Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

Alright, you have gone through the traumatic act of setting up a website or blog, well congratulations! Now, let’s put in some content, add your product link or affiliate link, added an awesome header banner and now you are ready to make some money. So, what is your next step? We need to get traffic to the site so people can see it. And before we start paying for traffic we want some free traffic.

There are many ways to generate traffic, here are a few that have shown to be worthy:

Article Marketing – You can start writing articles and submitting them to article directories, especially Ezine Articles. Be sure you add in your keywords to your title and the article but be sure not to “stuff” it. You will also need an attention grabbing bio and a call to action.

Tip – You can keep track on where your articles are going by using Google Alerts. If you find that they are being published regularly on a well-ranked blog, try asking the site owner if they would like to have you send directly to their in-bin whenever you write one.

Blog Posting – Here is a standard, write and post, write and post and include your keywords for SEO purposes. It can be a challenge to do this regularly but you will be rewarded if you do. And by blogging you are providing a platform for affiliate marketing because it allows you to do product reviews as well as quality posts that can help establish that relationship of trust and can brand you as an expert.

Twitter – Whenever you send an article to EZA they can tweet the title and a link to it. Also with sending an autoresponder message through Aweber or adding a picture to TwitPic. By building up your targeted followers, Twitter can be very beneficial as a free traffic source.

Yahoo Answers – Yes, even using this method is a great way to not only get traffic but could get you branded as an expert. Just by answering questions in your area of expertise and giving value packed answers. You can even add your link as the reference material.

Guest Blogging – This has become a very popular way to get traffic. If you can write an interesting and value packed post, then you might consider offering your services to some high ranking blogs in exchange for being able to add your site link to your post. If they like you maybe they would let you be a guest blogger for the week. Another way where this will not cost you any money and could get you lots of new readers to your site.

Tip – This may not be something to do with the Gurus, unless you have a personal relationship with them. Try to ask marketers you have established relationships with. And know that summer is when they are most willing, and in fact eager, to have a guest blogger post for them.

Forums – Be on the look out for forums in your niche and be sure to join the ones with lots of traffic. Go ahead and answer questions, give some feedback and make yourself useful in these forums. Again, be sure to leave your link in your signature line, if they allow it. You will find that people will build a relationship with you, see that you know what you are talking about and want to visit your site.

You must remember with using any of these resources that you must be legitimate and not spam people. When wanting to get involved with any of these sources, read the rules! Then you can have a look around and get a feel for what is acceptable (the unwritten rules). People will know if you come across as to pushy or spammy and then you will find out you have done yourself much more harm than good.

These are but a few of the many resources that can be used to generate more traffic to your website or blog. I have covered but a few of the more popular ones. If you have a special one that you use let us know about it.