Your Time Of Year Again For The Challenge

It is getting near the end of June. For me a pretty sad time. Why you may wonder. Well, let me explain. You see I grew up in Alaska where we live in the cold and darkness for part of the year. My favorite time is always right around December 21, which is about the time of the start of Winter. A great time because the days start getting longer. Just a few minutes each day to start but eventually it starts to add up until you get some real long days.

These long days will carry on until the start of summer which is a couple of weeks away. Then the days start the process and get shorter as we go forward. I know, pretty boring but I digress. Even though it is a little sad I can always count on it being time for the Thirty Day Challenge Pre-Season to be getting started.

You know of the Thirty Day Challenge right? That is where Ed Dale and Dan Raines get together with their crew and try to teach people to earn their first dollar online. They break down the process and try to make it super simple so just about anyone can take part and learn. You may say, your first dollar online, what is that going to do for me? Well, the whole process is to show you how it can be done and if you can learn the process to making your first dollar, you can ramp up the process and expand it to make more.

Anyway it is a real good learning tool and an awful lot of people have learned an awful lot. That was the first place I learned about Twitter a few years ago and this was way before Twitter became a household name to everyone. A lot won’t admit it but we thought Ed was going crazy telling us about this thing called what, Twitter? Look at it now. And heck if you talk to an old timer they can tell you how we came on so strong with Tumblr that they had to tell us to stop using them because they could not take the traffic.

Okay so there is usually a pre-season where Ed, Dan and the gang show us some new toys that we will be using for this years challenge. We then start the actual thirty days in August with a variety of different things to learn and do each day. But because it seems like the Thirty Day Challenge is now year round they have revamped the whole thing and there is no longer a pre-season. Now don’t get your drawers in a wad. It will still be going on  but with a new name.

So, I give you the Challenge. That will be the new name for the old Thirty Day Challenge. And the pre-season starting July 1st is now just a part of the challenge. A lot of people were saying that it was too much to go for thirty straight days and some people dropped out. You will start hearing a lot more about it as we get closer.

I wanted to give you a heads up because participation is huge and there are people from all over the world that get involved. If you are a newbie or even if you have some experience I would recommend that you at least give it a look over. They are doing things a bit different this year so if you want to read and learn more about it you can check out the Challenge website. I hope you decide to get involved because you will learn a lot and it could get you started in online marketing. Stay tuned!

Did You Enjoy The Thirty Day Challenge?

Hope you had fun with the Thirty Day Challenge. There were a lot of really cool things to learn. Also some great new tools. Hope everyone got to use Market Samurai and saw what an effective tool it can be. I had used it a bit before but did not understand the real power of it. If you have a chance to pick it up I would recommend it.

Here is a recap of the finale show if you did not get a chance to see it. Let me know what you thought and what you learned. Be glad to hear from you. Enjoy and come back and visit and say hello.


Thirty Day Challenge – Setting Expectations

Today could be a new beginning for you so wanted to make sure that you get off to a good start. Here is a video by Ed Dale setting you you up for good things to come. Let me know how you are doing in the Thirty Day Challenge.


You Still Have Time To Get Ready For The Thirty Day Challenge

Yes, even with less than 5 days to go, you still have time to get ready for the Thirty Day Challenge. What is the challenge all about? This is where a group of really cool guys are trying to show newbies and veterans alike how to earn their first $1 online.

I know you are laughing about making your first $1 online. How is that going to do anything for me you say. Well actually quite a lot. The whole theory behind this is to show you how you can make money online.

If you can learn how to make that first $1 you will see how easy it is to replicate that formula. If you can make $1 a day that can lead to $5 a ad, then $10 and then… You get the picture.

And with the things that you will be shown in the challenge it will hopefully lead down the path to making a living online. It is not easy and it will require you doing the that stupid 4-letter word, work, as my friend Mike Paetzold likes to call it. But it is possible.

This is the brainchild of Ed Dale, Dan Raines and a host of others in their camp who take a month out of their busy Internet Marketing lives to run the show. And if you have ever seen any of the webinars that they put on you know it can be a lot of fun.

Right now we are in pre-season training. By that I mean they are showing the tools that we will be using in the Thirty Day Challenge. Most are free and for some there will be a little outlay of cash.

But come on, for the chance to actually get a business on the internet up and running you could spare a little change. Might mean you take a couple of days off from Starbucks or at least forgo that second cup. Maybe one less meal at the fast food restaurant for the week.

I don’t know about you but I want to give it a chance to maybe succeed with this thing called Internet Marketing. And with the economy the way it is we could all use something that we can fall back on.

The chance to maybe have my own business and the thought of doing it from home are are worth it for me. And with the pre-season they are teaching things like using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Skype and those are just a few  of the other lessons.

Look if nothing else you can become familiar with all of these programs as they are real hot right now. Who knows you might be able to show your friends how much you know or better yet show them a few things.

Yes, the Thirty Day Challenge starts on August 1st so there is still time to go through the pre-season training. The lessons can all be viewed from the comfort of your home on your computer at your leisure.

Go ahead take the plunge and see for yourself it is worth your investment of time if nothing else. Sign up now for the Thirty Day Challenge.  Hope to see you there.

Thirty Day Challenge 2009 Preseason About To Begin

Did you know that the Thirty Day Challenge 2009 preseason is about to begin. That’s right the “Thirty Day Challenge“. What’s that you might ask. Well. it could be your chance to learn how to get started on the internet with an online business. And the best part there is little or no cost to join.

I know, I know, you have heard that term about there being no cost. Then once you sign up and get inside you discover there are all kinds of cost that were not mentioned when you started. I can assure that that is not the case here.

The Thirty Day Challenge is the brainchild of Ed Dale and Dan Raines and there cast of characters. Call it their way of giving back. They certainly don’t need to do this but they are giving of their time and energy to teach new and more experienced people who need help how to start making money online.

If you have read my blog, in some earlier posts I mentioned that I learned about Twitter from the group about two years ago right when it was getting known. I don’t think any of us thought it would turn out like it did. These are the kind of things you will learn in the Thirty Day Challenge.

The preseason is about to begin. The preseason is where you will get set up with most of the equipment and software that you will be using. Signing up for social sites and other needed items you will need to gather to effectively participate in the challenge. Again I mention no charge.

And they even have videos that will show you how to set things up. Now the goal last year was for everyone to earn their first dollar online. Now you may laugh at earning your first dollar, how is that going to get you anywhere.

Well, you see if you can be shown how to make that first dollar then it is just a matter of repeating the steps and rachet it up a bit. Call it like being a confidence builder.

I just went to Google and did a search for Thirty Day Challenge sites. Even used exact phrase search. What is that you ask, check out the Thirty Day Challenge. Anyway there were over 1 million sites listed. Now granted all of them may not have all been about the challenge but as you can see there is a lot of talk about it. Just check some of the social sites.

Now the preseason starts tomorrow with a kick off show. If you want to find out about the Thirty Day Challenge and I know you do, you need to get over to their website and sign up.

This year will be a blast, I know you will learn a lot and you can come back and thank me later for sharing this information with you. Love to know your thoughts and how are you doing. So get over right now and sign up and I will see you on the show tomorrow.

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