10 Creative Ideas For Building Traffic

More and more lots of people are looking for traffic for their website. At times, it is not so easy to get people to visit your site. You have to come up with different ways to produce the desired traffic. You have to be both creative and innovative but there are a few traffic ideas that can assist you.

1. You can try Flickr. Using social photo sharing can help drive people to your site. If you attach some good tags with the photos that might attract the members from the site. Add a good post from your blog and add a link to the Flickr site. That way the sites can work together to generate some traffic to your website.

2. Have you joined a social bookmarking site? You will be able to share your favorite sites with the other people having the same interest. Be sure to include your website. These social sites act just like a specific search engine for a great many people. Then add the bookmarks to your blog site to help draw visitors to your site.

Also adding interesting links to relevant products that the people might be looking for will help. As you add more and more interesting links you have bookmarked you could see a significant increase to your following.

3. Pick up blogging. You can join several sites and make comments on the blog posts. Then you can put your URL with the post. Remember though, you are making comments on their posts so keep your concentration on the topic since you don’t want your comment to be deleted or looked at as spam. You want to appear knowledgeable about the topic you are commenting on and someone other people can trust.

4. Use a forum signature to promote your site with a live link. Use subjects that have great information and link them back to your site. The more valuable content you can provide for the readers the more they will come to rely on your new informtion. You will have them returning to see what new information you are providing.

5. Put on some widgets, themes, and even some extensions to your website. There are lots of additions that can help improve your site. Try to make your site interesting and exciting and different from the normal boring website.

6. Let your friends know about your business and have them spread the word about your site.They will be able to use their blogs, websites and contacts to possibly increase your website visitors.

7. Get some industry specific sites to add links and networks by contacting the sites. You will find a lot willing to join the cause to assist you in building your website traffic.

8. Increase your exposure by adding podcasts to your website. You can also include audios and videos that are interesting and intriguing.

9. Add your feed to blog site directories. The feeds should be able to direct some traffic to your website.

Last but not least:

10. Make sure you are submitting articles to the article directories and including a resource box to increase traffic to your site and add some strong backlinks to your site, for the search engines.

As you continue to do your traffic building, it’s not about the traffic but giving the readers what they want. As you provide more and more information and products to them you will be fulfilling a valuable need.

The Link Between Gurus and Traffic

Traffic, traffic, it is all about the traffic. It really doesn’t matter how great your product is, how long you have worked to put together just what people want and need, or even just how good your professionally-done sales page converts – if you are not generating traffic, you won’t make any sales.

So the million dollar question is, how do you get traffic. A lot of people are spending a lot of time developing their product, which isn’t a bad thing, but then don’t spend the time introducing the product to the world in every way they can. Then there is the time and money you have to spend after product development. So really, it’s the marketing that will make you the money.

And you are thinking, sure all Mr. Guru has to do is send a out a promotional email to his list and he will make big money. You don’t expect him to have to bend over backwards to market his products. But let’s look at two things that are wrong with this assumption.

1. Gurus spend a lot more time and money marketing their products than you know. They can hire the best copywriters to write the sales copy, have tools created for their affiliates, let the affiliates know all the details, oversee everything or hire a launch manager to do that, use social media to get the word out about the product, put together a series of emails, blog posts, questions and answers, and more. If it’s not a big seller, they have lost lots of money.

2. Gurus do have to make concessions to market their products because of the current economy and stiff competition. You might have noticed more people coming on line these days and they are seeking out ways to make money, but more people are keeping their wallets shut. There is certainly plenty of free stuff online to show them what they want to know (moving the free line) and they are already feeling the pinch of layoffs or decreased income. The competition is fierce, many products look so much alike that a marketer really has to make his stand out as unique, even the gurus.

So, how do you generate traffic? You might have heard of the different ways already – using social media, writing articles, doing Pay-Per-Click, backlinking, guest blog posts, getting affiliates/JV partners to promote, commenting on blogs, answering forum questions and putting your link in your signature, etc… and do not forget to use keywords, Wow, that is a lot of work!

Have you been trying to use all of these? You might have tried some of them, maybe a lot of them, but you are still unsure which one is the best. You might be spreading yourself to thin by trying to use almost all of them. You may not have enough time or money to do each traffic method justice.

Come up with a plan that you can put in systematically. After you have jumped in deep enough to a particular traffic method, then you will be able to analyze your results. For instance what if you decide for your new product to do article marketing, guest blog posting and forum answering.

Make a decision as to the number of articles you are going to submit, where exactly you are going to submit them and strategically place some of them on your site with some text anchoring and backlinking between articles. Be aware – you can not write just a couple of articles for this method to work. The more articles you have, the more traffic you can generate for your site.

If you want to do guest blogging, try contacting 3 or 4 bloggers who have good traffic numbers and have a decent page rank, and offer to write a blog post for each of them. Of course you want the subject to connect with your product and be sure you are writing different articles for each guest blog.

It will not be hard for you to get trapped in forums and wanting to read all that is there, so keep your focus. You are there to find questions that are related to what your product is about and finding answers for them. That is one of the ways to be branded as an expert. The better you can answer their questions the more people will notice you and that link you have in your signature.

Traffic will not come easy, you will have to work for it. You will be using different techniques. And you will want to give those techniques a chance before you give up on them. And remember just because something works for one of your products does not necessarily mean that is will work with another product in a different niche. It may take some trial and error before you get it right. Just don’t give up.

The Importance Of Traffic To Your Online Business

Because of the hard economic times of today, including the lack of jobs and the continuous layoffs from companies, even if you’ve worked at those companies for 10-20 years, many people look toward the Internet to help them make ends meet and even provide the financial independence they never could seem to get from their offline occupations.

Their thinking is that if they can establish their own online businesses, they will be the ones in charge and working toward making themselves financially independent, not someone else.  And being that many of the online “gurus” tell them that many people are doing it pretty easily, they think, “If they can do it, I can do it too!”

But many people don’t realize when they try to get started online that it is not as easy as many of the “gurus” say it is.  They don’t realize that you need a domain, dedicated web hosting, reliable autoresponders, and a product or service to sell. You will even have to do some, hold me back, work! And that’s just for starters!

Website traffic is something every one who is a network marketer or wants to be a successful network marketer knows they must have to accomplish their goal of building an automated direct response marketing system capable of generating leads, prospects, and customers.

Even if you have all that, you’ll still need to get people to your web page to consider your product or service, and at the very least, get them to sign up to your list so you can follow up with them until you gain the sale.

Website traffic is the most crucial part to having an online business and is a key to the success of your online business. It is the life blood of every online business.

In other words, you’ll need traffic, and preferably, targeted traffic to visit your web page continuously if you are going to gain the sales and the financial independence you desire online.

For more information on achieving targeted traffic to your website, check out “Traffic Tactics.”