5 Market Research Resources For Twitter For Small Businesses

Twitter is yet another system similar to Facebook and MySpace to get in contact with business contacts and remaining in contact with clients. If you are using Twitter, you also have a number of research resources you’ll want to be familiar with.

What The Heck Is Twitter?

Twitter is actually a messaging system that allows you to deliver short mail messages of 140 characters or less. These are typically known as “tweets.” You are able to generate groups that could be sent your tweets. You can find “retweets” in which individuals can easily piggyback on what you might have already posted. You are able to sign up to the Twitter feeds of other individuals and keep in contact with what is happening.

They may be actually beneficial on a smaller, more efficient scale. You may even have a meeting utilizing twitter posts rather than coming into the workplace. It’s still working out the kinks, but the majority who seem to put it to use think it is worthwhile for his or her small business requirements.

Twitter Resources

And so, how could you take full advantage of Twitter? Below are a few techniques.

1 . Twitter search – This can be found at It is similar to a search engine intended for only Twitter interactions. You can keep an eye on what other individuals are thinking about right up to the minute. Should you be looking for any reference to the hottest fashion styles, utilize it as your search parameter. In contrast to the web, tweets tend to be a lot more personal and you may discover what is in people’s brains right this moment. If you would like speak with these specific individuals, you can accomplish it by joining their discussion.

2 . Twitter Grader – Go to You can implement this specific application to discover individuals who are on Twitter and making their presence known. That impact can be handy for you when it falls within your market.

3 . Backtweets – If you are using this resource ( you can not only search Twitter for the people backlinking to internet sites, but individuals who employ URL shorteners to connect to websites. You can observe your competitors and who is speaking about whom. It could let you know when you are being talked about and others are backlinking to your website.

4 . Backtype – is similar to a Twitter search on various other social media. Twitter search passes through Twitter discussions to assist you to discover what others on Twitter are planning. Backtype permits you to view discussions by tweeters that show up on blogs, website forums, some other social networks and in other marketing media. Now, you will know the skinny is across a variety of sites and not merely Twitter.

5. Twellow – Now when you are generally searching interactions and Twitter gurus, it’s also possible to search business directories for Twitter users within your specialized niche business and geographic region. enables you to locate these individuals and follow them should you choose. It’s also possible to observe who is following you.

Are you utilizing Twitter for online marketing? If not, check it out. . It is an inexpensive way to get the knowledge you will need in an unconventional approach.

For other useful tips on how to sue Twitter effectively you should check out, Twitter Mastery: Video Companion And Manual Checklist. You could learn how to make money marketing on Twitter using the secrets revealed in these new Twitter mastery videos.

5 Reasons For Losing Followers On Twitter

Ever wonder why you find yourself losing followers on Twitter? There could be a number of reasons. If you can eliminate those mistakes it could help out your profitability on the website. Here is a list of five common mistakes that could be causing people to stop following you:

Mistake #1) Overselling

Very often many businesses will just be sending out one sales tweet after another.  Their whole point behind this is to make money.

And you can bet people can see them coming. A lot of businesses are even using an automatic messaging system when someone subscribes, with the first message already asking for them to purchase something.

There is no faster way to get people to run the other way. To be constantly bombarded with selling is a big no-no a lot of business owners make. Sure, you want to make a sell and make money. but, you won’t make a profit if all you try to do is sell, sell, sell.

Everyone will be able to see your post. So if they look at the last twenty and all they see are obvious sales messages, most people will tune you out and unfollow you. You should spend your time trying to create value. It would be alright to throw in a occasional tweet asking your followers to buy something. Just don’t make it the cornerstone of your tweets.

Mistake #2) Being negative

You often hear some people say you need to sell based on fear. Maybe sometimes that can be effective but you will find it is much more productive to focus on positive stories.

If you can provide inspiration for people to lift up above their state of affairs, that would be a better way to sell. Consequently, the more positive your message, the better you will be. Most people do their best to stay away from negative people.

If you have paid attention, the people with a tendency to have a lot of friends are much more enthusiastic and positive individuals. You can use that same principle with Twitter.

Mistake #3) Offending others

When sending out someone else’s message, called retweeting, if you are using it as your own message, you will offend other people. They will just about automatically unfollow you. Be sure you are using proper etiquette as it is very important.

Mistake #4) Being boring

Twitter is all about the neighborhood. That is exactly what it was created to be. It was not put in place to help out businesses.

Consequently, the more you make note of that and participate in the discussion, you find more people willing to follow you. If you are not showing any interest in others, then people will start losing interest in you and may unfollow.

