Google Tools To Help You Boost Your Traffic And Conversions

If you want to make money from your website, you have to drive traffic all day and night and then convert that traffic to sales. Consider your conversion rate as a key ingredient to your success or lack of it. Without the ability to first drive traffic, then convert viewers to buyers, your Internet business will not be successful.

You can use Google with their full complement of free tools to help you maximize your websites and to even start testing and comparing different marketing campaigns. There are even tools to show how worldwide trends might affect your business.

Having a good plan can be the first step in your personal marketing campaign. These steps help assure you do the important steps in the right order and for the right reasons. Here is a list of planning tools that Google has to offer to help you get it right:

- Insights For Search (

This tool lets you search patterns and compare the results across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Some very powerful benefits of Insight For Search is the capacity to narrow the data you want to specific categories that will let you foresee the possible future demand in your niche.

- Search-based Keyword Tool  (

Use this tool for generating keyword and relevant ideas for your landing pages that are specific to your website. You can also pinpoint opportunities for additional additions to your AdWords campaigns. One aspect of this tool that might be of major benefit to your marketing is its ability to modify the keywords and other data to give you additional information from your language or country settings.

If you drop the “#” in the URL above, you will be sent to a page with helpful articles in a FAQ.

- Google’s Ad Planner  (

All marketers want to know which websites or data will attract their niche target audience. Google Ad Planner can help you do that after you create a list of sites with specific criteria, like location, audience, current demographics and selected language.

With your returned data, you can review the traffic and key data for each site, which will be critical to your decision-making about advertising possibilities. That data will help you identify the websites your target audience would be likely to visit.

- Google Webmaster Tools  (

This storehouse of helpful free tools will give you detailed reports about how visible your pages are on Google. You will be able to see how the Google spiders crawl through your site and how Google indexes what it finds there. Knowing how Google looks at your site would be very valuable to your future plans, wouldn’t it?

Another benefit of using Google Webmaster Tools is the reports you get about the internal and external links to your site and which search inquiries result in driving traffic to your site. You can also see how your users got to your site.

As you go through and begin to use these valuable tools, these should help to give you a boost with converting viewers to buyers for your marketing campaigns. You could find yourself making smarter decisions about what to do and what not to do. This will help you to know how your viewers are getting to your site.

With Google providing these important tools, this should help determine how to best get ready to take on that increase traffic that will be coming to your sites.