Try Becoming A Ghostwriter With These 5 Tips

There seems to be more advice online than any human can digest about writing articles and starting a viral marketing campaign to drive traffic to your site. There are so many details that you have to monitor when you are setting up websites or running several blogs, just doing the task of writing your own articles can be a bit overwhelming.

Trying to get that Google ranking will require constant fresh new content on both your blogs and your websites. Visitors to your websites want to read new content or get new information and your job is to provide it or you will lose the customer. An often stated Internet statistic is that you have a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention or lose them forever. And stale content will definitely hurt you.

Try these 5 tips to get your site seen more often:

Tip #1… Do What The Guru’s Do… Outsource

Quite a few of the Internet “Gurus” have several dozen websites or more, online at any time. So you can imagine that those websites need new content all the time. Now, you don’t really believe that they run their empire, drive traffic, keep customers happy, find new markets and niches, research keywords and write all of their own articles. They hire a ghostwriter to do the writing for them.

There are several very good benefits for starting your own ghostwriting business online. The number one reason would have to be being your own boss, with no daily commute, setting your own schedule and not having to “Dress For Success” everyday. Others include working with successful internet marketers, learning as you go from researching their subjects before you write a word and developing your own style and mind set.

Tip #2… Check Your Spelling And Grammar

Your clients will expect perfect spelling and good grammar. If this is a big challenge for you, you might want to consider another career. It doesn’t matter if your client can’t spell and has never heard of punctuation, you ae being paid to provide a quality product. Find a proofreader and never send anything to a client without having your final copies checked out completely.

Tip #3… Learn to Ask Questions Before Quoting Fees

When potential clients want quotes for your services, they are often vague about just what they want. If you are not rock solid sure about their needs before you quote, you will be writing yourself into a financial hole.

Be sure to write up a set of questions that you will need to know about anyone’s project before setting prices. Once you quote and it is accepted, you are obligated to do the job for that price.

Some things you might want to put on your list include what the product is (article, ebook, short report, ecourse, etc), when the finished product is due, how many pages or words, will it be a PLR rewrite or original product, who does the research and what tone do they want, friendly or technical?

If you come up with additional questions, ask them and do not quote until you get all the answers you need. If the job turns out to be more than you expected, do it anyway and learn to ask better questions for the next job.

Tip #4… Develop World-Class Customer Service

Just the way you treat your clients will be your most important skill that will keep them returning again and again. Impeccable customer service is easy to accomplish with a little forethought. Basically, do what you say you will do and over deliver. That means get it finished a little ahead of time or add a couple of extra pages and keep your client informed until you ae finished with the writing job.

Be sure to answer all questions your client might ask as the project goes on. Never forget that while you might be writing it, the project is theirs. If you stay in touch and hit a problem or unexpected delay, a direct explanation to your client will normally result in an extension of the due date.

Tip #5… Finding Clients

When you are starting your ghostwriting business, your hardest task will be finding clients. Your direct competition will be websites with a stable of freelance writers. Some clients want to work for a long time with one ghostwriter, establishing a long-term relationship. Others do not want to put their projects out for bids. That’s your market!

When trying to build your own set of clients, join forums based on niches you are interested in or forums for very popular topics, like making money online. Be a good forum member by answering people’s questions when you can and providing good links to resources that might be interesting to the rest of the forum. Create a signature that advertises your services and includes a contact link. if you are unsure about this, start reading the signatures for other forum members and learn.

You should include your signature in every email you send to anyone, even your mother. When people ask you about your services, be polite and honest and answer honestly and directly. Your business will slowly build around you. This is not an easy business with a lot of competition. You may work hard in the beginning but it will get better. Don’t forget to have a good time.