Are Spam Blog Comments Good For Your Site

You could have some real headaches with spam blog comments. But, some people actually like them and consider them a treasure. There are usually two choices you have to decide on what you should do with these comments. Hopefully after reading this you will have something to help you decide which is better for you.

When you are trying to get your self known online, a blog could be just what you need to get started. And the more your visitors come to your blog the more successful it will be. And there are a few ways to show your visitors are enjoying your blog. One way to assure that this will happen is by making sure you are updating it on a regular basis. By providing new content for your blog you will show the search engines that the blog is fresh and worth visiting. Another great way would be by having an active membership base.

As you get members and visitors to your blog, they can interact with one another and you by leaving comments and writing articles if you will allow them. And that could be your problem as you wonder just what you should do about those spam blog comments you might get.

You will want to address this issue very carefully. There are always two sides to consider here. At first glance this could be something that you are in agreement with if your blog is not very big and you are trying to get it up and going. There can be no better way to show that you have members and visitors reading your content. One of the easiest ways is by having those comments showing on your blog.

But, if all you seem to be getting are spam blog comments, there is the thought that you should leave them there. Now the ones that are obviously spam should not be a problem and should be deleted immediately. With these you will have links in the comment and the English is probably not very good.

But, you can also find some spam blog comments that might sound like “Thank you for the great article. There’s some good information here and it has made me want to bookmark your site and keep coming back. Keep up the good work.” A good majority of these comments will be made by blog commenting robots. This is a piece of software that will make the same comment to thousands of blogs at one time.

Now this is where you may think that since the blog spammer has taken the time to write these comments that actually look real, it may make you want to leave those comments as it will look like you actually have people reading and commenting on your articles.

But let’s look at the other side of this issue about spam blog comments. This is the more practical side of we should not be doing anything to encourage spamming. When you leave those spam comments on your blog for all to see, the person who tends to benefit the most is the spammer who put those comments on the blog in the first place. And as they continue to benefit they will continue to spam. If they encounter continued success that may lead them to go on into e-mail spamming or hacking.

We would all benefit as blog operators if we took responsibility to do all that we can to try and disrupt spam activities. Those people, and I would be one, will tell you that you should delete spam blog comments as soon as you can from your blog.

Now those would be choices you will have to make for yourself. I can not tell what you what you should be doing with the comments for your own blog. You will have to decide if you want to encourage spammers and leave those comments up. Or will you delete them and give up the benefit of it appearing that your articles are being read and commented on. There are other ways to get visitors and traffic and we will be discussing them later.