New Breed Marketer Says Lots Of Good Products To Check Out

New Breed Marketer here again saying there are a lot of good products to check out.

Some of the steady Internet Marketers, those you can count on, came out with some great stuff.

Doug Champigny, Mr. Master PLR Guy, brought us his latest. Using PLR Videos Bundle, is a step by step guide of his teleseminar showing how to turn your PLR Videos into profit making products.

Doug had his teleseminar last month and this bundle consist of audio recordings of the session, the written transcripts of the call and the videos showing how to turn PLR Videos into your own unique products.

You can also use these videos for your other videos you have made or that were made for you.

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Mike Paetzold has released a new e-book where he will walk you through the steps of participating in a giveaway. As you may know a giveaway is one of the easiest ways of starting a list. And giveaways you can get some good Private Label Rights (PLR) products.

Basically you can get some PLR products, change the product a little bit, put your name on it and give it away for someone signing up on your list. I know I am giving you the short version of what to do, but have a look at Mike’s e-book and you will learn the ropes. It is very well written and very clear.

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Liz Tomey, a very fine Internet Marketer in her own right has also come out with a pretty impressive coaching program. Now if you are not familiar with Liz, this is definitely someone you will want to get to know.

This woman really knows how to give back and her coaching could be what you need to get that business moving.

Her program is called 1 In 90. Liz wants to show you how you can get your online business really going well. There are only 350 spots available for this program so get over and check it out now.

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Rumor has it that she will be a guest of Mike on a teleseminar coming out soon. Stay tuned here for more details as they become available.

New Breed Marketer Talks About Using PLR Video Bundle

New Breed Marketer with some instant headlines about “Using PLR Videos Bundle”. Doug Champigny, Mr. Master PLR, has just released his newest PLR Video package. It will show you step by step how to use your PLR Videos to make you more money.

And for those of you who just bought Edmund Loh’s PLRGold Videos this is a perfect tie in to that product.

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Doug has put a lot of time into creating this package and I know it will be a must have product.

Videos are the future in internet marketing. Now you have a chance to get in front of the crowd.

This product will not only teach you how to convert PLR Videos into your own product but will also show you how to edit and compile video for use online.

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There are three parts to this package:

- the audio recording of the recent PLR Video teleseminar

- written transcript of the call in PDF format

- large 800×600 videos with step by step how to videos.

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To Your Success,
New Breed Marketer

P.S. There are No Master Resell Rights Or Private Label Rights to this package. There are still a limited number of Standard Resell Rights licenses. Only 100 will be sold and 26 were pre-ordered. Better hurry as these will not last long. Be sure to check out the site for more information about this product.

An Internet Marketer’s Work Is Never Done

New Breed Marketer here to say an Internet Marketer’s work is never done. Even when you can take time off for family events, vacations or holidays, you are always thinking about that next project. Maybe not consciously but the thought is there.

Even when you do take some time off and you are not planning to “work on the business” today, you might do or see something that puts you back in that mindset. Truly unintentional but it could happen.

I wonder how many Internet Marketers carry a notebook or recorder with them for just such occasions?

This was a very good Thanksgiving holiday spent with family and friends. Much was eaten especially on my part. I hope it was the same for you. I would like to think we all live for our families, to take care of them as needed. Some more than others.

And the economic situation is not going to get any better soon. And Internet Marketing can help fill in those voids. Here is a ready made business opportunity for you to make some extra cash. It has been said that an extra $500 a month can help out a family. It could pay a car note, help with groceries or even provide some extra Christmas spending money.

Here are a few things that can get you started:

- One of the biggest things you need to get started after a website are products. There are a few giveaways going on right now including Santa’s Big Giveaway. You have some good Internet Marketer’s providing some really good Private Label Rights (PLR) products. You ca take some of these, maybe change them around a bit, put your name on them and voila, you have yourself a product.

- Now that you have a product, they say the money is in the list. Boy, now here is your opportunity to participate in one of these giveaways with your own product. And to help you out Mike Paetzold has written an eBook, East Giveaway Plan,  for showing you how to use giveaways to build that list. Now this is not very long but a really good read with valuable tips for getting started.

- I also just found another good site for providing some good PLR. Brad Smith who also does giveaway sites is test out a new way of getting members to a membership site. There is a lot of material there so might be something else for you to check out.

And one last thing to leave you with today. For some of you that were involved in the big PLRGold Videos by Edmund Loh. If you were lucky enough to get in on it, Doug Champigny put on a PLR Video teleseminar in which he told you what and how you could use these videos for your business.

You can still get a copy of that with a standard resell rights license at a reduced price. This will be good until December 2.

Well Doug also has a ebook out now about Podcasting and Vlogging that can be helpful to you as well. But the really big announcement will be coming Wednesday, December 3, about a new product produced from the PLRGold Videos. You know Doug is sometimes called the Master of PLR. I can’t wait to see what he has done.

