Your Awesome Pictures Plus iStockphoto Could Equal Income

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Do always have that camera with you when you are on trips and just start snapping picture after picture of everything from cool-looking clouds and funny street signs to the bicycle race you may come upon.

You could come home from your vacation with a memory chip just loaded with digital photographs, with some of them being quite good thank you, and you just don’t know what to do with them. Yeah, I know, you can get some hard copies, maybe even frame a really nice piece, but for the most part, most of them will remain sitting languishing on your memory card.

Maybe you have given some thought of becoming a professional photographer and selling your pictures, but you just can’t get that website set up and using all of your precious time trying to get traffic to your website, handling the orders and customer issue. But… you would like people to see your photos, your art and you would like to make a few extra dollars without a lot of extra work.

May I suggest you look at as your possible solution. This website is HUGE, with millions of photos, illustrations, flash files, videos and audios. It is a member based site, meaning all of the art is by the members. It is free to join and simple to use, whether you sell stock or buy stock.

Of course you are wondering if many people are really buying from iStockphoto, but there is no need to worry because this website gets tons of traffic. It is one of the first places many online marketers go when they need art for their websites, blogs, ebooks, sales pages and more. Most users like to shop here because there is such a large selection, the prices are low and the quality is excellent.

iStockphoto pays image contributors 20 percent of each download sale. Now there are varying sizes a customer can download, starting at extra small and going to extra large. The cost o the customer is between $1.50 to $27, with the majority of sales being on that lower end. So, if you make 20 percent or 30 cents per extra small download and you get 200 downloads per month, you will make $60 a month from that one picture. Multiply that by 10 pictures and you will see $600 a month.

So, if 20% doesn’t float your boat, you could make 40% per picture if you agree to exclusivity. What that means is you can’t sell the images you are selling on iStockphoto on any other website. This might be perfect for you if you don’t have that interest in website upkeep or in marketing those photos. But then, you will have to decide whether you can make money selling exclusively through iStockphoto or by selling your pictures on several sites that operate similarly.

You could take that love for taking pictures and if you are pretty good at it, try selling your photos online without all of the hassle. You might find you have developed a nice side income.