. However, start out slowly. Do a short video to test the waters. Make it something compelling,  but not overly-ambitious. Your goal is to start with a video that is inexpensive and works well and that you can create with your own digital camera or Web cam. Once you have an established audience and they’re paying attention, you can pay a little more for higher quality.

2. Going along with those same lines, keep your video short.
Just remember  that, even though video email marketing is fascinating, the actual people you are delivering this to do not have a great deal of time. Try to keep your video in between 30 seconds and 1 minute and keep it as an intro to something better that’s to come in your email.

3. Don’t forget about your email layout and text.

In all the excitement of this new medium, it’s understandable that you will focus on your video. But remember that your email still needs links, images and good, compelling text. Although your open rates may increase when you use video email, not everyone will watch it. For this reason, use the video as an enhancement… not the whole purpose of the email. That meat should still be in the text.

4. Test it first with your base.

Consider sending a video email to a small group of your list first (the ones that usually open your emails). You can even contact them directly first and ask them if they’ll give you some feedback. A different eye can offer you some suggestions that you haven’t even considered.

5. Build a video email subscriber list

Some of your email recipients will prefer the new video way of communicating and other won’t so it’s a good idea to separate the two. One way to do this is to ask all of your readers what they prefer and then just divide them up.

Video email marketing is still very new and unestablished, but it’s definitely unique and can open up new ways to brand yourself, make new sales and raise interest in your products and services. Again, you do want to start small and be patient. Don’t get discouraged if people don’t seem to be interested. This new medium may be the new standard before long so it’s a good idea to wet your feet with it right now.

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Easy Yet Crucial Tricks For Successful Video Marketing

Video marketing is something that will be used for a long time for marketing businesses both online and offline. Videos are common nowadays, cellphones even have an integrated video making capability.

It’s important to understand that effective video marketing doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. It simply means understanding how video marketing works and where customers find those videos. A few simple tips will help in this matter.

Pictures being put into a slide show is one way of creating a video. If you have limited funds then this option is the most viable for you. But, quality video is still the foundation of a successful video marketing campaign. Sound will catch the attention of website visitors as will backgrounds and other such elements.

Video marketing is an investment for your business and you have to think about your budget for it. Money is spent on everything that will promote and maintain your business, be it online or offline. Quality video may cost you more, but it is worth taking into consideration how much you will get in terms of returns for it.

Videos can be used in a website to catch a prospective customer’s attention. You can put different products or the same product in one video and advertise them on each and every page of your site.

A website is not the only place a video can be placed. Many businesses today use social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and places like these in order to generate potential visitors to their site. Reaching out to more prospective customers is the main benefit these sites give to video marketing.

You need not shell out funds to maintain accounts in these types of websites and they are particularly helpful in getting your message delivered to potential customers. if you’re video is really that good, people may even be encouraged to send them to their own friends or contacts thus doing free advertising for you! All of this means effective video marketing for your business and an increase of traffic to your website, and even to your brick and mortar store overall.

If you are interested in learning more download and watch an amazing webcast with Doug Champigny and Lon Naylor as they discuss Lon’s Video Marketing Today. This is a full webcast recording that you will want to check out.

A Quick and Easy How to Guide for Video Marketing

A company that produces online videos should give you a quick “how to” on video marketing. Using a video will not benefit you if you will not use it correctly or if it drives away clients instead of attracting them.

Any quick “how to” for video marketing should include not just the way to use your video but tips on creating the best video for you. One thing you must remember when considering video marketing is your audience and the best way to attract their attention. If you use a video full of sound and energy and adrenaline on a site that is selling yoga products, this might actually turn off your audience rather than attract them. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell skateboards to kids, your video should have all the energy and enthusiasm.

You also need to think about how a video will run on your site or elsewhere. Making a video open in a new window or in a specific media player may annoy your visitors. Also, it would be a good idea to add a button to easily turn the video off or to turn down the sound, in case they watch the video at school or at the office! Any “how to” for video marketing will discuss these for you.

A quick “how to” for video marketing will explain some of the best ways of using video on your site. This usually serves as an introduction just before the visitor enters the homepage, or it can be on one portion of the homepage. This will be an easier way to navigate around the video and it will not mess with the information on your webpage.

Any “how to” for video marketing will discuss how fast this can occur. You can describe your products or provide reasons as to why they should consider your product.

It is normal for businesses to have their own social networking accounts, such as in Facebook or YouTube. It’s best to upload videos on these sites because they may draw in potential clients.

It’s shortsighted to ignore the use of a good video for your internet site, so make sure you understand all the steps involved and don’t overlook this marketing tool.

These are but a few of things to consider when doing video marketing. My friend and mentor Doug Champigny recently did a webinar with Lon Naylor, one of the experts and go-to people for video marketing. They had a very good discussion about video marketing that I think you will enjoy.

And it just so happens that Doug is making it free for anyone interested in listening to their conversation and picking up some tips. You can get Video Marketing Today for no charge right now.

Video Marketing Is An Effective Component Of Internet Marketing

Video marketing is now an effective and long term component of your internet marketing strategies. It is becoming one of the best ways to get noticed online. You would have to say it is becoming more and more important each and every day.

People watching your website is the new frontier and if you want to be successful it’s a strategy to learn and embrace. It is easily the most powerful form of marketing online today as long as the video is put together properly and the right streaming techniques are used.

Videos can be used in so many different ways. It is a perfect partner with your web site marketing strategy.  Video on your home page introducing your company and products to customers, or a pre-launch pitch, is invaluable as a web site marketing strategy.

Video marketing is the best media to enable you to build relationships and is now an effective and long term component of your internet marketing strategies.

The success of your business, whether online or offline, is dependent upon one thing; the RELATIONSHIP you are able to build over time with your customer. Online Video Marketing has double impact in a short period of time.

Online however, the rules change slightly; you are both everywhere and nowhere.  Online video is changing the way we market, and it requires skill sets they don’t teach in business school (at least they didn’t a decade ago.

Online video marketing is the key business differentiator for web companies wanting to communicate effectively their product profile and benefits within the shortest possible time.

Getting original content for your online videos is not always easy but with a little research and a unique approach you can get great content that turns into great videos.  Every day, millions of consumers search online to find everything from a new restaurant to a phone number for a local dentist.

Website video marketing is a booming industry, albeit trying to surpass the current techniques being used by most search engine optimization consultants. And it is not just about uploading videos on search sites such as YouTube.

Website companies are now using video marketing in order to promote their services and products effectively within convenience.  If you are not using this form of advertising and promotion as a way to get the word out about your websites, you are really missing out.

Viral video marketing is the process of getting instant and immediate popularity and is a super way to build your online brand visibility.  This is an essential part of your marketing mix. It is all about creating videos that induce people to pass them on to others or encourage them to tell others about the video or videos, and is the next phenomenon in internet marketing.

Consider it to be one of the best means to make companies and their product and services known across Internet users and it is a marketing event that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a video marketing message voluntarily.

Video marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing features of Web 2. It is just like a TV commercial but much more effective. This form of marketing is popular for the same reason people like to watch movies. You could say it is easily the most powerful form of marketing online today as long as the video is put together properly and the right streaming techniques are used.  Video Marketing is one of the hottest and newest forms of internet marketing.