Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Getting high conversion rates is often an incremental process. You start with a sales letter that converts at just 0.2%; then through incremental adjustments, experimentation and testing you gradually inch that up to 1%, 2% or even as high as 8% as some industry leaders claim.

Here are a few strategies you can use to increase your conversion rate.

=> Experiment with Multimedia

There are a few forms of multimedia that have a very good shot of increasing your conversion.

First is the sales video. In general, having a video play automatically when they land on your page will increase conversions, provided the video is a good one.

The video should explain the problem clearly and explain why your product is unique in being able to help your visitor.

The video could actually be you, talking to the camera, or it could be a graphical demonstration. It could even be an animation.

Another kind of multimedia that works very well is having a “salesperson” walk onto the screen and explain the benefits of the product. This is done through Flash. Generally, you’ll need to hire an outside firm to read the sales script and create the Flash animation, which could cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000.

=> Build a Newsletter

If you aren’t already building a newsletter, you’re missing out on perhaps the easiest way to increase your conversion rate.

Selling over time is far, far more effective than selling just once. Build a newsletter, provide real value to cultivate customer loyalty and sell your products repeatedly over time.

=> Split Testing

You’ll want to split test just about everything on your site on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, however, is split testing everything that’s above the fold.

Anything above the fold, including the headline, the pictures by the headline, the layout, the banner, etc. all need to be tested.

Test both your email capture page and your sales page. In fact, often times testing your email capture page will have a larger influence on your bottom line than your sales pages.

Test as much as you can, with getting enough traffic to get statistically significant data as your only barrier.

=> Brand Building

One often overlooked method of increasing conversions is building your brand.

Why is it that people would rather buy a book from than any other source online, even if the price is cheaper?

It’s because of’s brand. People know that when they buy from Amazon, they’ll be taken care of. The same can’t be said of some other online bookstores.

This principle applies in all kinds markets. Names of great websites, products and teachers spread through the grapevine in an industry.

If someone’s already heard about your product, your conversion rate will be much, much higher.

Don’t just look at conversions in terms of statistics. Building your name in an industry by speaking at conferences, doing joint venture deals, being in other people’s products and just constantly being a figure in the industry can go a long way towards increasing your conversions.

These are a few powerful strategies for increasing your conversions. With proper testing and experimentation, your conversions can and will rise. Many of the most lucrative websites on the internet required extensive testing before they became what they are today.

Do You Walk The Walk And Talk The Talk?

Isn’t it amazing when you find some of those internet marketers that don’t practice what they preach? You hear them going on and on with what sounds like some good advice and then when you check them out they are not following that business model or the best practices they are praising. I have to step back some time to make sure I am not following this course. Do I walk the walk and talk the talk?

Here are some examples:

They say… Don’t send your list promotion after promotion.

They do… What else, promotion after promotion. And you don’t even have to bother opening their email after awhile, you know what is there. How about another promotion for their buddies new product.

People like to get good meaty content which you should do on a regular basis and from time to time throw in some promotions.


They say… You should be blogging on a regular basis to build your brand.

They do… Not keep up with their blogging. Could they be to busy? Is this blogging a really good business model?

Blogging is a great platform for building that brand. by providing information that can show you as an expert and doing it in ways to bring out your personality. People are really appreciative of that and will not only follow you but buy your products and listen to your recommendations. This is a great place to sell affiliate products, give them honest product reviews and show that personal side of you.


They say… Use article marketing to drive traffic to your site.

They do… No article marketing.

Now, some of them may do some article marketing under a pen name, but most may have moved on to easier and more lucrative forms of traffic generation. Most have probably established a good following and they don’t need to constantly write articles. But you must know that article marketing is not easy and there are a lot of nuances you need to know, like how your title is used to bring in readers and how to make that bio so people will want to click on your link. And also there other ways than article marketing to generate traffic.


They say… Put Adsense on your sites and you will make some good money from it.

They do… Little, if any, Adsense on their sites. They are even using most of the space to advertise their own products, affiliate products and paid product ads.

In the real world Google is just not going to fill your pockets with that Adsense money until you have done a little search engine optimization, get some awesome long tail keywords and drive that necessary traffic.


They say… You should do blah, blah, blah on your website.

They do… None of what they told you to do.

You may discover that you are reading or listening to someone’s words of wisdom and when you check to see if they have done it, you see they have not done it. So, if they are not doing it and they tell you to do it, it makes you wonder… Could they possibly be leading you off course? And are they out there preaching words they have not been doing? Can they technically do it? Are they out there trying to sell the latest and greatest but would never use it themselves? How then would you be feeling about that marketer?

Now, if they should happen to tell you to do something and they admit that it is something they also need to work on a bit more, then it is all okay. While I still have a ways to go this is a list that will hopefully keep me honest, how about you?

So, in conclusion, remember if you are going to preach, then preach what you practice. Also if you have others that are preaching to you, you get to listen to what they say and form your own judgement. Some of those marketers out there are preaching yesterday’s news. They may not know what works in today’s marketing. And always take into consideration that your circumstances may not fit everyone elses.