Using Different Methods To Help Your Website Have Better Search Engine Ranking

There are many different methods to help your website have better search engine ranking in the eyes of more online visitors. But why is this important?

Some estimates suggest that if you are on page 2 of the Google results for your main keyword you are only receiving around 30% of the visitors that you would get if you were to improve search engine ranking to reach page 1. Other estimates say the effect of being on page 1 is even greater than this. Worse, if you are not indexed (listed) by the search engines at all, you may only be making 10% of the business that you could potentially make from internet searches.

There are two ways to get onto page 1 of the search engine results. One is to pay to advertise your business on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This type of advertising is known as pay per click or PPC. It is fast and it can be effective but it can also be very expensive. You need to do a lot of tracking to make sure that your campaigns are earning more than they are costing.

On top of that, you need to be prepared to go on paying over and over for as long as you want the traffic. The moment you stop advertising, the traffic will stop. So it is not really a way to improve search engine ranking.

The other way is free. It is called search engine optimization and it involves  designing your website in a way that the search engines will appreciate, building links back to it from other internet properties, and other similar strategies.

This can be a very effective long term solution to the question of attracting more visitors to your website. Compared with advertising it is not so expensive and many of the costs are one time only. This means that most businesses can benefit from appointing somebody to improve search engine ranking in this way.

Using PPC advertising to boost the visibility of your site is a little like paying for advertising on the front page of a newspaper. The difference with the search engines is that they go ahead and advertise sites that don’t pay, too. So what you are doing is paying to be at the top of the listing.

If you improve search engine ranking for your site, you can get there without having to pay at all. So how would you set about doing that?

The first point is to make sure that your site itself is optimized. You will need to think about the main words and phrases that your site is built around (your keywords). Are they phrases that people searching for your kind of service would be likely to type into the Google search box? How many people search for your main keyword per month? Do you have the best keywords in the title and meta description of your page?

Then you will need to consider off page ways to improve search engine ranking. This includes building links to your site from other relevant websites. They could be blogs, forums or directories, but you need to find places where you can leave a link to your site. You can use your keywords as anchor text – the words that people click on.

This sounds simple enough but if you want to improve search engine ranking to any large degree you will need to build hundreds or even thousands of backlinks and consider making changes all over your website. For most people, it is more cost effective to hire an SEO specialist to do these things for you. The cost will almost certainly still be less than advertising, when you consider that you have to pay for advertising all of the time. So this is why so many businesses today are hiring SEO experts to improve search engine ranking.