Making Use Of Surveys And Testing For Your Online Business

My friend Mike Paetzold, better known as the WordPress Guy, is always talking about testing. He really has a strong belief that testing will help you improve your website, help your customer by finding out just what they want and make you more money.

Now I have no doubt that you might have heard a bit about this from other marketers and especially from the gurus. In fact I would venture to tell you that there are but a few gurus who do not test.

And what is it that you are testing? It maybe your headline, it could be the copy or even your site design. It would be hard to know what is working without testing.

And all of those test could lead to that one breakthrough that could be the real money maker for you. Get it right and duplicate the process.

If you have done any Adwords with Google you will even see that you can do a split test there. Test two versions of an ad and see which one will pull in the most clicks after about 100 views.

Then toss out the one with less clicks and try another ad. Eventually you may find the one that will not only get you more clicks but also make you some sells and more money.

I know this is but a rough overview and there is a lot more involved. I can hear the keyboards going wild already. I do not profess to be an Adwords expert and there are many more steps.

Just go pick one of the gurus that proclaim to be an expert and I am sure they will give you a more thorough lesson. In fact let me know as I find Adwords very hard and it can be quite expensive.

But, Mike likes to test and also do surveys. Not only does it let him know just what his customers want to hear about but also gives him good subjects that he can blog about.

Hmm… I wonder if there is something with that. Especially for someone like me that has problems thinking of something to blog about.

Testing and surveys should become an important part of your overall goal for achieving success with your website and your business. Though not the only things they are very important.

Used the right way they could enhance your standing in the online business community. By learning just what pleases your customers and giving it to them success could be just around the corner.