This is all good stuff that I know can get you started and get you thinking about other ways that Internet Marketing can help you jump start a business online. As I say an Internet Marketer’s work is never done.

Procrastination- The Enemy Of An Internet Marketer

The New Breed Marketer with some rambling Sunday thoughts. Did you know that procrastination is the enemy of an Internet Marketer? Yes, that one word can defeat you if you let it. But, what is procrastination? Most people know procrastination as the act of putting off an action or task until a later time. It is usually associated with some type of stressful situation and can lead to a lack of productivity. You might associate it with that paper you had to write in school but you just kept putting it off until the last minute.

In the field of Internet Marketing low or no productivity is bad. Really bad. There are two ways to look at IM, as a hobby or as a business. If you plan on making this a business you can not afford to not be busy. You have to push yourself to perform. But there are ways to get help.

Get a mentor. This is someone in the field who knows what you may be going through. Someone who is actually doing what you want to do. Maybe they can give you a plan, a blueprint of what actions you need to get done. If needed it could even be a step by step plan to get you started. Better to get with someone who has the experience and is doing it now.

There are also forums that you could check out for help. Maybe you are just stuck on one particular issue like graphics for your site, needing a website built for you, content for your website or even a product to get you going. A couple of forums you can check out might be the Warrior Forum or Digital Point Forum. I am sure you can find someone who could provide the services you need. There are many others, just Google forums to find more.

Another great source could be a friend or colleague who might also be into IM. If they can’t help you maybe they might know someone who can. If they are into the business I am sure they may know how you can get back on track. Maybe you might find out that they need some help also and you two can work together. That is a very common practice in this field.

A good way to get some needed products if you don’t have anything are giveaways. Right now you are really lucky. There are a number of giveaways going on. They include the Thanksgiving Giveaway 2008 which will be running until November 27th. Also going on at the same time is Santa’s Big Giveaway which will be running until December 31st. A number of Internet Marketers have gotten together and are offering Private Label Rights (PLR) products.

PLR products are a great way for you to pick up some items that you might want to use for yourself. It is also a way to actually see what others are offering and might give you some ideas on how to get started. Usually with PLR you can do just about anything with it. Just read the license agreement to see what you can or can’t do.

Procrastination can be the enemy of an Internet Marketer. But it does not have to be. There are a lot of different outlets that you have that you may not even be aware of. Take the time to check them out. It could get you going in the right direction on fulfilling your dream in the IM world. The journey will not be easy but can be quite rewarding.

Use Giveaways To Build Your List

New Breed Marketer here again. So, just how do we use giveaways to build your list? The last time we talked about how giveaways will be coming soon and they are a great way for you to get your list going. This is something we all should constantly be working on.

Typically in a giveaway you have people who come looking for bargains and good products they can get. And usually there is no cost for these items. Normally the will come in the form of Private Label Rights (PLR). PLR can come in the form of ebooks, article and software in general. Now those these products are at no cost that does not mean that they are inferior products. These products are usually from some of the better marketers and they would not want to risk there reputation putting out junk.

Now there is a trade off with these products. usually you will have to give a valid name and email address to get the product. Now that name and address will go into something called an autoresponder. No, nothing dangerous or anything like that. It gathers names and email addresses and allows the person who you signed up with. This allows them to send you email messages from time to time, no not spam, to keep you informed about what the latest gadgets and other pertinent information might be.

On average I have heard that a good list can bring in about $1 per person. Some may say it could be higher. Now remember that is an average. May not sound like much right now but think as your list grows that could turn out to be quite nice. I have heard of some marketers with lists in the tens of thousands. Pretty awesome indeed.

And where did these marketers get there products. I would venture to say that most may have used giveaways to gather those products, PLR, make them into their own product and turn around and offer them in a giveaway. Now you will probably down the road develop your own products but if you need to get started, what better way.

Now there a couple of really big and really good giveaways about to happen within the next week. First up you have the Thanksgiving Giveaway 2008. This will take place November 17-27. Next up on the heels of that one is Santa’s Bigtime Giveaway which starts November 20-December 31. Both of these will be really a good opportunity for you to get the goods and discover what the world of Internet Marketing can be. You should get over there and sign up right now as a contributor if you are ready or as a participant to pick up some great stuff.

You can discover how to use giveaways to build your list. You will find some things in these giveaways that are really nice things to have on your computer. But do not let them gather dust in the computer graveyard. More on that later. remember to get over there right now to each of those giveaways and sign up now.

New Breed Marketer

P.S. If you are looking for a gift you might want to get ready to contribute this is the last weekend for Doug Champigny’s Christmas PLR Pack with four products you can make into your own to contribute to the giveaways. These products are Unrestricted meaning you can do whatever you wish to them. By the way this ends this coming Sunday. Check it out.

P.S.S. And if you need help on learning how to use these or any PLR you might grab be sure to check out Doug’s PLR Tutorial Videos, which will walk you through how to set this up.

