6 Methods For Attracting More Customers Wanting To Buy

If you possess a web-site it is advisable to drive website traffic to your internet site.There are many methods you can use to receive targeted visitors. Here are some of the approaches put to use.

1. Search engine and directories are utilized by world-wide-web customers to find their desired information and facts. Once you submit your website with the search engines like Google and directories you add the publicity your site requires to permit persons to find your internet site. The practice of including your site for the areas delivering your URL for this outcome can generate site visitors. You will want to make your web-site unique to the needs of your online people with related keyword phrases, Meta tags, and pictures to appeal to the targeted visitors depending on their search conditions.

2. Pay-per-click directories draw targeted visitors for your internet site after you advertise as well as the people click in your ad. Use companies like as and Google AdWords to bid on the marketing. Inside the advertisement, use particular terms to explain your business or internet site in a couple of detailed descriptive words.

3. Publish your own ezine with fascinating facts and details about your internet site and organization. You could involve promotions,discounts, and surveys to entice the traffic to go to your site.Most ezine articles permit the writers to include things like their URLs and links inside the post. The extra facts allows the customers to click around the links to be directed on the web-sites.

4. Publish articles on other internet sites with related goods and services. Be sure to add a link of a website link to your website within your signature also in the resource box with the post. Make the title catchy to create the readers need to click in your article. Add something that will be a hook inside of the article to really get the readers attention.

5. Place your ads in ezines with banner commercials directed at your target audience. Have  the adverts run  at least three times to obtain the site visitors. To increase your publicity, place your ads for about seven different occasions so your readers get to see your ads a lot more. Add a tracking procedure for your advertisements so that you know the amount of clicks, the place the website traffic was derived from, once they clicked on your ad, and also to see how the advertising is functioning or exactly where chances are you’ll require to modify the ad subject material.

6. Put ads on other web-sites. Research the websites suitable to your small business and goods. Get in touch with the website about adding an ad to their web page. They will normally permit you to put in an ad especially should you offer hyperlink exchanging (your website link on their web-site and their website link in your web page.)

How Good Is Your Outsourced Support – My Rant

Maybe an interesting question to ask but one I think is oh so important. If you in internet marketing and are going to outsource your support to anyone and/or anywhere you need to know that they are actually performing the job you have set out for them to do.

Being that you have progressed to the point of you not having to do it yourself anymore is a good thing. When you first get started you are usually cash strapped and to hire someone to handle support can be a chore. So to save money you might take on that task yourself. It can be time consuming and a lot of work. It is actually good practice to see just what kind of complaints and problems you might encounter.

But eventually, hopefully, you are able to give that job to someone else to do. Someone that you trust will do just as good a job as you did. After all these are your customers and you want them to be cared for as you had been doing.

I mention this because I just had a bad experience dealing with outsourced support. I recently bought a computer from a very respectible firm whose name I won’t mention (Dell). Now I really like using their computers as I find that they are very reliable and I have not had many problems with them. Now if I am like your customers, when you find something or someone that you like doing business with you will stick with them because you trust them.

I recently encountered a virus on my system and for anyone that really uses their computer you know what it is like not to have it available. So I called this company’s (Dell) support and was not surprised that the call was re-directed to another country. That has become quite typical for most of the bigger firms because of the cheap labor they can get. Hmm but why am I subsidizing them with my taxes, Oh sorry that is another article?

Anyway the virus problem was taken care of after about an hour and a half on the phone with them, system cleaned and everything working fine. I was told they would call me the next day to check and make sure everything was working fine. Next day comes and I have not received a call. And wouldn’t you know it, Murphy’s Law, I get the same virus back again.

So, of course I place another call. I am routed to the support department and they proceed to ask me the same questions as the day before, including name, phone number, computer ID, who I spoke with and on and on. Thought all of that would be on file. I was placed on hold while they looked up all of this information. But I remained calm and answered all of the questions.

I was then told I would need to speak with a supervisor who would assist me with the problem. I thought this to be odd but I went with it. Was eventually transferred and after a bit the phone was answered by someone who was now asking the same questions again. After a bit I determined that I was not speaking with the original company support (Dell) but to company they outsource work to, talk about irony, outsourced by the outsourcer. And I am not making this up.

Oh, and did I mention that I had to pay for that support call which was another surprise as I had paid for coverage for hardware and not software. Yeah, that was just icing on the cake.

Now can you imagine what your customer would be like if this was to happen to them? And how would you explain it to them? And would you even know about it? Very important questions that you want to ponder when or if you decide that outsourcing is the way to go. I was always taught to treat people as you would want to be treated. If that is not a reason to receive a complaint from a customer, I don’t know what would be.

Just remember you are in the service industry and supposedly the customer is always right. Of course you will always have customers that try to beat the system and they will always be there. You can just give them their money back and make note not to do business with them again. But your core customers are the source of your business.

You may not hear from them as often when things are going okay. But the times that things go wrong you will. This is not the exact saying but when I was in the hotel business, one good customer might let 100 people know how good you were but a customer with a complaint will let 1000 people know about you. The power of the internet. Something to think about and now my rant is done. What do you think?

How Important Is Your Customer To Your Business

As a prospective customer decides whether to buy your product, that can be an emotional decision. Most of the time they think they are buying something just because they need it, but they are buying the feeling that ownership gives them. The acronym for this process used by the Internet is “WIIFM,” or “What’s In It For ME?” and that is 100% emotional.

