How You Can Increase Your Online Influence

Your online influence is the power you have to affect others. The more influence you have, the more you can sway people. You can direct their attention to your business, to events or to websites. You can influence their decision to buy. However, boosting online influence takes a strategic plan and commitment. Here’s how to boost your online influence for more business profits and success.

#1 Create a strong brand personality

Your influence is affected by your personality. The stronger your personal brand and identity, the more power you will have to influence your followers. Actually, the stronger your personal brand, the more followers you’ll have. If you don’t have a strong personal brand, spend time cultivating one. Make sure your personality comes through every communication you have. That means email messages, autoresponders, social networking, marketing messages and content all communicate a consistent personality.

#2 Get involved

The only way to boost your online influence is to get involved online. In addition to publishing content on your blog and responding to comments, participate in social networking. Social networking is a powerful way to boost your online influence. Share your opinions – often. Offer advice, information and ideas. Contribute to conversations.

Comment on blogs, participate in industry forums. Join social networking sites and interact. The more involved you are online, the more influence you’ll have.

#3 Publish

People who are published have online influence. This is because they’ve established themselves as experts. Publish e-books, reports and articles often. The more you publish, the more people will recognize you as an expert. They’ll trust your opinion and follow your advice.

#4 Teach and share

Finally, when you share your knowledge with the online community you gain influence. Host workshops and seminars. Give talks, interviews and speeches. Establish yourself as someone who not only knows a lot about their industry but is also excited to share knowledge.

Make sure the online community is aware of your teachings and knowledge. Tell others where and when you’ll be speaking. Motivate them to participate and spread the word. The larger your community, the more influence you’ll have.

Boosting your online influence takes a strategic plan. Create and communicate your brand personality. Publish and get involved. Share your knowledge and experience with others and become an active participant online. Put yourself out there as a credible expert and others will follow.

Always use your influence wisely. If you mislead your audience, you’ll lose influence over them and it’ll be difficult to regain it. To your success!