Mistake #5) Not including personality

Individuals do not make purchases from businesses, they make purchases from people. Thus, if you can tell a fascinating story about yourself that could be important. And if you can find a way to connect it together with your niche, that is even more of a bonus.

The more character you can show, the chances of the more money you could make.

The bottom line is, whenever utilized the correct way, Twitter can be really effective. Avoid these five mistakes, and you will be well on your way to capitalizing through the actual site.

The Advanced Twitter Marketing System could be just what you need to show you how to use Twitter the proper way for your business. You can learn the power of advanced marketing on Twitter. Be sure to check it out.

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Are You Managing Your Time Effectively On Twitter

We are all caught up with how much fun Twitter is, no doubt,but as we also know, it can take up a lot of your precious time. But, to say whether it will take up all of your time and whether it does or does not give you the results you would like, can be purely up to you. Here are some Twitter time management tips that may help.

Be sure you don’t click on any of the links in a tweet unless…

1. You are getting tweets and links from someone you are trying to build a relationship with. If this is happening, read the blog post, website page or article quickly and then make sure they know you by commenting on their blog, retweeting with something added showing you read it, tweeting them about what you thought (in 140 characters or less), or by emailing them and letting them know what you think. This can be a good way to building a relationship with someone on Twitter.

2. That tweet and the link is directly related to your current project, as in additional information you would probably benefit from having or checking what a competitor might be doing. What, you are not following your competitors?

For you to be clicking on any other links, while they may hold interest to you, will be using up valuable time.

Also, don’t be sending out promotional DMs unless…

1. That person has specifically asked for them.

2. They are going to a friend who will directly benefit from them.

If they aren’t then you are wasting valuable time sending promo DMs to people who will come to resent it and will unfollow you for spamming them. Then they might turn around and tell their followers who may be following you. That would definitely be a negative return on your time.

Determine your purpose.

As you get ready to log on to Twitter, have you determined why you are going on there? Maybe you want to strengthen a relationship with someone you may want to partner with, Then go for it. You could be looking for the latest news in your niche. Then just be sure that you are focused on just that or you could end up all over the place and then… If you are just trying to socialize and crack a few jokes, then go for it but maybe limit your time before you get back to work.

Twitter = Reward

If you think you might want to do the above, i.e., just socialize or crack some jokes, maybe you could consider using Twitter as a reward. Get those other tasks completed first, especially the harder ones that can get you some return and then you can reward yourself with some Twitter time. That way you can not only get those harder task done, but you will get them done quicker.

Turn off the notifications.

Do you get emails throughout the day stating you have a new Twitter follower and you can follow them back too? Those can be pretty hard to ignore so why not stop them from coming. Just get into that Twitter profile and hit that button that says you don’t want to be notified of new followers. There, that has saved you a lot of time!

Set a timer.

Here is a little experiment for you. Set up a timer and monitor your time. You will be totally surprised at how much time you are actually spending on Twitter. You don’t have to do anything fancy, just set a kitchen timer right there on your desk, or try using your oven timer so you decide how long you are going to spend on Twitter and lets you set how long you want to be there.

Hey, I am not trying to tell you, Don’t Use Twitter, because it can be used as an integral part of your marketing strategy. But as a marketer, time is important and that time you may be spending on Twitter could be spent on other task that can make you money.

I have only touched on some highlights on this subject. My good friend, Mike Paetzold, The WordPress Guy, has written an ebook on this subject. Twitter Time Saver is an awesome guide that can show you how Twitter can be used to improve your business. And yes, I am an affiliate for the product that will possibly help you make more money, so have a look at it and tell me what you think.

Twitter Tips To Help A Newbies Following

You may already be using Twitter but are you using it as a business tool? If you are you are already ahead of the game. If you have not started yet it is not that hard, it is easy to join and guess what, it’s free.

All you basically have to do is go to and follow the prompts. You will be getting started before you know it. Okay once you have signed up be sure to upload a picture. That way people can see what you look like and you can start the process of branding yourself or a symbol or logo for for your company.

Now that you are on let’s go and add a bio to your profile. Check out what some of the other people’s bio look like and that will give you some ideas. Make sure you talk about your business interest and maybe put a touch of splash of humor into it.

Now that we have the proper stuff out of the way let’s get to tweeting. You can start by following a few people you know and who know you. That’s done by putting the @ sign in front of their Twitter name.

