Why Do You Want OTOs, UpSells, Downsells And Backends

You may look at OTOs, upsells and downsells as being really complicated if you have not done them before, but as an online marketer you should consider incorporating some combination of them. Why? Because they will help you to earn more money than you would with your initial product by itself. Look at it like this… while you are setting up to promote and sell one product, why not try to offer three products to the same number of people with just a little extra work. Rather than just make $17 x 100 people, you could also make $97 x 100 people on your upsell, or $47 x 100 on your downsell, or any combination.

One time offers are usually offered between the order page and product download page. They are normally an offer for a product at a discounted price and they should truly be a one time offer. For that discount in the one time offer to be seen later would certainly hurt you credibility with your clients.

- Upsell
When you make a sell to your customer, you immediately offer them an upsell. It should be a related product and often at a higher price but that price can be higher or lower than the original product your customer purchased. Try offering PLR rights as an upsell, or a membership site that will give them more of the same product as they just purchased. It is usually considered the time right after the initial sale is the best time to sell another product to your  customer; as that way they get to skip buyer’s remorse.

- Downsell
A downsell is when you offer a less expensive product after your customer has said no to your original upsell. This should be presented immediately after the upsell is declined and many times it can be a scaled-down version of the upsell product. You could offer the PDF without the accompanying videos, or maybe the videos without the written transcripts. And you might not want the downsell to be the exact same offer as your upsell at a lower price!

- Backend
Now when a marketer talks about their backend, you can be sure they are not talking about the part of their body they sit on. :) That is a marketing term they are using that means anything you sell to your customers, after your customers have have bought and entered your sales funnel. It is true that if you have sold them a valuable product, your customers are more likely to buy from you again. Hopefully you have put them on your list and have carefully created a plan to send them helpful information as well as recommendations for your other products, services or affiliate products that are in the same niche.

You just have to remember that while it might be more work to initially set up upsells, downsells and the like, you can believe they will work on auto-pilot, continually making you more money than you might have with just the initial product you are selling.