Let AIDA Help Improve Your Sales

As you see all the ebooks, short reports and videos everywhere on the Internet, all promoting the Big Bang that will have your checking accounts overflowing with cash, it is a miracle that a newbie to Internet Marketing can figure anything out.

To be sure, you have to write compelling sales copy in order to grab your website visitors and make them stay on your page long enough to click on your “Buy Now” button. But you have not been told about the simple four-step process that will do that for you.

There is a simple acronym created a long time ago in direct sales that you can use to remind you about the four stages of the sales process.

* A = Attention
* I = Interest
* D = Desire
* A = Action

Studies have shown you have just a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention and keep them reading your sales copy. So, the first thing you must do is grab their attention and keep them there.

If you have a good headline that asks a question or generates some curiosity in their mind, that can be a good start.  You might use a strong, bright font and a strong statement in your headline. Something that will command attention as soon as anyone lands on your sales page.

Some good examples: “Are You Being Lied To?” or “Have You Found The Secret Formula For Success?” Addressing your viewer’s problems is a classic attention grabber.

And when you have their attention, you have to stimulate interest in what you are trying to say, which should be related to the question that got them this far. If that product you are selling is the solution to that problem you have in your headline, start giving them reasons your product will help your visitors. And get right to the point. Leave that fluff and hype behind because you don’t have time.

You can always find lots of advice about listing the benefits of owning your products and that advice is not bad. So make it easy, the benefits can be the solutions¬† to problems and the answer to the question asked in your headline. Your readers want to know, WIIFT, what’s in it for them.

The scarcity or risk of not buying or subscribing in time and losing a good deal can also help create that desire. They might think of how they’ll lose a great opportunity to make money and will be stuck in the same old place while others get ahead. The scarcity method is used a lot like by stating that the price will double in some time frame, like tomorrow or “in the next few hours.” If there is a belief in the value of owning your product, you will have created desire.

If you are using testimonials, they are a very powerful way of creating trust and the feeling that your product must be useful if all those people bought it and liked it. Testimonials just might put the icing on the cake for the reader. As a side not, be sure to stay within the guidelines of the FTC rules with testimonials. No claims of unbelievable earnings should be made.

Now with that attention-grabbing headline catching their curiosity and you have generated strong interest in how your product or service will solve a problem or make their life easier, you will have your readers motivated to take some action when they reach your “Buy Now” button.

A simple way to help them make up their mind is to just ask for the sale. Others repeat the benefits of ownership, but phrase them as questions.

I know you have read those questions at the bottom of OTO pages that ask, “Are you sure you want to leave this page and never get this chance to create a steady income?” That is an emotionally charged question that reinforces the need to buy before leaving the page.

If you are using this correctly, AIDA techniques can be powerful enough to generate sales for you and you will want to make sure you perfect your sales copy.