They will most likely see it in their “mentions” column, where their @name is located on the Twitter page. Oh don’t worry everyone will be checking to see if they are mentioned or if anyone is talking about them. Be sure to use the @ sign.

After you get a couple of tweets under your belt and you have followed a few people time to move on. Now it is time to throw out some retweets(RT), which you do by taking a tweet you find interesting and that others will enjoy and copying and pasting it with a RT and @twittername added to the front of it.

Every now and then throw in some quotes from yourself or others and throw in an article or two that you think might be interesting to others. Be sure to include the link. This is making you useful and your tweets will become valuable.

Now, let’s start following lots of people and most of the time they will follow you back. Why you might ask? Well, you want to get a targeted group following you and that you will follow back. Your targeted followers will be more likely to buy from you if you tweet to them occasional promos of your products or services.

Everything you have done up to now has been to make your Twitter profile attractive to others. When you go and follow them they are more than likely going to check out your Twitter page and see if you are worth following.

Something else you can do to attract more followers is to go to the page of well known internet marketers like, Joel Comm, Bob The Teacher, Mike Filsaime and others you would like to follow. Put their name in the search box and see what you find.

In the upper right hand corner of their Twitter page you will find their followers. Click on that and you will get a look at all of their followers listed. These are probably people you will also want to follow. When you follow these people more than likely they will follow you back. Click on a few to start and come back often for more.

If you hover your cursor over their name and you will see their bio. If their bio looks like it is part of your field or niche you will want to follow them. Click the follow button and you have a new person to follow. You can always click on their name and check out their Twitter page to be sure.

Twitter has this rule about a limit on the number of people you follow. They limit it to 1000 new people per day so don’t try increase to fast. It would look to suspicious to Twitter if you had 2000 people you are following and have tweeted less than 10 times.

You can follow these steps to increase your followers on Twitter. You can consider Twitter about building relationships with other Twits and it can help target your audience to build your business relationships.

My friend and a really great Internet Marketer, Doug Champigny has written a great Ebook showing how you can increase your Twitter following and use Twitter for your business. Called Advanced Twitter Marketing System, you will be amazed at the speed your following will increase. And the business tips are very good. Be sure to get your copy and watch your business rise.

Are You Understanding The Power Of Twitter?

I am still amazed with people understanding the power of Twitter and what it can actually do for you and your business. We use to think of how news got out through the newspaper, TV and radio.

I know you may have read one of my post before about Twitter but I continue to see the relevance and importance so I am constantly trying to get you to see it

But now with the internet still growing more and more people seem to be online sharing ideas and information with others.

Now a simple statement made by someone or an event can generate traffic all over the web and it can become viral, spread all over, in a matter of minutes.

If you don’t think so just read this blog post I read just yesterday to get an understanding about how powerful this can be.

It is still interesting to understand that there are millions of people who still have no idea of social media and Twitter in particular.

Even at my job when people hear that I have an online business I get questions and they are usually in the form of “you use Twitter, so what is Twitter all about”?

I try to explain to them that it is something they should get into. It is a bit easier than email, reaches far more people and it is free to get started. Just go to Twitter to sign up.

I do also have to tell them as I tell you that it is very addictive and you could be spending a great deal of time on it. But once you find your groove it will become second nature to you.

I have found a great way that I can tie in my online business and gain some more followers at the same time. My friend Doug Champigny has written an e-Book talking about how to use Twitter that way.

It is called the Advanced Twitter Marketing System and it really is a good read for all. It will show you how to use the immense power of Twitter. Be sure to get this book and see how you still have a ways to go in understanding the power of Twitter.

Twitter Watching The World And Watching Your Business

If you have been watching the news at all this week you have seen the uprising that has been occurring in Iran. With the current regime having to defend themselves from charges of an illegal election.

And with them not wanting the eyes of the world to see or interfere in their country they have tried to limit access to the media and the reporting from other countries. Turning off computers, taking down internet signals and connections. Limiting TV and radio coverage.

In times past this might have worked but a new era has emerged with the advent of Web 2.0 technologies. This could come in the form of MySpace, Facebook, Friend Feed and Ning just to name a few. But the one right now at the forefront is, you guessed it, Twitter.

I do remember just a few months ago when someone offered to buy Twitter for a boatload of money and they turned it down. People were saying these guys were crazy, what could they be thinking about. And then on top of that the economy went south. Boy, they were really laughed at then. They were going to learn their lesson.

Funny how a little time can change things, in a big way sometimes. I would say the Twitter boys are sitting up high right now. Every time you turn on the news, yes the news, you see Twitter’s name being mentioned. How they have helped to get the word out to the masses about the goings on in Iran and the people of Iran.

