I Love To See All Of The New IM Product Launches

If you are like me I just love to see all of the new internet marketing product launches. And when they come out all at once it can be very exciting and distracting.

It makes you kind of forget just what you were looking for. And with all of the products out there, which one do you really need and how will you use it?

Here are 5 things you should think about when trying to decide whether to purchase that next new product…

1. Step back and take another look. Yes, it it is easy to like shiny new things, I am one of the worse, but determine how it will help you. Unless you have deep pockets all of those shiny things can and will leave you broke. And you won’t have anything to show for it except a debit on your bank statement.

2. Develop a plan of attack. Once you decide to purchase that new thing how will you set it up? And more importantly what will you do with it? Is it another new thing to gather dust on your hard drive? Then maybe what you need is an external drive so all of that stuff you bought can sit there. At least it will leave room on your main computer for something important.

3. Get the best deal. With these launches there are usually affiliates selling their wares or giving away their own products as part of bonus packages. If you can use their link to get some good stuff go ahead, sometimes they may be giving you something that might be better than the launch product, rare but it could happen. But remember to decide if you can use any of the products, you may be able to make something up later, when choosing a link. Do not let the amount of bonuses influence your decision.

4. Consider the upgrade these launches may offer. Nowadays when you purchase a product there will be an upsell to consider. I recently purchased a product, yes I do buy, and the upsell was very intriguing. But I had to decide if I really needed the upgrade right then. Was I going to be using that product right now and get the full effect of what an upgrade would offer. Maybe if I really wanted it but could not use it now I would have to come back later and purchase it at the higher price. But if I was making some money it would not feel as bad when I bought it. You could then feel like you earned it.

5. If you buy it make sure you are going to use it. There are many marketers and affiliates that can tell you about their own customers who have purchased products but did not use them. They probably have shelves of products and the trusty hard drive with tons of stuff on them. I can admit to being like that for a while but I hope to think I have calmed down a little bit.  Now I want to know that I will be using it if I am going to purchase it.

Most honest marketers will offer you a guarantee to make sure it will work for you. But don’t be some shifty con artist just trying to abuse the generosity of some good marketers out there. It makes it bad for all of us and they may not be as generous with those guarantees.

I hope this list will give you something to think about when you are trying to decide on that perfect or must have product that will be coming out on a computer near you. There are a ton more reasons that could be thought of.

When there are only 500 copies it can be tempting to want to go for it. You see I love to see all of the internet marketing product launches. Leave it alone, maybe I saw it first and I want it now. I need something to balance my book shelf.