A New Day For America

Yes, the election is over and I guess the better man won. I was not a big Obama fan and I actually use to like McCain before he became a candidate for president. I take that back, I still like McCain, just the man who made the concession speech last night. I think that was the more sincere guy.

I am neither a Democrat or Republican. I am an Independent. I would like to think that there would be a candidate that all the people could support. The winner of these elections is not the leader of one party, he is the leader of our country. He or she has to lead us all. That’s right I did say she. It will happen one day, I just hope we will elect someone who can lead us as one nation.

I find it rather ironic that we were so ready and eager to pick someone eight years ago to lead us who had no experience accept that of being a governor. We had some good years but overall are you as proud of the pick now as you were then. Are you better off now than you were eight years ago. Obviously there are some people out there that do not think so.

Me, I am willing to give the new president elect a chance to show us if he can be the one. The ONE to lead our country back to being the great nation that we are. And all those out there to not even be willing to give him a chance, I have to question you. Are all of the people that voted for this person so wrong? I dare say they would say the same about you and you choice for the last eight years.

The divisiveness in this country has got to end. Where do you say we should start. if you are not willing to at least give the president-elect a chance to prove to you he is worthwhile then we will fail in our ideals of what made this country great.

Congratulations Barack Obama, I am willing to give you a chance.

God Bless America
Andre Arnett

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