Recovering From An Awesome Experience At JV Alert

Hello everybody. Glad to be back and blogging again. I am recovering from an Awesome experience at JV Alert. What a fabulous event that is put on by Ken McArthur and his staff. Kudos to all of them. It was a totally worthwhile event to attend. As I have written about in the past if you have never attended a live Internet Marketing event of any kind you must get yourself to one.

It was not as well attended as some I have heard about in the past. Ken mentioned that this may have been because of the economy. It was reported that a few of the other big name people who hold conferences around the country have reported the same thing. But though small in quantity it still was action packed with some good quality people.

This seemed to be more of a conference for people to meet, mingle and try to generate some joint venture (JV) opportunities. I am sure that that was the case as there was a lot of wheeling and dealing behind the scene. But the people there were enthusiastic and there to share their knowledge.

I saw people I knew or wanted to meet there like Bob The Teacher, Gina Gaudio-Graves and Alex Syseof. I met new folks like Shannon Cherry, Ron Davis, Susan and David Preston, The Storyteller lady Ronda Del Boccio, Milana Leskinshky and an incredible lady Stephanie Frank, along with a host of others. I listed just a few of the people but they were all very interesting to meet.

There were your obligatory speakers as well with some interesting presentations. I missed a good part of the speech from Yanik Silver, Lisa and Lucho Criselle, Joel Bauer and Mark Boersma, sorry guys and gals. But the other presentations I did listen to were very intriguing. Some conferences can be a pitchfest and I did find a few speakers like that but overall worth the time.

There were some hot seat discussions where people from the audience would present their business and have it evaluated by a panel as well as a million dollar business that wanted to get to the next level. Wow, pretty intense indeed. But I think they as well as everyone else learned some important tips that will improve their and our businesses.

Would I attend another conference like JV Alert, you bet I would. Whenever I got the opportunity to attend events like this let me tell you I would jump at the chance and you should too. Especially if you plan onĀ  or want to get into the Internet Marketing mix.

Just being able to see what actually happens is amazing enough but to be around these people makes you really want to get in this business. I even got some tips, thank you Stephanie and Bob, that I think will help me generate some additional ideas for my business.

Ken usually has a JV Alert event in February if Florida. Now if there was ever a reason to attend, an event in Florida in the winter time could push you over the edge. I hope to be able to attend that next event wherever it might be because recovering from an awesome experience at JV Alert is not bad. Hope to see you at an Internet Marketing event in the near future. You will be glad you did.