PowerStart 2010 Price Increase

I have mentioned the importance of having a mentor and what they can do to help you advance your business. If you find the right one, someone to point you in the right direction and to help you get over that hump it could be a big benefit to you.

In an earlier post , I told you about what having a mentor can do for you.  Well, if this is your year to break out and really get to that next level. Or to even get started and be shown the right way to go, this is your opportunity.

Doug Champigny is ready to be that person for you. Doug has been in the business for a few years and can show you the right way to get set up and going for your online business. He has seen a lot in his years on the Internet and wants to share it with you.

PowerStart 2010 is your chance to aet that business up and going. This is an intense four week training Doug will be doing starting February 1. Each week you will get with others for some real internet training and be given weekly assignments to help online.

This is not for the faint of heart. You will actually be doing that dirty four letter word, WORK. But I know if you are willing to put in the effort you will come out knowing what you want to do and will be shown how to do it.

Monday is the last day to sign up for the February class and to get the discount. The March session will increase by $200. So if ever there was a time you wanted to get into the online world and learn from an experienced Internet Marketer, now is the time to jump in.

Be sure to check out PowerStart 2010 and get some invaluable experience as an Internet Marketer. And learn form one of the best.

PowerStart 2010- The Right Mentoring Program For The New Year

When I first got started in the Internet Marketing field, I thought it would be something I could jump right into and would be making  lots of money. I think we all have at some point thought that it was possible.

Look down a couple of years and countless amounts of money later I realize that there is an awful lot to learn and I have even still more to do.

I struggled because though there was a ton of information out there and believe me I bought a lot of it, there were only instructions on how to use it. Instructions are nice but it really helps if you have someone to really show you what needs to be done.

I have written blog posts about the importance of having someone, a mentor, who has been there and actually knows a little more about how to do things right. There are many out there who may call themselves experts or mentors but some of them have only read those same books as I have and maybe even a few more. They have no or little practical skills.

No, you want someone who knows the ropes, who has gotten down and dirty, to go through some or more of the things you may or will go through.

Well, a good friend and mentor, Doug Champigny, is about to release a mentoring program that fits that bill. As someone who has been in Internet Marketing for a while Doug has seen and experienced most of what you and I are going through. I consider Doug to be one of the “Big Dogs’ when it comes to Internet Marketing and someone who has a few experiences to share. But he is a really down to earth kind of guy.

Doug’s new coaching and mentoring program called, PowerStart 2010, is set to begin February 1st at 7pm EST. From there you will take a 4 week journey into just what is involved to get into Internet Marketing and starting a business online. This is not for the weak or non-action takers. This is intense learning with teleseminars and homework, yes homework, so you can see what this is all about.

If you  can follow directions and are really serious about learning how to get your business set up and running then this could be for you. And if you think this is one of those high priced programs you will be surprised by the cost. Needless to say this one will not last long.

The new year is just a little over a week old so this is the time to now get started on the road to a successful business year. If the desire is there you must have a look at ths program. PowerStart 2010 could be just what you have been looking for.