The Benefits Of Having Swipe Files

I bet you have heard the expression, swipe file, haven’t you. If you plan on selling on the Internet, This term is probably something you want to become familiar with and use to your advantage.

The term “swipe” is not something bad. In fact the term is used for swiping an excellent example of writing from someone else. It can be from a website, blog post, sales copy or forum entries. You can look at it as a perfect use of words and if it resonates with you, it probably resonates with others too. So then a “swipe file” is an ongoing list of writings that you have collected.

You can say the benefit of swiping files is to help you write your own sales copy, headline or squeeze page, etc. You swipe them to help you learn and give you ideas of how to do your own; You DO NOT copy them verbatim onto your own sales page. You will get yourself in big trouble in many ways. Not only is this plagiarism, but you’re also ruining your credibility and reputation.

Here are some swipe file ideas you can set up:

Headlines from all sorts of sales copy that grab your attention. This swipe file will demonstrate the stringing together of some magical headline wording, as well as color, font and style.

Sales copy
I bet this will be your biggest file. If it’s not, build it up because it’s very important. Be sure to check out the sales copy of the gurus. They pay copywriters big bucks to write the best copy for a reason, good copy sells. And of course, that is what you want to do – sell your product. Be sure to check out the fonts, font size, placement of everything including graphics, bullets, testimonials, guarantee, etc.

Squeeze page
For those who have never done a squeeze page before, pay close attention to the squeeze pages you’ve signed up on. Squeeze pages need to be direct and clean. They tell a person what they’re getting in an eye-pleasing way. Try to figure out what makes the offer irresistible.

Bullet points
For some reason bullet points are hard for a lot of people to write, yet they are so important. Keeping a swipe of bullet point examples helps you figure out what to put so your bullet points tap into the needs of the person reading the sales letter.

Website layouts
Maybe you are putting together a service website for, let’s say. your virtual assistant services. And you may be wondering, how do other virtual assistants have their websites set up? You can compare, get some ideas, generate some new ideas and make yours even better.

Email subject lines
Be sure you pay attention to what makes you open an email and save those examples in an email subjects swipe file.

You should set up each swipe file heading as an individual folder. That way you can add the swipes to the individual folders and you are able to easily find what you want when it comes time to study, analyze and create your own.

If you are marketing on the Internet, you are probably spending a lot of time reading and researching various aspects. While you are doing that, have your swipe files set up and ready to go so you can simple add to them every time you come across some particular good copy.

Here’s a tip – when you look at each particular swipe file you’ve put together, analyze what you have collected.  You may try to figure out what does each piece have in common? What exactly did you like about them? Why? How did you feel? How can you make yours better?

As you can see, having swipe files is an important learning tool for you if you are an Internet Marketer And the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be on your way to writing your own great headlines, powerful killer sales copy and intriguing email subject lines.