7 Super Tips On Using PLR Articles

Are you using PLR? You do know it can cut down your time for producing an article? By doing this you are adding more content to your site more often. This could lead to higher search engine ranking. After all we know the search engines like continuous fresh content. This can also lead to more people to notice your site and may brand you as an expert. And this could lead to more traffic and sales.

Here are 7 tips on using PLR articles:

1. Even though you don’t have to rewrite your PLR, doing so will make it more original and you can add your own keywords. You can also add additional affiliate product links which could lead you to make more money from the articles/blog posts.

2. Be sure you know what you are going to use it for. If you purchase it and store it on your computer it could get lost and forgotten. You might get that nagging feeling that you need to do something with it. Try looking for your PLR with a purpose in mind. Think about checking out your favorite PLR writers to see what they have out right now. Better still, why not get on their mailing list so you will always know what they have coming out.

3. Your PLR can be spread out out a long way. Your 5-600 word article could be broken down into 2 or 3 articles for your blog and emails.

4. You might think about adding more to the article. For example this article you are reading right now, you could expand on all of the 7 tips by giving further explanations and/or examples. This could lead to you having a short report or and article you could make into 2-3 aticles.

5. Be sure to put lots of white space in your article. Even though your English teacher may not agree, shorter paragraphs are the boss for online marketing. Your readers may not have much time to read your article so you have to make it easy on their eyes. People want to be informed and entertained in smaller doses, not feel like they are reading a textbook in school.

6. Be sure you change that original title because other people are also using that same PLR and they will not bother to change that title. You want to sound original. Besides, you need to put your keywords in the title to get you more traffic.

7. You don’t have to spend a lot of time rewriting. If you start with a quality PLR product there should be no need to re-do the whole thing. The main reason you are using PLR is because the research has already been done for you. And besides it is quicker than writing an article from scratch.

Using good PLR will give you an advantage, less work and time involved than writing your own article. It ‘s also a lot cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter to write your articles and blog posts. The more articles you put to good use, the faster you can grow your online business.