Try These Tips To Grow Your List

There is no doubt that getting traffic to your website is important, but that traffic means nothing if they just visit your website once and leave. Never to return. You need to keep them interested in you and in your products. You want to bring them into the fold and you want them on your list. Then you will be able to offer them valuable tips and information, establish a relationship of trust and market your outstanding products to them.

You will want to have an opt-in box in the top fold of your website. That way those that come to your site will be able to see the box without scrolling down the page. This will give you a better chance to capture a name and email address. Usually people only spend a few seconds to a few minutes on a website and they don’t like scrolling down.

And what are you doing with that opt-in box? It should be set up to offer something free, irresistible and valuable to your customer in exchange for their name and email address. If you want to be like Tiger Woods on the golf course you have to bring your “A” game. You want people to think of you as the expert as they say “Wow, this guy knows his stuff, I think I will stick with him and see what else he knows”. You want to make that offer irresistible as if you know something they don’t but you are willing to share it with them because you are such a good guy. These will usually be hungry people, targeted people, people who just might buy something.

You might want to offer a free product in a giveaway event. The thing here is you want to offer something of value and if the person checking out the giveaway comes across your gift and likes it he will opt-in to your squeeze page to get it. These people may decide not to stay on your list, they opt-in just to get that free gift, it happens. But that might actually be a good thing because those are the same people that might be calling out “spam” whenever you try to send them an email. Good riddance.

Now it is probably true that some of these people joining your list from these giveaways are not targeted, but some will be. It all comes down to a numbers game; 700 people grabbing your product at a giveaway and 300 of them opting out the next month. Still leaves you with 400 targeted potential customers. And that’s 400 on your list that were not there before, right?

Another method you might try to increase your list is to set up a Warrior Special Offer on the Warrior Forum and instead of selling a product you have created, offer it for free with opt-in. Marketers do this to not only grow there lists but to get feedback and testimonials that could help them to make their product better. A lot of these people might just be looking for the next free thing, but they also end up learning from you and will be your loyal supporter.

Now there, three ideas, having an opt-in enticement, joining giveaways and offering a product for free on the Warrior Forum. These can at least get you started at growing your list. There are a lot more ways you could try. Remember getting a huge list does not happen overnight. And without establishing a name it can be even harder. It will be an ongoing but worthwhile process. Remember to just take action.