Top Traffic Tips Simulcast Now Live

A short note to let you know that the Top Traffic Tips Simulcast put on by Doug Champigny and Willie Crawford. These are two really big name Internet Marketers who got together and for over 3 hours gave out 14 top traffic generating tips.

You can get a copy of the replay and the transcript of that conversation to listen and read in the pleasure and leisure time.

These are two 6-figure marketers who I would say know a little about traffic generation and how to get your business going.

And even though the conversation went on for over three hours there were still quite a few people that hung out to take notes from this talk.

And if you were like me and you took notes there was so much information distributed that getting a copy of the replay and transcript will help fill in the blanks.

For me I have a little drive to work in the morning so I will be listening to the replay of the Top Traffic Tips Simulcast with Doug Champigny and Willie Crawford for a while.

Hey I will probably play it a few times to make sure I got all of the information they talked about. With 14 different ways for driving traffic to my site that they mentioned it will be well worth my purchase. How about you?

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Top Traffic Tips Seminar Price Increase

About a week ago two of the better known internet marketers put on a fantastic teleseminar. Entitled the Top Traffic Tips Seminar, Doug Champigny and Willie Crawford, went on for over three hours giving information about getting traffic to you website.

They promised 2 hours of powerful tips on how to drive traffic to your sites and affiliate links but of course they over-delivered. Would you have expected anything else. They showed how they are driving targeted traffic to their sites, blogs, salespages, squeeze pages and affiliate links.

You have to remember that that there are 2 6-figure online marketers who were giving this information so how could you go wrong listening to these guys. Their theories on traffic generation strategies could have gone on a lot longer.

Now more than 14 ways were discussed on driving massive amounts of highly targeted traffic to your websites. They also talked about teaching you how to build your list, make sales online and making money with affiliate marketing.

Now comes your moment of truth. If you get the replay and transcripts that will be available as a paid product tomorrow but if you order right now you will get a discount. This is your last day to get the Top Traffic Tips Seminar replay and transcript at the discounted price. I made sure I got mine, how about you.

Top Traffic Tips Seminar And Fourth Of July Celebration

I hope you had a very good July 4th celebration and enjoyed time with family and friends along with all the fireworks. What a great time to think about our independence and what it means to us all.

And to honor our fallen heroes past and present who have helped us maintain that freedom.

I live just outside of Washington, DC and we had a fabulous time. Lots of really good events going on. Big concert and celebration with the fireworks down on the mall area included.

Also for all of you golf fans we are having the PGA tour stop at the famed Congressional Country Club this weekend with the tournament started and hosted by Tiger Woods.

And lo and behold he is contending with a final round match up scheduled with Anthony Kim, a young rising star of the tour. Just what CBS had hoped for their golf coverage.

I don’t know if you were around for the call this past Thursday that was put on by Doug Champigny and Willie Crawford. There was some excellent information distributed.

Entitled the Top Traffic Tips Seminar, they gave a call explaining how they use their different top traffic generating techniques to run their internet marketing business and get targeted traffic.

It was a very good call and I wanted to let people know what they missed. If we can just put into practice one of the nuggets of information that was distributed that night it will be worthwhile.

It was sort of a pre- Independence Day teleseminar. One that could possibly lead you away from your J-O-B. I am glad I was there and will definitely be getting my copy of the transcript and replay.

If you were not there you will still be able to hear the information that was talked about. For a limited time, until July 9th you will be able to pre- order a copy of the replay and transcripts for a $20 discounted price.

Now that may not seem like much to you but let me tell you that Doug and Willie held nothing back. The Top Traffic Tips Seminar lived up to its name. Tons of great information was shared.

The call was scheduled to only run for about two hours. But, with all of the information they gave out it ran to at least three hours. And if you think their information was with short and sweet answers you are quite mistaken. They gave out probably more information than you will ever use.

And if you were on the call I know you probably took pages and pages of notes. Now with the recording of the call you can fill in those holes that were created when they just talked faster than we could write.

Now remember that the replay and transcript for the Top Traffic Tips Seminar will be available at the discounted price until July 9th. Be sure to get over and sign up for your copy.

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Are You Ready For The Top Traffic Tips Seminar?

I just want to remind you if you have not done so, the Top Traffic Tips Seminar is less than 2 1/2  hours away. And you may want to make sure you are registered. You remember that right?

That is where you will get a whole lot of information being shared by two Big Dogs of Internet Marketing who both are sporting six figure incomes. And they do not have to brag about it.

Doug Champigny and Willie Crawford will be doing a teleseminar entitled the Top Traffic Tips Seminar. Between them they have a few years in the internet marketing business and they are going to be sharing some nuggets that might click with you and get you started with an online business.

Willie will be discussing:

- Article Marketing
- Video Marketing
- Using Podcast
- Press Releases
- Forum Marketing
- BlogTalkRadio
- JVs & Affiliates

Doug will be discussing:

- Blog Marketing
- Web 2.0 Sites
- Twitter Marketing
- Giveaways
- E-Zine Swaps
- Teleseminars
- Viral E-Books

As you can see this will be an action packed teleseminar. You may want to bring a couple of notebooks for all of the information you will learn and notes you will take.

Oh yeah, did I mention that if you register now it will be free. I hear they plan on making this into a paid product so I don’t know about you but free is always best for me.

Now the Top Traffic Tips Seminar starts tonight, July 2nd, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) for registered guests only. You want to make sure you can attend. Go sign up right now for Top Traffic Tips Seminar. You can come back and tell me about it later.

Learn Some Top Traffic Tips From The Experts

An internet phenomena, that is what you get when two of the biggest names in the internet business get together to share some knowledge. And for the Traffic Tips Seminar how can you go wrong.

And that is exactly what we have as internet wizard Willie Crawford and PLR Master Doug Champigny get together to share their vast wisdom on traffic tips with a free teleseminar.

The Traffic Tips Seminar is happening Thursday night, July 2, 2009, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific). These two big wigs will be dispensing some great information you can not miss.

Willie will be discussing:

* Article Marketing
* Video Marketing
* Using Podcasts
* Press Releases
* Forum Marketing
* Blog Talk Radio
* JVs & Affiliates

Doug will be discussing:

* Blog Marketing
* Web 2.0 Sites
* Twitter Marketing
* Giveaways
* E-Zine Swaps
* Teleseminars
* Viral E-Books

Now between the these two who can say that they will not learn anything from the Traffic Tips Seminar. So you want to be sure to get signed up.

The call Thursday is free but the replay will become a paid product. You get to hear it first and implement what you learn.

Again, be sure to sign up for free to Traffic Tips Seminar.

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