Smell The List Building Opportunities In The Air

You gotta like this time of year if you are an Internet Marketer. I guess you could say we are in the busy season. If you sign up to any of the offers you may get in your email inbox, then you have seen a deluge of emails from just about everybody. I know my box has been over run with all kinds of new launches, new products and lots and lots of giveaways.

Now if you are serious about getting into Internet Marketing you should definitely be building that list. I know, you hear it all the time but there is far more truth in it than may meet the eye. If you are going to be selling products, and oh yeah you should be selling your own products, you will need someone to market them to.

Yes, you can go about and put them on a website and you may get yourself a few sells here and there but, nothing beats being able to sell things to your list. They are familiar with you, you should be contacting them on a regular basis, so they know you and feel comfortable with you. And if you are recommending a product or have created a product they might want or need, you have a waiting audience.

I know I find myself constantly trying to stay on top of sending things out to my list. It might be a free report, a recommendation about something they may want to read or use and even a product that they may well want to buy, affiliate marketing.  I can’t say that I am regular but is something I can work on. Especially with using an autoresponder to get messages out is so easy so, I can say I have no excuse.

Right now would be the perfect time to think about building or improving on that list. There are a number of Giveaway events that are happening right now. A good way to get started on some list building skills. Giveaway events are pretty straightforward. You provide a gift to giveaway in exchange for receiving a name and email address so you can follow up with the individuals who might be interested in your product.

Don’t have a product, then joining a giveaway will be a great opportunity for you to find a product that you can make into your own so you can participate in future events, again to build that list. If nothing else you can follow the process and see just what they are all about. Remember, there are others ways you can go about building that list. This is but one of many we will talk about.

Most of these are ongoing and a few will be starting soon so if you find a gift that you might want to fix up yourself you might want to check out this video series. Another thing to remember is that you will see a lot of products and the temptation is to download everything. But believe me you will end up with products gathering dust on your computer. Take what you need for now, there will be more giveaways or you could come back before they are over to gather more. Just have fun and start building that list.

Here are a few giveaways that are either going right now or are upcoming. I am sure if you check your inbox you will see quite a few. You probably may have deleted most of them:

The Golden Treasures V2 Giveaway 10/15-25/2010

The Earn1Kaday Insiders Club Giveaway 10/15-25/2010

The Creepy Autumn Giveaway 10/17-31/2010

Listbuilding Event Giveaway 10/18-31/2010

Spooky Nite Giveaway 10/22- 11/1/2010

Need Some Help With List Building

List building is a tool which when used properly can definitely work wonders for your online business.

If you are into internet marketing, one of the common themes you constantly hear is that you have to have a list to survive. And there is a lot of truth behind it. Having a list makes it a lot easier to market your products and if you do any affiliate marketing, those as well. List building is that important.

But building that list can be difficult especially if you are just starting out. You are constantly trying to find ways to build that list but nothing seems to be happening. At times you may even want to give up. I can tell you not knowing what to do is one of the biggest reason that people leave internet marketing.

There are a number of ways to build your list and there is lots of literature out there to tell you all about. I am going to to say that giving away free reports is one of the best ways to build a list. Some would call it an “ethical bribe”, but whatever you call it people are always looking for something free. And if you provide them with something they need or want they will gladly give up their email address to get.

Melissa Ingold, has put together a hands-on practical workshop that will help demystify just how to use giveaway reports to help market your online business. She will show you her method for getting real results. You will get access to Viral Marketing with Free Reports Workshop:

-> 4 Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials
-> The Complete Workshop Blueprint
-> Printable Reference Guide
-> Handy Swipe File
-> Exclusive Q & A with Alice Seba
-> Mp3 Audio Version of the Workshop
-> Resource Guide
-> Giveaway Reports Toolbox

And you will not believe the price she is offering this deal for. If you want to learn a few good techniques this is definitely worth the money.

Be sure to get over and check out Viral Marketing with Free Reports Workshop as the price is only good until September 28th.