New Blogging Basics For Success PLR Report

After being quiet for the Thanksgiving holiday, Nicole and the gang are back at it at Easy PLR. If you have not been there this is an excellent site for getting some really good PLR articles and reports.

The Blogging Basics for Success could be just what you need to get that blogging you had planned on doing moving along. In this report you will learn some things to clear up the process and get you moving. here is an outline of what is available:

1. Introduction
2. What’s the Big Deal about Blogs?
3. Selecting Your Blog Platform
4. Blogging Goals
5. 25 Ideas for Great Blog Posts
6. Promoting Your Blog Online
7. Promoting Your Blog Offline
8. Easy Ways to Find Followers
9. Making Money with Your Blog
10. Troubleshooting Your Blog
11. Writing for Other People’s Blogs
12. Conclusion

This report covers a couple of key questions you need to ask before you get statrted with your blogging:

1. Why are you blogging?
2. How often are you willing to blog

Definitely two important questions that can help you as you begin your blogging. Blogging Basics for Success PLR Report could be just what you have been waiting for to begin your blog. Nicole writes on some good topics and with there only being 100 copies being sold this won’t last long. Could be a great read for you at only 22 pages so be sure you check it out, Blogging Basics for Success PLR Report.

And if I didn’t get a chance I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I must say I ate probably more than I should so i am paying for it now. but all is good. Be sure you check out that report.

3 Key Ingredients To Making Your PLR Report Or Ebook Stand Out

Sometimes when you are trying to come up with an idea for a product it can be a frustrating experience. Maybe you don’t have the ability, confidence or time that it could take. Then another option for you is to have an ebook or report written for you by a ghostwriter, but that costs money that you might not have. Using PLR reports and ebooks could be an option.

Even though PLR reports and ebooks can be a cheaper option, you can not just stick your name on them with your for sale sign. Try making the following changes to create a great product you will be happy to sell and customers will be happy to buy.

1. Get Some new graphics done.
You would be surprised but people do remember when they have seen a product before. And once they have had a look at it they will realize it is the same PLR product other people are selling. No one wants to develop a reputation of selling the same PLR everyone else is selling. You want something that is unique to you. You want others to think of you as an awesome product creator who puts out quality products.

2. Add some extra value to the PLR report or ebook.
Just don’t think you can get away with just changing the title and graphics either. People will buy the product and figure out that they have bought this product before and it is exactly the same thing except for the cover and title. They might feel tricked and you had better believe that your reputation will take a beating. One important thing you can do with PLR is add value. Try explaining that bullet point in more detail, add some extra bullet points, add some extra examples or stories to illustrate your points, try adding some case studies, do a few screenshots and anything else that will give it a little more of your personality. You can come up with lots more information while changing things to fit your style.

3. Add some additional links.
What were your intial reasons for purchasing that PLR? You had some plans for it, right? That PLR report is not for just something to give away to your list, you can make it do double duty. Try adding some links in the body of it to promote products – yours or affiliates. Don’t just end it with a conclusion; point it to something else. For example, that report on puppies might end with an introduction to your dog training affiliate link or your dog training membership site. Look at the bigger picture, past the PLR you now hold in your virtual hands.

Many marketers are aware that PLR reports and ebooks are a great way to get started in internet marketing. It is quicker and easier to change PLR to fit your style instead of trying to create a product yourself. Many a guru got their start with PLR. They realize the power of PLR and some still use it as their successful business model.

So try these three changes; getting new graphics, adding value and adding your links. It will put you on your way to having your name on a product that is packed with value and it could help you change your financial future.