Using An Opt-In Email Campaign Effectively

Just how successful is your opt-in email campaign? You will find quite a few strategies that will work. But, you usually have one common question that is always asked: Which is more important, the sale or the opt-in?

It is common knowledge that unless you have a killer product that everyone needs, the majority of people will not buy from you on the first contact. It can take as many as seven interactions before they decide you are trustworthy enough to purchase from. So, for that very reason, you will probably want to concentrate more on getting them on your list first.

So what methods do you use to get people to join your list and get them to become buying customers? Here are a couple of tips that just might work for you:

1. Do you have a squeeze page setup?

When you have an opt-in page then only your most serious customers will see what you offer on your sales page. There are usually two camps on this, but using a double opt-in will not hurt your conversion rates. I prefer a double opt-in as it can cause less conflict when you send out emails.

One of the problems with putting the opt-in form on the sales page is it really does not require anyone to sign up for your list. Thus, you tend to lose many of your potential subscribers. Remember, most people will only buy from you until after you have made multiple contacts with them. You could actually be leaving money on the table.

Then, a key component of your setup is to test many different formats and see which one will actually work best. One of my colleages is a hardy proponent of testing and I can see why. When you see which format will get you the best response then that might be the one to keep. After that is established then you can set your sites on driving lots of traffic.

Concentrate on convertingyour subscribers first and then move on to traffic. There are a lot of people that do it in reverse order and though it is not wrong, I tend to find that it is not as successful.

2. Deliver quality content

It is definitely not enough just to get people on your list. You must be sure you are using an effective autoresponder. To say it another way, you want one that can convert your prospects into buying customers.

How can you go about making this happen?

One very popular method of achieving this is what is known as an “ethical bribe”, that is, you have to give something away for free. Maybe you have seven easy steps for your customer to get something that they might desire. What if you give away one or two of the steps for free and then the rest can be a part of the product you want to sell.

Now for sure that may only work for an information product. But, if you put your focus on educating your customers, it can lead to profits as your results.

Show your generosity. There are a lot of people who hate to share information for free. They figure that if they do then people will not be interested in buying from them.

But, the more you can offer free value, the more you will tend to whet your customers’ appetite for that particular paid product. If they have taken action and see that the first few steps have worked well for them then they will be more than willing for the rest of the story. But, if you are not getting any positive results from the free information you distributed, they certainly will not be motivated to want to buy the paid product.

There is most likely absolutely nothing better you can do with regard to your own business than have a good auto-responder. Put into action these two tips, and you will see excellent results soon.

I use Aweber as my autoresponder and have not had any problems with their service. And from people I know who have had issues with them, they have said the response to fix the problem has been fast and thorough.

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