Online Reviews Can Influence Consumers

Consumers have a way of using the internet for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons people want to get online is to research a potential purchase. usually if they are looking for a specific product they could be ready for a purchase. It’s an effective and efficient way to get all the facts before you visit a store to buy. Online reviews can play an important role in the research process.

What Is an Online Review?

An online review is quite simply a summary and opinion of a product or service. Like a movie review, a product or service review generally follows a basic structure. It might begin with a summary of the product. Then it may describe who the product or service is designed for, and the primary problem the product or service solves.

The review structure can then offer the main features and benefits of the product. It can also take a pros and cons format. Finally, the review may end with a summary and a recap of the benefits. It may also at this point include the price, where the item can be found and a link to the business website. If the review is pre-selling a product, it then includes a call to action with a link to the sales page.

Credibility Matters

When you’re searching online for information about a product or service, you’re looking for a few things. You are searching for the facts. You’re looking for price, data and features. And whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re looking for justification for your purchase. You’re trying find information that will reinforce a decision to purchase.

This is usually the case even if you’re comparing a few products or services. You’re looking for some honest feedback about the products and services as well as a comparison of the features. Reviews from respected and trusted sources can help a person make a critical buying decision. They add credibility to the product or service you may be considering.

Features and Benefits

You might make an assumption that most people focus on the features when they’re reading a review. And while this is partially true, they are actually more interested in how the product or service is going to solve their problem. They’re searching for benefits. People buy for emotional reasons and confirm their buying decision based on logic. When a review they read appeals to both the emotions and the logic, it has accomplished its job.

When you are an online marketer, reviews can be a powerful tool. They offer true value to your visitors and prospects. They can help drive traffic to your website. Additionally, they will help you pre-sell products or services. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, have a joint venture with another online business or you’re selling your own products or services, reviews can assist you increasing your business.

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