How To Get Yourself Motivated

There are times when you find yourself sitting in front of that computer and stare at it blankly. It feels like your brain has turned to mush and you can not remember any of the million things you want or need to get done. I know, let’s just get on Facebook or Twitter, or play a game of Spider Solitaire first and then maybe we can get that brain back into gear. Presto, that two hour window you set aside to work has just gone out the window.

And then there are the times you sit in front of that screen with hatred. Just one more minute of work and your brain will explode or maybe you might leave some snide comment on the forum that you will regret later on.

So what do you do? With either of the situations mentioned you could just be suffering from a serious lack of focus and motivation. Okay, it is time to motivate yourself. Now, we all know that everyone is different and what motivates me might not motivate you and of course, what motivates you right now might not motivate you in three months. try these suggestions to help get that fire lit under your rearend when you need it.

1. Why not set a big 30 day goal for yourself that will require daily and weekly mini-goals. Success at the end means more income for you and/or lessons learned on how to achieve the goal in an easier or more direct route. You should be able to accomplish what you originally did in 30 days in a lot less time next time because you will have figured out shortcuts and build templates so you do not have to do it again from scratch.

Some example are -
* Starting a new niche site each week.
* Adding fresh content to your blog daily for a month.
* Writing a guest blog post twice a week.

2. Try creating a contest for you and others.
This is similar as above, but you get others involved to share the goal with you. The big benefits to this is you will be held accountable by others and you will be building name recognition.

Ideas for this are -
* Try writing on article per day for 30 days and post any increases in your opt-ins, sales and ad revenue.
* You could create a product from scratch by interviewing others in your niche. Create a page where all new products can be shown upon completion after the 30 days.

3. Watch and record a TV special about an area you would like to visit.
You can watch this special every time you find yourself straying from the path. The show will remind you that to get to “c”, you have to do “a” and “b” first.

3. Create a dream board.
Put up some pictures of things you would like to be surrounded with in your life. There could be pictures of a tropical beach or a beautiful home, or pictures of a stay-at-mom or dad and a person who works with kids or a charity. I am sure there are pictures that can get you dreaming and your motor running that you can put on that board.

4. Take time away.
There are truly times we get so busy we never take a step back and look at the big picture. Give your self an afternoon off and grab a notepad and your dog and go for a hike. Give your plan some thought, what is working and and what is not, what is your biggest headache, etc…, while you are walking and you’ll be surprised at what comes to your mind. Jot down some notes when you stop for a break.

There are a lot of different things that motivate us at different times. If at any time you find your self lacking motivation, consider some of these ideas to get you back on track.