Whatever Happened To Press Releases?

When I first got started in the world of Internet Marketing we were given a lot of different things that we should do to help out our business. If we wanted to get traffic to our website we should write articles and send them to article directories, send out emails with our autoresponders, meet people so we could have Joint Venture opportunities with them.

And with all that was thrown in to do press releases. But you really don’t hear a lot about them now, well I didn’t until I read an article the other day.

Press releases are very effective in announcing news to the outside media and news world. Most are syndicated by RSS feed to other web sites, blogs and RSS readers.

They are usually shorter and straight to the point making them easier to read and pick out information from than lengthy journals, so people who want to find information for business purposes will find it easier by searching Google news to find the most relevant press release.

Press releases are most effective when they are under 500 words, generally two to three paragraphs, preceded by a clear and attention grabbing headline.

Anytime your story gets picked up by web sites (and in particular news web sites), it creates an inbound link which helps with your site ranking. A few years ago you could almost guarantee a media person would call you if you posted your release in an online newsroom like Prweb.

When your press release resides online, whether it’s through a service like Prweb or you’ve just put the release in the media room on your site, you need to treat this release just like you treat a web site and optimize it using keywords and techniques that are “web friendly”.

For most newbies starting out, if you want to use press releases I would pick some of the free services available. That way you can kind of get a feel for how they work, then when you feel comfortable you can try the paid ones like PRweb. A few things you want to remember are to make sure it is professionally written and you have something newsworthy to say.

There are  many free sites you can use like,, and to name a few. Just do a Google search for free press release sites to find more.

Press Releases are still around and there are still a number of people who use them. I am not one of them but it still looks like something that could help with getting more traffic to your website and that is the name of the game. It may be something I need to try.