How To Prepare For Your Opt-In Newsletter

As you’re trying to figure out what you can send to people in exchange for their email address, give some thought to doing a newsletter. People in your niche might like the idea of opting in to your list in order to get more information from you, an expert, in this niche.

A newsletter can turn out to be a great vehicle for delivering information to your subscribers because not only can you give them quality tips and advice, you can also send promotions for your own products and affiliate products.

This may lead to some questions though… How often should I send it? How much work is it? What should be in it? Will I run out of things to say?

Always keep in mind that you want to send out helpful info so that you can establish a relationship of trust and showcase your “expert” status. those two things will encourage people to buy from you.

Once you have your ideas in mind you might be feeling gung-ho about your newsletter and you may want to send it out once a week. That may happen eventually but be realistic. You have a lot of other stuff to do to run your business and unless you’re going to outsource the whole thing, you will be creating a lot of stress for yourself. A more realistic goal in the beginning is once to month.

You can bet that your first newsletter will take you the longest to prepare as you try to figure out what you want in it. Try to establish a format that you can follow with each newsletter. To decide on your format, take a look at some of the newsletters you like to read and take note of their structure.

Your newsletter should be short and jam packed with useful info. Your reader will unsubscribe if your newsletters are long, drawn out and full of fluff.

Here are a some great ideas for a newsletter:

1. How about a monthly top ten list.
Something like top 10 favorites, top 10 mistakes, top 10 resources, top 10 tools, top 10 blogs, you get the idea. Remember you are the expert and they want to know your opinion. Plus, top 10s are fairly easy to put together. Just watch David Letterman to see how popular they are.

2. Set up a tip of the month.
Try to make it something extra special like a secret about something to do with the niche that not many people know. This could be your chance to show your stuff.

3. Explain how to do something.
People love checklists, action plans or blueprints. You could explain how you do something or the best way to do it. Your readers will thank you and ask for more.

4. Try answering a reader’s question.
You will have people emailing you with questions about anything to do with your niche, You could answer all of the questions individually but how about picking a couple to answer in the newsletter each week.

Try this as an example of the structure of one of the newsletters I subscribe to:

  • A short personal note
  • The latest industry news – try to limit to three items
  • A link to his short blog post (brings readers to the blog where they may purchase something or click on an ad)
  • A secret industry tip
  • A plug for a product (two if one is a freebie)
  • Reader Q and A
  • A wrap up and request for feedback

Getting started with a newsletter can be a great way to build your list, establish trust with your readers and have you being seen as a niche expert. Of course the first newsletter will be the hardest, trying to establish what you want to say. But after that you will have your template in place and eventually you may be able to outsource the whole thing.

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