What Changes Would You Like To See

I was reading a blog post from a very good friend I like to follow. And he reminded me of something that I needed to do. It seems he was reviewing what has been working for him this last year. That is something we all as internet marketers no matter the niche should be doing.

He said ” Like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly things constantly change online.”

That is such a profound but true statement. Sorry Mike, not trying to steal your thunder  but your post really hit home. I wonder how many of us actually look back to see what worked and what didn’t. And then determine what we need to do to make things better.

Maybe it means we need to drop something we thought was a good idea. And go back to the drawing board to come up with new ideas. And the things that did work, why did it work and how can we duplicate that success.

Mike, that’s Mike Paetzold, has said he has created a huge mind map to see what direction he will be following this next year. Could be something to consider doing  or something similar.

But what I really like about his post was that in all of his planning he left out one important piece. The one part of his and our business, especially mine, that is so vital to all of our success. YOU!

So, again taking a line from his post, as I move forward this next year what changes would you like to see made here.

I would appreciate hearing what you have to say so leave a comment below. Maybe we can all make 2011 a better year.