Using Hot Words To Get Your Emails Opened

There are but a few days that go by that you don’t receive a flood of emails promoting the same launch, a new product or the latest giveaway. I bet you can about count the number of times you have gotten from several affiliate marketers the same promo email with the same subject title and hyped up sales copy.

Pretty soon you probably get tired of the same thing and have become immune to all of those daily email blast and you just automatically delete any duplicate emails that are trying to get your attention. And finally when you are irritated enough by these daily blast you are searching for the unsubscribe button as fast as you can find it. You know that link is somewhere at the bottom of the email.

So, as a marketer who is probably sending out the same email messages to your list, you are looking for only one requirement for success. Your emails have to stand out from all of the daily media blitz that is hitting in your subscriber’s email and actually get them to open and read it. If your emails are one of the ones that get lost in the shuffle and deleted, your business could get deleted with it.

You should be looking for some techniques and hot words you could use in your email titles to increase the chances of your emails getting opened. It is up to you as a marketerto know what emails are getting opened and which ones are not. It would not be good business sense to be using techniques or words that are not getting the job done, that is, getting your emails opened and read.

You can start by keeping your subject line short and focused. You want to try to not let your title run off the right side. This could look sloppy and unprofessional and could get your message cut off in the middle. Those hot words you want to use will not be so hot if they are not on the page when your readers are viewing the lists of emails recently received. Some of the more successful marketers usually recommend an email title of say no more than 50 or so characters.

Here are a few words that have to be a proven hot, magnetic attraction to those readers seeking a bargain or information from you.

“Free” is always a very attractive and hot, emotional word for an email subject line. Everyone is always searching for useful products for free. Look at your own hard drive and search your folders for all of the free info products you have collected that have not been opened for a long time. “Something For Nothing” will also get a strong look of curiosity from your readers. There are a lot of people that will tell you that using “free” will have your emails destined for the spam trap, but I have seen a good many that have made there way to my inbox with that word causing no problems.

And how about “Easy?” A good many people, including Internet marketers, would love to use a process or piece of software that won’t require a lot of work. From a marketer’s mindset, having to spend a large amount of time learning new software would be considered wasteful. In a marketer’s view, time is money and a difficult process will be dumped. But if you say it is easy, by all means make sure that it is.

Also, working either of these hot words, “You” or “Your” into the subject line, Will help to emotionally bring your email right down to the reader. It tends to make your email personal and not perceived as hype. An even better thought, would be to use their name if you can. Everyone wants to feel special and important to the marketers they deal with online. You would never want to let your subject lines or your salutations look like this: [Name...]. If you do that you might as well address it to “Hey You!”

A few other power words that can attract attention and have a reasonable chance to get opened are : “Guaranteed,” “New,” “Proven,” and “Uncovered.” These are also emotional hooks that can make you feel safe if you buy them or are about to get your hands on something few others have.

There are many more hot words that can grab readers when they see their email messages. A good thing you could do is to start your own file of the words that have grabbed you for future reference. Just watch out that you don’t trigger the spam police. Just go and do your own investigating and then use the best ones that are not looked at as being spammy.