Try These Outsourcing Tips For Internet Marketers

I don’t know how many times I have heard that as an Internet Marketer you need to outsource your work. It is pretty easy to see why outsourcing would give you a better use of your time – it would allow you to spend less time on the easy time-consuming duties and those tasks you are not as familiar with or good at.

Finding someone who can do it better and/or faster can free you up to manage your business. If not, then you have to spend so much more time working in your business that it makes it hard to plan out what you want to do in the future for your business and makes it difficult to grow because you can only do so much in a 24 hour period.

As an example how about you are making that pretty heading for your blog which could take you hours when you could pay someone a nominal fee to create one for you much quicker and probably more professionally.

Take a look at these outsourcing tips and see if they can help:

1. Get some samples of the outsourcer’s work. Say you want to hire a ghostwriter, you would want to have a look at their work to make sure it meets your standards. You might even ask for a sample of their work.

2. If you are hiring someone off of a job board, be sure you look at their feedback or ratings. If you are hiring them from a forum, you should be able to do a search of their name and look for positive or negative comments about their work.

3. Be sure to give detailed instructions as to what you want. If you are not specific, they might make assumptions about your request. It may involve a lot more work upfront, but maybe you can make a training video to show what you have in mind. This will work well especially if it is a task that you will need done again and again, and you might be asking different freelancers to do it.

4. Always stay up with the communication. You can not just assume they are working on it behind the scenes, be sure to check in with them on a regular basis and ask them if they have any questions or need clarification. Make sure you remind them of the deadline for completion. You can also ask for a progress report on the bigger projects.

5. Be sure you tip them. If they do a good job, let them know it. By tipping them you may ensure that, even when they have other jobs, they will put you at the top of their list when you have a new request.

6. Try starting with small projects for your freelancer, kind of like a probationary period. Why not try giving the same project to several possible freelancers and see which one stands out for you.

7. Most freelancers will need regular work so give yours some idea of how often you will be giving them projects. Even when you are between projects, keep in touch and let them know when they might expect the next job to be sent their way.

Always remember that they are not your employees but independent contractors. They can work for whomever they please and if you need them to continue working with you, give them detailed instructions, give them praise and don’t forget to tip!