Attracting Targeted Visitors For Your Business

You were starting an online business to make some cash right? Then, you probably will understand that you will have a better chance of making some cash from individuals, targeted traffic, who have an interest in the products and services you are selling.

For instance, what if you were running a website that is promoting products and services which can help people lose weight. Then, the types of individuals you would be looking for and trying to attract to your website would be people interested in being thinner. So, a visitor to your site that was not really interested in weight loss (but instead was on the net trying to find out about video games or gardening), would probably not be interested in becoming one of your paying customers.

So you can grasp the concept of a “targeted visitor” – a visitor who is already interested in your website’s subject even before they have found your website and have looked at your products and services. It would then not be hard to understand why successful web businesses are usually those that can get targeted traffic from individuals who have shown an interest in the products and services that the business might offer. Thus, it is very important for you to be creating individual web pages to contain and focus on those keywords that are related to your products and services.

More importantly, you may find that probably your appearance on a given search page will not be limited only to pages on your website. Those search engines will probably have and list quite a few “external” resources, also. They might include marketing-type material that you could have published on other sites.

Just try typing a generic search term or phrase using your favorite search engine. More than likely you will find near the top of the natural search results the links to external aggregation sites like YouTube and EzineArticles. You will try to imitate this as well.

Now, you should want to be driving the most targeted traffic to your site as possible, so to start you will need to create a website with each one of your web pages targeted on the particular keyword terms and phrases that you will have identified. Next, each one will need to be supported by creating quality content (we will again be using the relevant keyword terms and phrases), and getting them distributed out on the internet.

Last but not least, when your website is finally live, be sure you have submitted your address straight to the search engines. There is a separate page for each one of the search engines that will allow you to do this:

Google’s is at (, Yahoo’s is at (, and Microsoft’s is at (

Your pages will eventually be found by the search engines, of course, but if should use these submission forms you might find the process might just move a little quicker.