Once you find the magic formula with your sales letters and emails, you will have buyers. This can usually be prepared as a list of benefits for buying, but it can also be delivered with the tone of your sales copy. You have to be believable and honest in those sales letters or you will be “clicked off” in a few seconds. That may be one technique you have to master, It is not the most important one.

What you really want is to be perfect in order to generate sales and make your customers feel like they are part of your business is the tone and feeling of your sales copy. You have to make that sales copy feel like you are writing for one person only even though it may seem like you are writing to a generic mass of strangers. If you feel like that is not something you can do, just try writing what you want to say like you are writing to your best friend or even your mother.

One way you can educate yourself is by checking out the tone of most of the websites you read, especially the ones from your competition and those even published by recognized gurus. And remember the ones that made you want to buy or to keep reading further and further down that sales page.

You are trying to find that emotional appeal that their sales copy had that stimulated you. Once you have found that successful approach, look at it again and you will not be surprised when those subliminal techniques become clearer to you. If you keep reading the sales page you may eventually see why you were tempted to buy. It won’t matter if you actually bought it or not. It will just be enough to know that you were tempted.

Most of the marketers write as if they were talking “at” someone, instead of “to” them and they can lose a large part of their customers because of that tone. This is where they forget they have one customer and they start “talking” to the masses instead of the one reading their sales page.

You must pay attention with your marketing copy to every word and every sentence to make sure you deliver the passionate response you want with your viewers. As you get more of your personality into your writing this will be accomplished. When you read other sales pages from some other marketers be sure to note how many are without personality and instead, cold and impersonal. It should not be hard to be friendly and to write passionate, riveting sales copy. Remember, all selling and buying is emotional.

When you show that your sales copy and emails concern solutions to problems your customer is interested in, you can make your sales copy personal by admitting that even you have experienced the same problem many times. Now you want to add some details about the problem and how it affected your business or your life. And for sure don’t be afraid to admit failure, frustration or self doubt.

As you do that, you begin to establish a bond with your customer and that will create loyalty and a sense of belonging. Then when you are writing with that thought in mind just pretend that you are having a cup of coffee with that customer. Then talk about how your product or service solved your problem and made your life easier. Those benefits could be listed as useable tools that your customer needs, including showing how their life will be easier.

Just keep it real and you will be successful. If you find yourself needing a reminder of what not to do, just stay up late and watch those infomercials on late-night TV. You bet that late night high-pressure hype might work on sleepy viewers, but it could be death to an online marketer.

Has The Christmas Season Begun?

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a very good weekend. Mine was kind of busy. This was my daughter’s birthday weekend. How about that a birthday weekend. never had one of those when I was younger. We took her and friend to Build A Bear. Now if you have never experienced that let me tell you, RUN (lol).

For any parent that has been there you know what i mean. The kids actually get to build a stuffed animal and even dress it up. If you should get roped into going there, be sure to bring the armored truck, it could get expensive. But the fun she had with her friend was priceless and something I will cherish forever.

Now as you can see birthday gifts, parties and other goodies can really run up a bill. And with Christmas just around the corner what better time to be thinking about it. My friends Doug and Teri Champigny have put together a Christmas package of three really great Christmas products that could set you up for some big sells this holiday season.

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Just think you could be planning to buy some serious gifts this year. Is that Wii, big screen TV or another big item in the plans? You could get these ebooks out there soon and with only 59 days until Santa slides down the chimney what better time to get started than now. And with the bad economy every little bit can help. Go now to download your three Christmas eBooks and get started right now.

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If you need help learning how to set up this PLR package Doug and Teri have some killer videos that will walk you through every step of the way. You can get it here  Try This Now. They are excellent teachers and can show you how to do it right.

New Internet Products Everywhere!

Unless you have been living under a rock lately you cannot help but notice all of the Internet product launches that have come out lately. It is no surprise really, after a lull with the summer months behind us, the product makers are back in full swing.

And boy are there a lot. Which one do you choose? Is it any wonder that with so many products there can be mass confusion. Not knowing which one will work and if it is worth your money. But that’s okay. Here is what you do, Just sit back, take a deep breath and take a look at what is being offered by everyone.

But first let me ask you. Do you know what niche or area you are going to get into? That should be your first thought. I am not saying anything bad about any of these products being offered. In fact I would probably tell you that the vast majority of items being offered are very good. So, there is your problem. To many to make a choice.

Take a look at the things that are out there, Find out which one will help you right now. If you are just getting started or have been marketing for a while you cannot use them all. If you had enough money you could get them all. Well you can’t. Wait until you are making money then you can have all of them. What will get you started? That is the product you want.

Now when you get it study it real hard. From cover to cover. Become familiar with what it can do for you and do it. If the plan says you will make money in 30 days give it 30 days to see if it will work. Do the work and get the results. And if it does the job for you or even if it doesn’t, send the product owner a note and let them know why. They will be appreciative and could give you some pointers to maybe make it better for you. Pick one and stick to it.

With the tightening economy I don’t have to tell you to spend your money wisely. So, I will say to you “spend your money wisely”. You will be glad you did. And when it works for you send me a comment to let me know you are making it. Toot your horn to me and everybody else. You will be glad you did.