Okay, okay, get to the point. So what you say does that have to do with an Internet marketing blog. Well quite a bit. It shows you the power of a 140 character site and the effect it can have on the world. Now let’s take that a step further, what can it do for your business?

I would bet you a lot of your customers are using Twitter and have been for a while. Are you in contact with them and what exactly are you telling them about your business? What a great opportunity to talk to your followers and find out what they want or better yet ask them what they want.

If you are not using Twitter for your business you are missing out on a brilliant opportunity. Your followers/customers are right there for you. Tell them about yourself, what you can offer them. They will respond and tell you if what you have is for them. And there is a golden chance for you to not only have followers but you can build a list. What, list building on Twitter, maybe in another post.

Now notice, I did not say sell to them on Twitter. I said communicate with them There will be plenty of time when you can send them to your website or better yet share information with them. Let them get to know you. That will work so much better on Twitter.

And to assure you have the right followers who want to hear what you have to say, make sure you are giving them what they want. A way you can get a targeted audience that you can talk to and possibly sell to is to check out the Advanced Twitter Marketing System. My friend Doug Champigny has laid out a plan that can attract targeted followers for your Twitter account.

I have been using the system for one month tomorrow and I have attracted almost three thousand followers and I attracted my first sale using this system. Now granted I have not spent a lot of time with it but Doug’s plan has worked quite well. Once you get started with the Advanced Twitter Marketing System the same could be happening for you.

And if you say you do not have enough time to spend with Twitter, my friend Mike Paetzold has released Twitter Time Saver that ties in nicely with ATMS. Mike will show you how you can make post to your Twitter account and spend about 10-15 minutes once it is all set. And set up time is less than 30 minutes.

Again the Twitter Time Saver has allowed me get on Twitter, post to my site and get off without wasting time doing it.

Both of these products will help you attract and respond to new followers on Twitter. Why don’t you check them out and see what you think. And you can follow me on Twitter at @learningaffil. Let me know what you think.

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The Trouble With Tweeting

It seems you can not get away from it. Everywhere you turn everyone is talking about Twitter. It has become as common as the household pet. But did you know there is trouble with tweeting?

Now I don’t mean anything bad. But just think about it. There is only so much time in a day. With all of the other things life can throw at you where does Twitter fit into the scheme of things?

Especially for an Internet Marketer. Now if you are truly in the game or want to be look at all of the things there are to do. What with maintaining a blog or website. Posting to each one on a regular basis. What, you don’t do it everyday? LOL.

Then there is reading emails, answering, more blogging, trying to stay current with something like Google Reader, Google Alerts or the glut of other tools you can use. You get the point. online marketing can be endless.

And then you want to throw Twitter into the mix. What, are there more than 24 hours in a day and ah, when do you get on with your life, much less sleep. And I do mean “much less sleep”. Okay that is a lot but wait slow down, step back, I have something you can use.

My friend, Mike Paetzold, now has just the thing for you. Called Twitter Time Saver, Mike has tried to put some normalcy back in your Twitter world. Is there an effective way to use Twitter? Mike thinks so and he has brought you a book to read and diagrams to help explain how this can all be done.

Mike’s method has you only messing around with Twitter for short periods of time more efficiently. Now that should help out a lot. I can tell you from personal experience that twittering is very addictive. It’s like a drug that you have to have all the time.

Well, the Twitter Time Saver is your cure. This was made for people who use Twitter for their business but I am sure it could help us all. You can use Twitter for shorter periods of time and become so much more productive. And get on with other thing in your life.

After reading through the book I have begun to implement some of the things in it and from what I have seen so far I love it. You do spend a lot less time tweeting and can get more accomplished. I would say to you get the Twitter Time Saver and you will see that it could save you some needed time as well. Stay tuned and as I work with it more I will share my results.

Advanced Twitter Marketing System- Still Going Strong

I hope you all had a very enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. It was a time to remember especially if you are or were in the military or if you have or had a loved one who served as well. They, we, serve an important part in all of our wars past and present. May all of our troops be safe wherever they are and that they all return home safely.

I wanted to let you all know that did not see my blog post from last Friday about the new e-book that has been created by Doug Champigny called “Advanced Twitter Marketing System“. It has to be one of if not the hottest books to come out about how to achieve followers and make money with Twitter.

This is a no hold back look at how you should be using Twitter. Doug lays it out straight as to how you should be properly using Twitter especially if you plan on making money.

