Have You Tried Omgili For Choosing A Niche

There are usually a myriad of things to consider when trying to find a niche. Most people will find that trying to find a niche of interest to them might be a good place to start. Otherwise they might get bored trying something of no interest to them, and it might be to painful to continuously write blog posts, reviews and articles about the subject. Many other people will find it doesn’t matter whether they like the topic because they outsource all aspects of the blogging and other writing.

What should be of more importance to anyone searching for a new niche is whether it is a topic that is being searched for and if there is money to be made in it.

Of course it may seem simplistic to say, if you find a niche idea that a lot of people are searching for and history has shown they’ve paid money in that niche to help solve a problem, you have found a niche you can make money in.

One way I have found to search for niches and get a pulse of what people/consumers are looking for is with Omgili, The basic idea with Omgili is to “find out what people are saying”, and they give you different options for doing it.

You might want to pull up the home page so you can follow along with what I’m saying here.

Hot Topics
At the bottom of the page you’ll see Hot Topics, which is in a cloud-type format.  That means the more people search on the topic, the bigger the print will be for that topic.  If you’re looking to cash in on the newest fad or latest breaking news, this is where you will look.

Click on the buzzzz link, or, and check out what is being discussed.  They’re divided out into Popular Topics, Popular Movies, Popular Products, Popular Headlines, and Popular Videos.  You can check the past 24 hours, past week, past month, and all time.  What’s nice is that it’s updated hourly by analyzing the content of online discussion sites.

A really cool feature on the buzz page is the Omgili graph. There you will be able to compare three words or phrases at a time and see what the buzz percentage is. The higher on the graph, the better. This is an awesome tool if you are trying to find a sub-niche or narrow down some topic ideas.

For instance, if you are thinking along the lines of “dogs” as a broad subject, you can check how the sub-niches look comparing “dog training”, “puppy potty training”, and “dog barking”. You could also hover over the circles on the graph and find out how many discussions were going on using the phrase for that particular day.

And just as a word of warning- you can waste a lot of time looking up your name and comparing it to other marketer’s names. :)

Reviews Let’s suppose you want to set up a site to sell an affiliate product. Even before you do that, check Omgili’s review page and find out what other people are saying about the product. You will be able to see the number of total reviews, whether they are good, bad or so-so, and you can click to read them if you want. These reviews are not from all over the web; they are from a few places like,, etc.

You will find the review page is very helpful for checking out how consumers feel about the latest and greatest products.

The Omgili stream is exactly what you would think – real-time streams or discussions about the topic, phrase, or keywords you plug in.  You can also further break it down to just the Twitter stream or other filters you choose.  You can even check out the buzz graph.  This page constantly updates in real-time so you can leave it open while you’re working on something else and periodically come back to it to see what’s new.

There are also other pages on Omgili that can be helpful in finding out information about your possible niche:

Search – Like Google search but it shows only the discussions going on for your search terms.

Q&A – Ask on Yedda; similar to Yahoo Answers.

Directory – A communities index.

You will find lots of other similar sites like Omgili. It is just another of the places you should check out when you are trying to come up with ideas for a niche or when you want to do further research on a niche subject you have already chosen.