New Giveaways Upcoming To Help You Grow Your List

Hello all, The New Breed Marketer here with a couple of fast approaching giveaways to tell you about. This will be one of the best ways for you to get some free products. And I don’ mean just run of the mill stuff, these are some really nice products so you should check them out. This could also help you to get your list building skills started.

Now If you are a newbie a giveaway event is a great way to get your business off to a rockin start. There will be a number of the top marketers who will put up one of their products to giveaway. Most will be Private Label Rights(PLR) in the form of ebooks, articles and maybe even software. Most of it will be unrestricted meaning you can do just about anything you want with it. Basically you can do What you want with the product but before you do be sure to read the instructions as their may be some restrictions that apply. Needless to say if you have no product or have no idea for a product this is your chance.

And for you more advanced marketers I am sure you have been through a few of these so you know what good stuff you will find. You may even be ready to put one of you products in the giveaway. So, you know there will be lots of people there who will be downloading lots of PLR. And if you are like me the first time I bet you tried to download everything that was offered.

Great tip for newbie and experienced marketers. Take a look at what everyone will be offering and then download what you think you can use first. That way you get the things you need and then if you have time you can go back and get the things you want. Some newbies may ask why and I will tell you to talk to any marketer with just a little experience and ask them if they have any giveaway or PLR content just sitting on their computer and gathering dust from not being used.

I am sure you have heard that the money is in your list. Well, you could take one of the products, set it up with a squeeze page, give it away and watch your list grow. Giveaways are one of the best opportunities in which you can build that list. Stay with me and I will be explaining how this is done later.

Okay with that being said here we go with the giveaways:

- First up is the Thanksgiving Giveaway 2008 which starts November 17 at 8am and ends on November 27 at 8pm

- Then the Santa Big Giveaway starts November 20 at 1pm and ends December 31 at 1pm.

Both of these will be really gig events. Who is to say that you find something you like and you set it up to participate in these giveaways. Maybe I will see you there.

Until next time,
New Breed Marketer

P. S. When you get these PLR products and you want to know how to set them up to run smoothly and effectively here are some outstanding PLR Tutorial Videos that will talk you all the way through from creation to final product. Check these videos out, you will be glad you did.

Sunday Thoughts

I have just finished reading some really good blog post that I think should be shared with everyone. These were from some team members which got me to think and evaluate just where I am going and how do I get there.

One was from Mike Paetzold, which talked about being focused with your business. I think we could all apply this to about anything that we do in our lives. To have a clear picture of what we want to do will keep us going forward and hopefully not get distracted. There are so many obstacles out there that can keep us from that task. I know there will be things to do that but try to maintain that focus and get those task completed.

Joel Osborne, also presented an article about profiting from the election. In it he asked some very interesting questions, who are your customers and how do you get your message out to them, what are there wants and needs, how can you accommodate them and a few other thought provoking questions. i think he is also right on the money with that. We may not know where our economy and country will be going but we do not want to react, let’s be proactive in how we think and approach our customers..

Sometimes as Internet Marketers I think we may lose sight as to who we serve. I urge you to take a look at both of these post. Hopefully they will be thought provoking. Let me know your thoughts.


P. S. There are still a few hours left to register for Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc’s PLRGold Video training being hosted by Doug Champigny, scheduled for Wed, November 12. You can get the details HERE. You do not want to miss this.

P. S. S. If you still want to make some money for those extra Christmas gifts time is running out on the Unrestrictes PLR Christmas package. It will be pulled on November 16th, not to be seen again until October next year. You can get it HERE.

New Breed Marketer Says PLRGold Videos Price Will Double Tomorrow

This is the New Breed Marketer giving you heads up that the price for the PLRGold Videos will be doubling tomorrow at 8am. If you are on the fence at all about purchasing these plr videos now is the time. Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc have put together a well thought out package that can get you started in the field of Video Marketing. There have been rave reviews about this product and sales have been brisk.

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You do not want to be saying to yourself later on that I should have gotten that package when it first came out. I can not tell you how many times when I have waited to purchase something and have come back to find out it was gone or had increased in price. Has that ever happened to you? Don’t let this be one of those times.

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Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a complete newbie these will work for you. This is one of the best packages for plr videos that has come out this year. You will be glad you picked this up. Remember, the PLRGold Videos are hot right now and they will be doubling in price tomorrow at 8am. Don’t say the New Breed Marketer didn’t warn you.


P. S. And after you have purchased the plr videos one of the top PLR experts, Doug Champigny, is having a training session next Wednesday night, November 12th. Doug will talk you through what you can do with your PLRGold Videos package. If you are going to use them might as well do it right. Doug is limiting this to 100 people and there are still some spots available. Again I say you have been warned, only 100 spots. You can get information about this HERE. But hurry or everyone will get their products out before you. See you on the call.