He has even given you a system for showing how you can get followers to sign up and get you to over 1000 in less than a week. And I can definitely say it works because I have been using it myself for about a week and I am over 1000 followers.

Once you have that part all set up and continue to bring in more followers then the real fun begins. Doug will show you how to monetize those followers and the best part about it is these are targeted people who are interested in your given niche.

So, if you are into the sewing niche, dog and cat niche, aquarium fish niche, just about anything you can think of there is a niche for you and there are followers who will be listening to what you have to say and will want to hear more.

I am trying right now to find the time to be able to sit down and learn the monetization techniques. I don’t know if you know Doug but if he says it can be done I am one of many who will take note and listen.

The Advanced Twitter Marketing System is just what the doctor ordered. And since you are going to be on Twitter, may as well use it the right way. And there is even a money back guarantee but I don’t think you will want your money back. This system woorks. Just have a look at the big name endorsers of this e-book. They can not be wrong.

Advanced Twitter Marketing System- The Twitter Experience Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Twitter has been around for about three years and it seems to get better every day. A lot of people are tweeting about “what they are doing” all the time. But I am telling you the Twitter experience just got a whole lot better.

My friend, Doug Champigny, is releasing “Advanced Twitter Marketing System” today and it promises to set your Twitter experience on overdrive. Doug has been testing a few new theories on how Twitter can be used more effectively. And after tweaking it to get the full effect he has perfected some exceptional techniques.

Twitter has always been a tool for friends and acquaintances to stay in touch with one another. But did you know Twitter can be used for your business.

Well Doug will show you some new tips to do just that. And no I do not mean any spamming techniques. These are real techniques that some of his followers are using right now. And I can tell you that they work because I am one of them. After reading just the first 30-40 pages I can already tell this is going to be good for my business and twittering.

After you finish this E-Book you will be able to “Skyrocket Your Targeted Traffic, Your List Building & Your Profits From Your Marketing Efforts On Twitter – In Less Time!”

Look at what is included in this E-Book:

- Learn the Important TWITTER CONCEPTS most people don’t ‘get’!

- Discover why you should LAUGH at most Twitter advice you read!

- Why effective RETWEETING is an Advanced Twitter Marketing must!

- Discover the TRUTH about who’s seeing your tweets – not what you think!

- Learn how to choose the best Twitter ID for YOUR online business!

And these are just some of the things you will learn from this E-Book. If you are serious about your business then you should be on Twitter and with the Advanced Twitter Marketing System at your side you will skyrocket your results.

Just read some of the testimonials and see what everyone is saying about this E-Book. It is a home run and will help you a lot. I am not sure how long Doug will be sharing Advanced Twitter Marketing System but this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Be Courteous When Others Retweet For You

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Maybe you haven’t noticed but Twitter has become a phenomena in a short period of time. I talked a little about it in my last post. With 140 characters you can say a lot to everyone you want to communicate with.

If you think I am wrong just go to Twitter and see all the posting that is going on. But I want to tell you to be courteous when others retweet for you.

I bet you have often wondered what that RT is you see on some tweets you may get or see. That is a retweet, a resending of the information that you or someone else has sent out that their followers thought was worth sharing to others.

As you develop a following of people you will discover that they are really interested in what you have to say. So you want to give them some interesting information. You will know if they like it if you see an increase in followers or a decrease.

An easy way to keep them interested is to find good things and send it out to them. While you are reading all of the tweets you get each day there must be a few of them worth sharing.This is usually done with a retweet of someone else’s tweet that you might get or see.

So, if you are also sending out good information more than likely they are doing the same for you. This is where the courtesy comes in. It will be nice for you to send a thank you out to all of the people who may retweet your tweet. That will let them know that you appreciate what they have done. And that you are reading what they are saying as well.

It will also cause them to want to come back for more of what you have to say. And if they find you interesting when they retweet your tweet to their followers maybe the followers will do the same. It kind of gets viral in nature and your name will spread.

Now you should not expect that this will happen overnight but it will happen. And when it does it will explode your list of followers and you will be able to give them more information. Kind of funny how that works. Viral marketing at its finest.

Now that you are aware of this information don’t try to hide it. Share it with others and they will learn to be courteous to others who retweet their tweets. And they will spread it to their followers and … You get the point.

And as a last point of reference, my friend and mentor Doug Champigny has a great set of twitter videos that can show you how to get up and running with Twitter. Called the Twitter Effect Videos, he will walk you through and show you how Twitter can be good for marketing and help you make friends. Be sure to check it out.

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